Do you think it's easier for blondes to experiment with hair color than brunettes? Once upon a time, perhaps, it was so, but technology does not stand still, and now dark-haired girls have no less opportunities - even with regard to complex coloring

Features of complex coloring of dark hair

Complex coloring designed for dark hair is a multifaceted topic. If earlier stylists practiced mostly classic highlighting on brunettes, now a variety of techniques are in demand, including, say, balayage.

The coloristic "menu" for brunettes has really expanded significantly. But the choice of complex coloring for dark hair in 2023 should not be impulsive - after all, it is usually a complex and expensive procedure that takes many hours.

When proposing this or that approach, an experienced master must take into account the shape and features of the face, the structure and length of the hair.

In recent years, girls have been asked to colorize so that the result looks as natural as possible, as if the bleached strands are the result of sunbathing, and not the hard work of a stylist.


Girls sit in the stylist's chair for 5-10 hours, not only to gain likes on social networks.

Complex coloring has other advantages. For example, opportunity:

  1. experiment with appearance without touching the hair roots;

  2. visually correct the oval of the face;

  3. make styling visually more voluminous;

  4. disguise gray hair and split ends;

  5. re-color less often.


The disadvantages of complex coloring lie on the surface:

  1. difficulty doing the procedure at home;

  2. the procedure in the salon costs many times more than coloring in one color;

  3. time-consuming (air touch, for example, spend about 8-10 hours in the cabin).

Who will suit and who will not?

When you decide on a complex staining technique, you take some risks. Even in 2023, no one is one hundred percent safe from failures during a hair color change, but with the right approach, finding a technique that will emphasize the beauty of your curls will not be difficult.

Before you sit in a chair to the master or buy paint for home coloring, we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the techniques (we will talk about them below) and choose a photo example of the ideal, in your opinion, result: our experience suggests that through the eyes of stylists much easier to process information.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIn my opinion, the theory of color types is a thing of the past, therefore, in 2023, and even more so in the 22nd and 23rd, it makes sense to choose a shade of hair for eye color and skin tone. When choosing a paint, consult with a specialist, but it is better that there are several of them. For example, with a hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist who will help you create a complete look.

You can make complex coloring with almost any hair length. True, ombre is rather the prerogative of owners of curls of medium and long lengths, but the same balayage, for example, can be tried by girls with a short bob.

Complex dark hair coloring: step by step instructions

The algorithm depends on the chosen technique. Let's figure out how to make an ombre - a complex coloring that is easiest to do at home.

    • First, buy a dye that will make friends with the main shade of the hair. It should be lighter than your natural color and in harmony with it. If there are difficulties with the choice, you can go the simpler way - use the Colorista Ombre Effect brightening cream paint from L'Oréal Paris. It is able to lighten any natural shade by several tones. A comb will help to achieve a smooth transition of colors.

    • Before you start coloring, test the products for a possible allergic reaction. This is usually done 48 hours before the scheduled procedure - you will find more accurate information on the package. The video below demonstrates how to do the test if you are coloring with L'Oréal Paris colors.

    • It is very important to clean the hair of impurities, as well as styling products and additional care - otherwise the result of dyeing can be unpredictable.

    • Comb the curls and divide the entire mass of hair into about eight parts. Secure each with an elastic band where the color transition is planned.

    • Dilute the coloring composition according to the instructions and distribute it with a brush through the hair below the elastic band. The composition should be applied as generously as possible closer to the tips, because the lightest tone must be obtained there.

    • Remove the rubber bands just before shampooing. To set the result and moisturize the curls, use a balm for colored hair.

Modern dark hair coloring techniques in 2023

Let's move on to the main thing - the options that are relevant for brunettes this season.


Shatush is a technique that involves stretching color to simulate the effect of naturally sun-bleached hair on strands.

Blonde colors are most often chosen for coloring, but sometimes brown shades are also used - for example, if complex coloring is tried on black hair.

This method is similar to ombre, but in a less rigid framework. In the photo you can see that most of the tips are painted in a lighter shade and only single strands are painted in this light color almost from the very roots.

Shatush visually hides split ends, which, of course, does not negate the need for regular corrective haircuts, but this problem is really less noticeable on light strands than on dark ones.


Complex coloring, designed for long dark hair, is often carried out using the fashionable balayage technique.

In the mid-2000s, girls chose a strong contrast between the main shade of the hair and the highlighted strands. Today, the fashion for naturalness dominates.

Recognized professionals suggest using close, related colors. They try to avoid bright shades of blond or use them in minimal quantities.


This technique does not require special skills. Perhaps, it is not even necessary to look for a window with a stylist, you can deal with ombre on your own at home.

This technique is recommended for girls with a heart-shaped face. Paired with a competent haircut, ombre coloring can visually correct the proportions (narrow chin and wide forehead) and make the image harmonious.

Air Touch

Following the ombre, we will talk about the air touch technique, which is considered one of the most difficult in coloring. It takes almost a whole day to implement it, and this is provided that the master has great experience and has remarkable patience to achieve a beautiful result.

We recommend this technique for those who are experiencing gray hairs.

It is very noticeable on dark hair, but it should not be painted over completely, but partially, masking behind strands of ashy shades.


Who are you - blonde or brunette? After booking, this question will be difficult to answer unambiguously.

Part of the hair with this technique remains natural, and part is dyed in a light shade, and, unlike the result of working in the ombre technique, it will not be easy for non-professionals to track color transitions.

We love how this intricate color works on medium length dark hair. But girls with long curls will also be able to add mystery to their image in this way.

Difficult coloring of dark hair, taking into account the length: photo ideas 2023

" Freedom" and "natural" are two words that are increasingly heard this year when discussing hair coloring. On the one hand, we are striving for a conditionally “hidden” coloring, which no one knows about. On the other hand, we do not want to be limited by some kind of framework.

But experts still advise relying on the experience of stylists when it comes to choosing a coloring technique depending on the length of the hair. We will tell and show how the results of coloring in complex techniques look on different hairstyles.

Medium length hair

In the photo below you can see how complex coloring is applied to medium length dark hair. Contrary to the fears of the doubters, the ombre technique looks super relevant - if you choose the paint not five or six tones lighter than the base, but only two or three.

Want to draw attention to medium length hair? Take a closer look at the options for staining using the air touch technique.

Long hair

Intricate hair coloring for brunettes who have long straight hair has almost no limits.

For example, balayage coloring on chestnut curls looks very modern.

Long curly hair is a good base for dyeing using the shatush technique. Do not forget only that curly hair is initially more vulnerable in its structure, so you should start preparing for dyeing in advance. We talked about this in detail here.

Short haircuts: bob, bob, pixie

If you thought it was impossible to try complex coloring on short dark hair, then it's time to dispel this myth.

Yes, it is difficult to make an ombre, although an elongated bob already allows you to work in this technique. A graduated caret requires a more thoughtful and complex scheme - you can ask the master to color using the balayage or shatush technique.

And this is how cold shades look on girls with a pixie haircut. We noticed that this short haircut has unifying potential: Instagram is full of pages where girls with short hair actively communicate.

Choosing hair dye at home

We hope that in this article you have already found a photo example of complex coloring for dark hair, which you would like to repeat. It's time to discuss paints that are a pleasure to work with at home.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cream Paint (Super Light Blonde Natural shade)

When it comes to dark hair, for complex coloring, you should choose paints with the "lightening" characteristic. As shown by a mini-research conducted by the editors, there are not very many such shades on the beauty market - we found one of them at L’Oréal Paris. We warn you right away: getting a pure blond, like the girl on the package, will not work the first time - the curls will lighten by about four tones.

But for modern complex coloring, more contrast is not needed. To care for the strands, pro-keratin was added to the Excellence care.

Garnier Color Naturals (shade E0 Super Blonde)

Want to highlight dark curls with paints from a light range? Garnier has a shade that brightens strands up to six tones.It can be used for coloring in the techniques of shatoush and balayage, as well as for bleaching strands before other methods of changing hair color. The creators included three caring oils (olive, avocado and shea), as well as components that help hide gray hair after the first treatment.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Cream Color (Marseille shade)

For the most natural result, find a light brown color that is related to your hair shade. A very beautiful, in our opinion, tone - "Marseille" in the Préférence scale.

The paint is resistant, so it works effectively with both dark curls and gray ones. At the same time, the product simultaneously cares for the hair and gives it shine thanks to the light-reflecting pigments in the composition.

Care after dyeing hair in dark colors

Regardless of whether your hair is long or short, it is no less important to properly care for dark curls after complex dyeing than for light ones. It largely depends on how long the result will please you.

  1. Ask the stylist with which shampoo to wash curls after dyeing, and they will answer you: with a special one, for colored hair. Suitable, for example, firming shampoo Fructis "Goji. Persistent Color. It contains a whole range of components useful for hair: vitamins B3 and B6, lemon proteins and goji berries.

  2. It's not a secret for many that after any dyeing, the strands need additional moisture.

    We recommend getting a laminating balm from the Elseve range from L'Oréal Paris: it not only restores hair and nourishes it strand by strand, but also works to prolong the effect of coloring.

  3. With complex coloring, shades of blond are often used. When working with dark strands, the result sometimes goes green. The Elseve mask with purple pigments can neutralize the unwanted shade, as well as make the color colder.It can be used on a regular basis, leaving on strands for 10 minutes after shampooing.

  4. Dry ends after dyeing is a situation that is quite realistic to face. In addition to nourishing masks, we advise you to get leave-in care products. Suitable, for example, Botanic Therapy cream from Garnier.

    It contains propolis and royal jelly, which soften and nourish the hair. Curls look better after the first application.

Stylist Tips

Recommend complex coloring for a girl with dark straight hair and bangs.

There is not much data, but if you mentioned bangs separately, then it is possible that you would like to highlight it with the help of coloring. In our opinion, the best solution would be coloring using the balayage technique with an emphasis on the strands framing the face.

I have dark hair and bob haircut. I'm considering options for complex coloring. Which one to choose in 2023?

If you have straight hair, we recommend air touch. If curly - shatush.

I want to freshen up the look and make complex coloring using the bronding technique. I just doubt if this solution will be advantageous if I have dark straight hair?

Sorry you didn't attach a photo, but bronding is generally a universal technique that suits most brunettes. And if you are in doubt about the choice of shades, we recommend using the virtual color fitting service on the official website of L’Oréal Paris or Garnier.