If it seems to you that transparent lip gloss is no longer in trend, you are mistaken. This beauty product is once again at the top of the beauty charts, and more and more new products from this category are appearing in stores

What is translucent lip gloss for?

Transparent lip gloss is a tool that has a lot of advantages, including extreme ease of use. Think for yourself, what other product is so easy to apply without having a mirror in front of you?

Modern glosses can do a lot. Some give the lips additional volume, and not only visual. Many moisturize the skin. Almost all provide lips with a well-groomed appearance. And they also have a pleasant aroma - fruity, fresh or dessert.

What to choose - a transparent lip gloss without sparkles or a product that gives delicate skin a radiance a la disco ball? Both are in fashion, so the choice depends only on your preferences.

Ekaterina Ponomareva National make-up artist of Lancôme in RussiaLip gloss is one of the best items in your summer makeup bag. It makes lips more seductive. Extra volume, hydration, protection from the sun and wind - that's what it is capable of. And very easy to use! In addition, gloss can be applied not only on the lips, but also on the cheekbones and even the eyelids, imitating the effect of gym skin. Fashionable and very fresh!

Lip gloss rating

We could not choose one favorite, so we share five worthy funds. Here are the top 5 lip glosses according to the editors of FashionVIPdergisi.com, which will allow you to make a beautiful lip makeup in less than 10 seconds.

L`Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump by Lancôme

We fell in love with this sheer hydrating lip gloss twice. First - when they took it out of the box (the bottle looks stylish and gentle). And then - when they tested it in action. The gloss slightly cools the lips and makes them visually more voluminous and juicy. Don't want it to end!

Maybelline NY Lifter Gloss Lip Gloss

The feature of this tool is in its key component, hyaluronic acid. We know that it is used in cosmetology for lip augmentation.

But why make such sacrifices when you can go a simpler, and most importantly, pleasant way - and regularly use transparent lip gloss with the effect of liquid glass. This result can be achieved due to the sparkles in the composition.

NYX Bare With Me Lip Balm

This oil works like a clear gloss that allows you to get the effect of wet lips. The manufacturers chose hemp seed oil as a base, which is known for its nutritional properties and contains, for example, vitamin E.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Star Stunner Lip Gloss

Lip gloss transparent with sparkles - in the studio! And with such shining lips, he himself fits into the frame - for the shooting of "New Year's Light" . But jokes are jokes, and the product is really distinguished by a high concentration of iridescent particles.

The creators note that this transparent lip gloss is also long-lasting, so you don’t have to think about frequent makeup updates during parties.

NYX Lip Lingerie Gloss

This transparent lip gloss, judging by the reviews, can be taken to the feast and the world.Although the number of shining particles in the composition suggests that it is better to “walk” the product not at work, but at evening events. By the way, the gloss will make friends with lip tints and make their shade even more saturated.

Beauty tricks from our makeup artists

Can I wear clear lip gloss over glossy lipstick?

Yes, clear coat is often paired with lipstick. But if the texture of the latter is quite liquid, there is not much point in this. A colorless lip gloss will help if the lipstick has begun to dry out the lips or the coating has begun to look untidy, and there is no way to fully correct the makeup.


Transparent lip gel suits girls with dry or oily skin more?

Great question! It used to be that lip products with a radiant coating were created exclusively for girls with perfectly matte skin, so those who could “float” during the day were advised not to get carried away with these products.But today, makeup artists welcome the creation of radiant images on the face. Sometimes they even exaggerate the wet effect. The main thing is to control the shine on the face: it is better if it comes from a highlighter, and not from excess sebum. A primer will help with this, matting the skin.

By the way, how to apply face primer correctly, we show on the video:

Recommend a clear, non-sticky lip gloss.

We would go for Lancôme Shaker colorless lip gloss. Not only for its properties, but also for its playful appearance.


Can I use clear lip gloss as a moisturizer for this area?

Of course! Modern products do an excellent job with this function. For example, we found a good option at Maybelline NY - a transparent lip gloss with glitter Lifter Gloss.


Hyaluronic acid has been added to its formula, which just intensively moisturizes the skin of the lips.

Will transparent lip gel suit a girl with narrow lips?

Let's say more: this is the best option, because the transparent lip gloss gives the lips visual volume. And if the product contains menthol, success will be double.