Coloring curly hair is a challenge with an asterisk. This procedure has many nuances that you should familiarize yourself with in advance if you want everything to go like clockwork

Curly hair color feature

From the outside it seems like curly hair is so naughty that they don't care. In fact, curls are quite vulnerable. The porous structure makes the curls dry and brittle. If we talk about the pros, then such hair holds styling well. But other than that, it's a total hassle.And special care is needed, and it is more difficult to grow. Coloring curly hair has its own characteristics.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierNaturally curly hair is potentially more porous and therefore can absorb more dye. This point must be taken into account when preparing for staining. Just in case, take two boxes of dye, so as not to interrupt the coloring if you find that the hair absorbs it very quickly. We have a golden rule: curls should be buried in paint - then the chances of getting a beautiful, rich and lasting color increase.

The nuances of dyeing curly hair after a perm

How to dye curly hair is a burning question, because experts do not recommend dyeing curly hair too often.

During the procedure, curly curls suffer more than straight strands. The pigment penetrates the cortex and to some extent destroys disulfide bonds, thanks to which the hair is largely curly.

So after dyeing, you need to be prepared for the fact that the curls may become less elastic, which means they will need additional moisture. Given all these nuances, stylists recommend complex hair coloring techniques for curly girls: shatush, balayage or ombre. They use only part of the hair and allow you to dye less often without sacrificing aesthetics.

Examples of curly hair coloring from photo

Whether you have curly hair or not, you want to get a color that will look relevant in 2023, right? In the photo you can see what shades are in trend and what colors will help you get a fashionable look.

For blonde hair

The blonde diet is cancelled! At least when it comes to hair coloring.

Sweet colors from the blond range are in fashion - honey and caramel. These shades look especially advantageous after the holidays, in combination with tanned skin.

But even with fair skin, the result will not disappoint if you try paints with such appetizing names.

By the way, we recommend not limiting yourself to one shade if you plan to dye curly hair. Smooth transitions of two or three colors will look much more interesting.

For dark hair

Warm gamma occupies the top lines of the rating for brunettes. Shades of coffee with milk, dark walnut tones and the whole caramel palette look fresh. Cherry red hair color is one of the hottest trends. But with the latter, if you have curly hair, you should be careful: there is a risk of creating a too shocking image.

If choosing a new hair color is difficult, try trying on different shades virtually. Just like in the video below:

Curly Hair Color Trends in 2023

Coming to the most interesting thing - to practice. Wherever you dye your hair, at home or in the salon, it is important to decide what result you want. The easiest way is to choose a photo reference, so we are happy to share with you ideas for dyeing wavy hair.

By the way, there are more than 33 million posts on the curlyhair hashtag on Instagram. We recommend that you immediately save the options that resonate in your heart - it will not be easy to find them on your own.


This coloring is the easiest to repeat at home: you only need one paint. We really like how elastic curls look on brunettes - each outlined curl adds expression to the image.

There are fewer blondes with "pure" color and curly hair, but we found:


Girls with curly hair love highlights for a reason. Firstly, it allows you not to affect part of the strands when staining. Secondly, it adds texture to any haircut. This is especially true for girls whose hairstyle resembles a cloud, that is, their hair is more fluffy than curly.


Fashionable balayage has also been mastered by girls with curly curls. This technique is more suitable for long curly hair.

The lightening of curly hair, as we see here, turned out to be quite radical. The native shade on the roots differs from the one used for coloring by five to six tones. Girls with straight hair are advised to be modest, choosing shades only two or three shades lighter than their natural hair color.


Shatush is a little less popular among owners of curly hair, but this type of complex coloring is also relevant in 2023.


Coloring curly hair using ombre technique is a great option for those who dye their hair at home.

When coloring with this technique, it is important to achieve smooth transitions, but when working with curly hair, the requirements are less stringent. This is easy to explain: curly hair itself falls in a chaotic manner, so the transitions in any case will not turn out to be linear-graphic. But if you plan to straighten your hair in the future, keep in mind that all errors will immediately become noticeable.


Girls with curly hair look great with sun-bleached hair. But achieving it naturally is risky: the strands can dry out too much under the scorching rays. And for the skin, too much exposure to the sun is dangerous. Therefore, experts recommend getting the desired effect with the help of bronding. On the top layer of hair in a chaotic manner, paint is applied one and a half to two tones lighter than the natural color of the hair. If you use several shades, you can try more contrasting combinations.

By the way, the technique is also great for those who wear short haircuts. Hairstyles immediately look more modern.

Caring for dyed curly hair

Curly hair is very demanding in terms of care. And colored curls require double attention. To manage curls easier, follow the advice of experts.

  1. Comb your hair only in the shower. Apply conditioner to them first. It is better not to save the latter - distribute the product along the entire length without affecting the scalp.

  2. If you have curly hair, you must have heard of the "curly" method - a special washing system that allows you to achieve more defined curls. To do this, you need to switch to a sulfate-free "diet" and choose shampoos that practically do not foam. We found a suitable option at L'Oréal Paris - 3 in 1 Low Shampoo. It gently cleanses brittle, including colored, hair. Flax oil is included in its formula, which takes care of curls during washing.

  3. Rule number two of the "curly" method: no silicones in the composition of care products.Finding these is not so easy. Garnier's Fructis Superfood Conditioner will do. The novelty consists of 98% ingredients of natural origin. Papaya extract strengthens curls and gives them shine, and sunflower and coconut oils in the composition are responsible for nourishing the strands.

  4. Advanced beauty users know that it is better to replace an ordinary cotton towel with a microfiber one for drying hair. This will reduce the chance of your hair getting frizzy.

  5. Styling with hot tools is more dangerous for curly hair than for straight hair. Perhaps that is why the owners of curls straighten their hair only on holidays.

    If you are going through this procedure, stock up on thermal protection in advance. In this capacity, you can use the Elseve brittleness cream from L'Oréal Paris. Manufacturers promise that this product protects strands at temperatures up to 230 ° C.