When the temperature outside the window is above 30 °C, I want to bring down the degree in any way possible. We have compiled a selection of refreshing cosmetics that will come in handy in the heat

L`absolu Plumper by Lancôme

The cooling properties of L`Absolu Plumper lip balm in the summer season we appreciated doubly. Literally a few seconds after application, a pleasant chill is felt on the lips, and the skin quickly acquires a well-groomed and attractive appearance.

By the way, the shade on the lips is not too intense - rather, it makes the natural color a little brighter.We cannot fail to note the main intrigue of the balm: brand experts say that it creates the effect of increasing volume. What can I say, friends, indeed, the lips visually look plumper. Let's finish our ode to this product with a special nod to the designers of the bottle: the white and gold cap and the pink bottle look very gentle together.

L'Oréal Paris Bambi Look Mascara

We don't know about you, but we could not stand it and opened the swimming season right in the city. In this regard, it was necessary to update the cosmetic bag with an emphasis on waterproof products. Let's highlight the Bambi Look mascara as its main star. We have been familiar with the classic version of the product for a long time - it is easily given the mission of creating the effect of false eyelashes.

Waterproof, in our opinion, copes just as well - the main thing is not to stretch the time of applying makeup too much. The almond-shaped brush perfectly lengthens the eyelashes, helping to curl them as well.Our tip: spread the product in a zigzag motion - this way it is easier to create the effect of a large number of eyelashes.

Fit me Matte Primer by Maybelline NY

In the summer, we add two concerns regarding facial care: how to avoid oily sheen and remember to protect the skin from UV rays? Can you imagine our joy when we learned about the new product from Maybelline NY - a matte primer with SPF 20?

In the morning before going to work, I want to simplify my beauty routine as much as possible, so such multifunctional products are almost worth their weight in gold. Yes, this is not an option for a holiday by the sea. But we plan to use it only in the mornings in the city, when you need to quickly run to the office. You don't have to worry about oily shine thanks to the clay in the primer, it is known for its absorbent properties.

YSL Beauty Airthin UV Defender

Every year we promise ourselves that this summer we will definitely use sunscreen on a regular basis. But sticky thick creams are not the greatest pleasure in the heat, so our prudent plan failed more than once. This season, we took a more responsible approach and found a product with a light texture that is said to allow the skin to breathe.

By the way, YSL Beauty Fluid with SPF 50 not only creates a protective layer on the face, but also moisturizes the skin with citrus peel extract and niacinamide. So the question of choosing a day care cream can be removed, at least temporarily: it will be replaced by Airthin UV Defender fluid.

Giorgio Armani Terra di Gioia Eau de Parfum

Vacation abroad this year is a big question, so it was decided: if we are not going to India, let India come to us. We started with a simple one - with a scent.At the heart of the new Terra Di Gioia Eau de Parfum for Women is an extract of Indian jasmine - this variety is considered one of the most popular (we assume that it is the most fragrant).

In fact, when applied to the skin, powdery notes first open up, but rather quickly they are replaced by a more intense blend of bergamot, almond blossom and jasmine, as well as amber. We are sure that this fragrance will evoke travel associations for everyone: for example, perfumers were inspired to create it by the southern sea coast.

Opening of eco-beach garnier and Pyaterochka

For those who plan to travel around the Krasnodar Territory, we announce: there is a new point on the map that is worth visiting. The Garnier and Pyaterochka brands have taken a 1,000 m² beach under their wing. You need to look for it in the village of Vityazevo, and, we must say, this is a real fairy tale for eco-activists. First, the place was thoroughly cleaned of glass, plastic and other debris.Secondly, we installed solar panels, containers for separate waste collection and modern showers with automatic water supply. And thirdly, many elements on the beach are made of eco-friendly materials.