After bleaching or dyeing in shades of blond, an unpleasant side effect often appears - yellowness on the hair. Let's figure out where it comes from, how to get rid of it and how to avoid unwanted yellowness in the next staining

Causes of yellowness after dyeing or lightening

There are several factors that can cause unsightly yellowing in the hair.

Environmental influence

Too hard water and various impurities in it contribute to the rapid washing out of color, causing the hair to acquire a yellow tint. Such water also negatively affects the quality of the hair: it can become porous and brittle. As a result, curls quickly “give away” the pigment, and instead of an attractive cold glow, unwanted yellowness appears on the hair.

Poor coloring

The use of inappropriate dyes, insufficient or excessive degree of clarification are common causes of a yellow tint. Most often, yellowness appears as a result of self-staining. If you want to carry out the procedure at home, it is important to choose the right paint and provide competent hair care after dyeing.

Pre-colored hair

If you want to lighten already dyed hair, we advise you to contact professional colorists.Often it is the ill-conceived combination of several shades that gives a rustic yellowness. Professionals will help to avoid this: they will select the right paint without golden and yellow pigments.

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing at home?

If you are already faced with the task of removing yellowness from your hair, we offer several effective ways. Do not worry, with modern means, removing yellowness will not require you to make any special efforts or spend a lot of time.

Using tint balm

Tinted balm is an auxiliary tool that can “cleanse” the blond from yellowness. The tool is able to change the original shade by one or two tones.

Special Shampoos

Yellow Neutralizing Shampoos contain violet pigments that effectively “deactivate” the yellow pigment on the surface of the hair. Experienced colorists advise using these shampoos 1-2 times a week as an alternative to your usual shampoo.

Masks and balms to eliminate yellowness

These products fight yellowness and care for hair, and often have protective properties. When using a balm or mask, a breathable film is formed on the curls, due to which the color is washed out more slowly.

Home remedies to neutralize yellowness

The Internet is full of life hacks for removing yellowness and recipes for masks from ingredients that are always at hand. Their use is not always effective. Moreover, some recipes contain components that are not the most useful for hair, in particular soda, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid: they can harm curls, make them dry and brittle.

Salon treatments

If you notice that the color obtained as a result of hair dyeing quickly loses saturation and yellowness appears, this is a signal to contact an experienced colorist. In the salon, they will tell you the true reason for the dullness of the color and the appearance of a yellow tint. Perhaps the matter is in the staining technique and insufficient or incorrect care after the procedure.


An effective way to remove yellowness from hair after lightening is re-dyeing. Note, however, that this option belongs to the category of radical ones, since the frequent use of persistent dyes can injure the hair. We advise you to resort to re-staining only if the methods listed above did not work. It is better to entrust such a radical measure to a professional, especially if there has already been an unsuccessful home experience.

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Brightening hair without yellowness: dyeing technique

To get a beautiful blonde as a result of dyeing, it is important to choose the right paint. Golden and reddish shades are more prone to yellowing, so the main advice is to choose cool colors.

For example, L'Oréal Paris's Préférence Cool Blondes range is a palette of beautiful super-cool blondes without a hint of yellowness. The main secret of this series is that the composition of the paint includes volumetric coloring pigments that retain the original brightness of the color.

The action algorithms for different types of coloring are largely similar.

  1. First, be sure to do a test for the possible manifestation of allergic reactions. To do this, paint is applied to a small area of \u200b\u200bthe skin 48 hours before the procedure. If there are no negative signals, you can safely dye your hair.

  2. The paint and developing cream are mixed in a plastic or glass container.

  3. Comb the hair and separate it into parts according to the chosen technique.

  4. Begin to color hair from roots to tips. Hair in the temporal areas is dyed last.

  5. After the time specified in the instructions, wash off the paint with warm water.

Préférence Cool Blondes also come with a mask, which must be applied after coloring. Special purple pigments neutralize yellow tones for cool curls.

How to get rid of yellowness: tips from stylists

What colors should I choose so that I don't have to remove yellowness from my hair?



Is it true that improper hair care can provoke yellowness and then you have to remove it?

If, after lightening or dyeing in light colors, you did not switch to special products for colored hair, then yellowness can make itself felt in a very short time. The fact is that products for colored hair contain special components that protect the color, thanks to which the original brightness of the shade is preserved.

How to keep blonde cool and remove yellowness?

Garnier color expert Evgeny Sedoy recommends: “To keep the blonde transparent, periodically use intensive cleansing shampoos. With their help, you can qualitatively remove the remnants of styling and care products from the surface of the hair.

How to take care of your hair after lightening?

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisOn bleached hair, yellowness will eventually appear in any case, since the hair becomes more porous after lightening and everything that gets on it later (care products, water) contains a golden pigment that will settle at the structural level and gradually give hair yellow. It is better to use neutralizing products, such as purple shampoo and balm, which are in the Elseve Color Expert line.

We have already noted the importance of special care for colored hair. Means of the Goji series. Lasting Color" by Garnier Fructis is perfect for bleached and highlighted hair. Shampoo and balm not only reliably protect the brightness of the color for up to 10 weeks, but also restore damaged hair.

If, after bleaching, your hair has become naughty and dry, Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil will tame your curls, nourishing and moisturizing them. The product can be applied to both wet and dry hair.