Blond is old or young? Does black add age? Similar questions often arise when the first gray hair and wrinkles appear. Let's tell you what colors to try if you want to look younger than your years

What hair color rejuvenates?

The universal advice is this: if you want to hide the appearance of gray hair to look younger, choose a paint a couple of tones lighter than your natural shade. Read below for specific preferences for different ages.

What hair color to choose after 30?

The question of what hair color looks younger after 30 is not relevant. Few people at this age choose a color for a rejuvenating effect. It will not be superfluous, however, to choose a staining technique that gives a refreshing result. At this age, as a rule, there is no or little gray hair, so we recommend that you keep the natural shade, making complex coloring based on it.

Balayage is relevant in 2023 - lightening part of the strands will look beautiful on both brunettes and blondes.

Hair color that will be organic after 40

What tasks should hair color do after 40? It should soften the features a little, in harmony with the color of the eyes and skin tone. As a rule, such shades as honey blond, milk chocolate, calm copper successfully cope with this.

It is very important that the curls look well-groomed - at this age, if you look after yourself, the chances of passing for girls who are only slightly over 30 are very high.

Therefore, regular “updating” of the tips, proper care of dyed curls, as well as timely coloring is the minimum that makes sense to adhere to.

Choose hair color after 50

After 50, hair color should distract from wrinkles and other age-related skin changes. In this sense, it is important to avoid bright red and red shades. But the warm blond tone is what the stylist ordered (if this color is in harmony with your color type).

Dark hair color doesn't always make you look older if it's a soft brown instead of cool black.

In the photo below you can see successful examples of coloring for this age group. Note that there are no options with contrast staining among them - after 40 years it should be avoided.

Hair color after 60

After the age of 60, the number of gray hair often increases dramatically, so hair color should be selected taking this fact into account. It is not difficult to guess that we will recommend paints of a light spectrum. At this age, shades from the blonde range are more likely to look natural, even if your natural hair color is red or black.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIn the presence of gray hair, choose persistent dyes. As a rule, these are paints with ammonia, but there are also non-ammonia formulas of persistent paints that can paint over gray hair. For example, the Olia collection from Garnier.

Another color that, according to experts, is youthful, is walnut. He was chosen by Jane Fonda, and Catherine Deneuve, and Meryl Streep. It is impossible not to agree that they look amazing in the photos. Of course, styling also plays an important role, but the color in this tandem is crucial.

What hair colors age a woman?

The principle of "do no harm" is very relevant in the matter of choosing a shade of hair after 40 years. What hair colors make you look old? Showcases with black paints are better to skip, although, frankly, there are women who paint this color at any age (as a rule, they have bright blue eyes), but this is rather an exception to the rule.

It's worth forgetting about the bright red range. The colors of this palette emphasize any imperfections on the face, including age-related changes. In addition, such colors on women after 50 rarely look stylish. Exception if red is your natural hair color.

What shade of blonde looks younger?

Green-eyed, blue-eyed and gray-eyed, we recommend keeping cool light shades in mind. Platinum blond in its pure form is not recommended, but ash and silver are just that. By the way, blond can be warm, and even blond, if you have peach or tanned skin.

What dark shades of hair refresh the face?

Whatever hair color you choose, it should refresh your face, make you more attractive. For swarthy and brown-eyed people, a warm coffee and chocolate range will work great. However, if you have light skin, these shades will suit you too.

We say unequivocally “no” only to black color and make sure that when updating the coloring, the roots do not stand out against the background of the main mass of hair (this sometimes happens if the paint is overexposed on the strands).

Rejuvenating shades of red

If you are unable to refuse the fiery palette, then we will try to note specific shades of the red spectrum that will not fail with specific initial data. First of all, girls with green eyes, fair skin and natural red hair color can afford this risky range.

For coloring, it is better to choose the softest possible shade, for example, caramel-red color or copper, slightly fading into chocolate.

What hair color is young? Answering popular questions on the topic

Do you have any questions? Perhaps we answered them below.

What color makes brown-eyed people younger?

If you have dark eyes, choose between shades of mocha and milk chocolate. And light brown eyes will be in harmony with lighter shades - such as, for example, golden chestnut or smoky beige (from the walnut range).



What hair color ages a woman after 35?

We are campaigning against cool blacks and bright reds. But if you look noticeably younger than your years, then experimenting with these colors is not forbidden.

What hair color makes absolutely everyone look younger?

Unfortunately, the paint, which would hide the years lived in a universal way, has not yet been invented. But we are sure that each person most of all suits his natural hair color. With age, it can be lightened by one or two tones to look younger.


I am a natural blonde with gray eyes and fair skin. What hair color with such initial looks young after 40 years?

If you do not have gray hair, it is enough to lighten part of the strands by coloring using a complex technique, such as shatush. And if you want to completely change the color of your hair, then opt for a cold light shade.



What hair color makes a woman look younger with black eyes and fair skin?

A soft brown with highlights a couple of shades lighter is one of the best options. Coloring can be done using the technique of ombre, shatush or balayage.



Review of shades that rejuvenate appearance

Let's repeat: there is no magic paint that would erase traces of age. According to the editors of, you should pay attention to these soft, noble, "cool" shades.

  1. L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss (Milk Chocolate shade)

Let's start with the color that was mentioned more than once in our material and really visually rejuvenates. In addition, Casting Crème Gloss adds shine to curls.

  1. Garnier Color Naturals Crème (Snow Blonde shade)

This is a cool light shade. Manufacturers promise that the tool will not only completely cover the gray hair, but also take care of the quality of the strands. To do this, three types of oils were added to the balm-care formula: olive, avocado and shea butter (they nourish the curls and make them more shiny).

  1. Garnier Olia cream paint (beige-brown shade)

When we talked about a hazel shade that looks good on women 50+, we meant beige-blond color from the Olia range by Garnier.I must say that we are delighted with all the colors of this line - the result of coloring always looks natural and stylish. And this paint has a pleasant aroma - with notes of lime, patchouli and jasmine.

And for those who have already found their shade, we share instructions on how to color the roots at home: