It is not customary to single out makeup for teenagers in a separate category, but everyone understands that there are age-related nuances. Adult cosmetics are recommended to be used from the age of 14. What to do before that? And what changes after 14? We answer this and other questions below

Features of make-up for teenagers

Adolescence seems short only from the height of the years lived. In fact, this is plus or minus a decade of searching and self-awareness. And makeup .. can help in this matter.At first, many repeat after adults, copying one to one image of a mother, older sister or favorite actress. And later cosmetics becomes one of the means of self-expression. Seriously, teenage makeup should be mastered no earlier than 14 years. Before that, in our opinion, the make-up will look out of place, unless it is dedicated to a specific occasion - competitions or concert performances.

How to choose the right cosmetics for a teenager?

Beauty products are rarely labeled as teen. We advise you to give preference to cosmetics with a light texture, so as not to overload the skin.

Skin (including teenage skin) is divided into types: dry, oily, combination, normal. And this must be taken into account when choosing cosmetics. At the same time, it is important to understand that during the period of hormonal changes in the body, the skin is most often oily, combination or normal, and oily sheen on the face is a common story.It is important to determine your skin type and learn how to properly cleanse and moisturize it.

Take the test16

When you get up in the morning, your skin:

  • Dry and tight
  • Oily
  • Peeling off
  • Has swelling
  • "Pleases" with a fresh pimple
  • Normal
2 / 6

How often do you touch up your makeup with powder during the day?

  • Always
  • Several times a day
  • Never

By evening your skin:

  • Dry - even drier than before applying moisturizer in the morning
  • Oily T-zone
  • Has redness
  • "Filled up" with a couple more pimples
  • Smooth and hydrated
  • Oily all over face
4 / 6

You can't go to sleep without:

  • A cream that promises to beat acne
  • Oily moisturizer
  • Exfoliator
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Makeup Remover
  • Eye Patches
5 / 6

You are most concerned about:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne
  • The fact that many products are annoying
  • Black dots
  • Pimples on chin and cheeks that don't go away for months
  • Uneven skin tone
6 / 6

You don't use foundation with oils because it will make your skin look greasy by the afternoon:

  • Yes
  • No

Try to choose cosmetics with skin-friendly ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe, calendula and chamomile extracts are all good ingredients for young skin care.

Now let's talk more about makeup.

For facial skin

Teen make-up for every day should be easy. But during puberty, inflammation often occurs on the skin, which, of course, you want to mask. Let's tell you what cosmetics can help us with this.

  • Foundation

The first thing that comes to mind is BB cream. A versatile product that spreads easily, hydrates skin and evens out skin tone.

There are also advanced formulas in this category. For example, Maybelline New York's Dream BB Satin 8 in 1 Cream blends into skin tone to smooth, hide imperfections, give a he althy glow and protect against UV rays, as it contains SPF 30.

  • Corrector

Everyone has their own skin problems. Some are concerned about inflammation, others about redness, and others about uneven skin tone. We do not in any way call for imitating the “ideal” faces from the glossy covers, but this does not mean that we are against masking a pimple or correcting visible signs of fatigue. On the contrary, we are ready to help with the choice of means that will relieve stress and neutralize its temporary sources. The NYX brand, for example, has very effective correctors in different colors.

Green covers redness. Lilac will cover yellowish spots. And pink - translucent veins in the case of, for example, very thin skin.

Keep in mind that foundation must be applied over any color corrector to even out the overall tone.

Yuri Stolyarov Official makeup artist Maybelline New York in RussiaUse Superstay Active Wear longwear foundation to effectively cover problematic skin. However, if there are few problem areas, mix the same foundation with the Face Studio Prime primer, and in its pure form, apply Superstay Active Wear only locally.
  • Powder

Powder for teen makeup is rarely required. Is it to mask the oily sheen on the face, if there are no matting wipes on hand.

For eyes

What beauty product do girls “take to work” in the first place? Of course, ink. But over time, other products appear in the cosmetic bag that are suitable for a teenager's eye makeup. Let's start with the basics of the basics.

  • Ink

We know from experience that in adolescence, girls love mascara with unusual brushes.For example, such as Telescopic from L’Oréal Paris with a thin brush or High Sky Mascara from Maybelline NY, which literally blew up the world TikTok. The main thing is that you do not change the sense of proportion. This is key advice. Very often, girls layer mascara too hard. In everyday life, one or two layers are enough to beautifully emphasize the eyes.

  • Eyeliner

Eyeliner is used already in the late teens. Firstly, to apply it, you need a certain skill, that is, you need to fill your hand if you do not want the makeup to look asymmetrical and sloppy. Secondly, on 14-year-old girls, bright arrows look vulgar in everyday life. Such makeup would be appropriate only on the floor or on ice - during ballroom dancing or figure skating competitions, for example.

  • Shadows

Many girls dream of having an eyeshadow palette. And so that there must be bright and unusual shades with sparkles. We advise you to experiment with them at home, for example at a birthday party, in a circle of friends. We emphasize that bright makeup for teenagers should not be defiant. We attach cool photo ideas below that you can try to implement on one of the holidays.

  • Eyebrow products

Eyebrows should be groomed at any age. For this to be so, it is important to find reliable assistants. A universal option is a transparent eyebrow gel. It will help to comb the hairs, style them and fix them in the optimal configuration. If you need to fill in the gaps, it is better to work with shadows.Unlike pencils, they leave a less noticeable mark, and it is easier for a beginner makeup artist to get a natural look with them.


The first lipstick and gloss leave an unforgettable impression. Let's analyze what is fashionable in this segment in 2023.

  • Lipstick

Earlier, lipstick was not used much in adolescence (except during home experiments). But when the clear boundaries between lipstick and gloss faded, girls under the age of 18 also became interested in this category of products. As a rule, the classical format does not attract them. Young ladies prefer products with a liquid texture. There are many of these from the NYX brand. It is better if the coating is matte, although the gloss is already returning lost positions.

  • Glitter

Classic teen makeup - lip gloss. Very beautiful shades are offered by Maybelline NY in the Lifter Gloss collection.

How to learn to paint from scratch for a teenager: step by step instructions

Let's look at the universal daytime makeup for teens and show you how to do it step by step.

  1. Apply BB cream to pre-cleansed skin. It is important to do this with clean hands. If desired, you can distribute the foundation with a brush. By the way, it also needs to be washed after each use.

  2. Then apply translucent eye shadow to the eyelids. For green eyes, golden or, for example, lilac shades are suitable. For brown-eyed - delicate beige. Blue eyes will be more expressive if you apply warm pink tones on the eyelids.

  3. Lightly tap your lashes with black or colored mascara. Paint over them from the roots to the tips in zigzag movements. If you initially have thick eyelashes, then it is better not to touch the lower eyelashes.

  4. Finally, you can use pink or peach blush, liquid or dry - as you like. Blend thoroughly on the apples of your cheeks.

Teen make-up rules from 12 to 17 years old

Above, we told you step by step how to make universal light makeup for teenagers. Now let's discuss how to choose products depending on age.

At 12

Probably the only thing a 12-year-old girl might need is lip balm. Experiments with tint products, by the way, are not forbidden.There are many brands that are suitable - for example, Maybelline NY and Kiehl's. Perhaps, at 12 years old, light makeup for teenagers is really better to limit it to lip care.

At 13

At 13, girls can already afford clear lip gloss. This is a trendy and popular beauty product among schoolgirls - especially if it has a pleasant aroma.

At 14

From the moment you get your passport, cool makeup for teenagers is already different from what they do "in childhood" . At this age, girls already look like girls - and a cosmetic bag turns from an attribute for games into a full-fledged functional thing that is used for its intended purpose.

The choice of its content depends on the needs. And the needs are largely related to hormonal changes in the body, which at the age of 14 are often accompanied by the appearance of annoying inflammation on the face, which we have already talked about.Of course, they want to disguise as quickly as possible. We share a video on how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Only the main thing is well-chosen care.

At 15

At the age of 15, it seems to many that the more makeup on the face, the better. In fact, the opposite is true: makeup with a dense tonal foundation, bright arrows, shiny shadows and heavy layers of mascara does not make the best impression.

At 16

For some reason, among high school students, it is fashionable to draw the inner contour of the eyelid mucosa with a black or brown pencil. This approach is for very few people. Professional makeup artists use it to create dark smoky eyes or to visually narrow large eyes.

At 17

Makeup of graduates is striking in variety. We met bold colored arrows, and bold carving, and metallic eyeliners, and lipstick of the most unusual shades. But the most pleasant thing is to watch girls with natural delicate makeup, as in the photo below.

Beautiful teen makeup photo ideas

Want to see what cool teen makeup looks like? We share below photo examples for different occasions.

Light makeup for school

Light make-up for teenagers, done with two or three neutral shades, is the maximum that you can afford at school.

Bright evening disco makeup

You can and even need to add color and shine if you are going to a school disco. We found some cool makeup for teens for this occasion and couldn't help but share it.

Cute soft girl makeup

Trendy make-up for a teenager is “soft girl”. This trend came to us from TikTok. Children create a cute look on the face - both with the help of cosmetics and with the help of filters.

Korean Teen Makeup

The emphasis on youth and he althy glow of flawless skin is the main tenet of Korean makeup.

Birthday Glitter Makeup

Do you have glitter in store but don't know where or how to use it? Of course, in holiday party makeup!

daily facial

Before you learn how to paint from scratch, you should master the basics of skin care, one of the foundations of which is makeup removal. So, the basic rules.

  1. Never go to bed with makeup is an ironclad rule. If you ignore it, it is easy to get all sorts of inflammation on the face. The issues of premature aging at 16 are of little concern to anyone, but hardly anyone wants to look 10 years older at 25. Therefore, good habits must be developed from an early age. Micellar water and a two-phase eye makeup remover will help simplify the process of cleansing your face. By the way, at the same time, you can introduce a teenager to care for the environment. Reusable make-up removal discs are on sale - they are designed for approximately 1000 applications.

  2. After the first step, it is recommended to wash your face with a gel or foam. This will help unclog pores – micellar water only works on surface impurities. At the end of the cleansing process, cosmetologists advise wiping your face with a tonic.

  3. Applying moisturizer daily is another good habit to start in high school. By the way, even oily skin can be dehydrated, so moisturizing is necessary for everyone without exception. Choose a light base product according to individual needs and skin type.

Some useful tips from makeup artists

We propose to fix the material in the "question-answer" format.

What light make-up to choose for a 17-year-old teenager at prom?

At graduation, many people go all out, creating a “war paint” on their faces with an unnatural mask effect. Ten years ago, it was even fashionable, but in 2023, natural beauty is in trend. Youth can be emphasized with a radiant foundation.And then make one bright accent - on the eyes or on the lips.



How to do cute, understated makeup for a teenager?

The easiest way to focus on the photo, so we share examples of cute makeup. But we warn you: a lot depends on the shape of the girl's face and other individual features of her appearance (color type, eye and hair color), so it is important to choose cosmetics based on personal data. Among the most common mistakes that teenagers make are too bright lip makeup and long disproportionate arrows.



Recommend a light and beautiful makeup for a teenager for a photo shoot for a school graduation album.

We hope that future graduates are also reading us now.On young girls, adult makeup in most cases looks out of place. For photos, we advise you to even out the tone (if necessary) with a light moisturizing base, lightly tint the eyelashes and apply a moisturizing balm to the lips. Aesthetic results are guaranteed.


What makeup should an 11 year old girl get for her birthday?

In our opinion, this is too young for traditional makeup. For such holidays, it is better to order makeup artists who know the art of face painting. We talked about this in more detail here.