Reducing the face at least visually dream of many. And among them, oddly enough, there are enough slender people who do not have problems with being overweight. Let's tell you what you can do at home, having the right cosmetics at hand

How to make your face thin with makeup?

Indeed, the width of the face most often depends not on weight, but on the structure of the skull. For those who aspire to the classic oval, makeup artists have come up with sculpting. Let's talk about the main steps that will allow you to get closer to the desired result.

Perfect tone

For any complex make-up, a good base is essential. An even complexion is required. Use the user-tested Maybelline NY Affinitone Foundation.

This multi-tasking product: helps hide pores and neutralize dull complexion, hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid and argan oil, and most importantly, is suitable for all skin types. Spread the product from the middle of the face to the periphery, carefully blending the borders.


The easiest way to “reduce” cheeks is with contouring. At the same time, you do not need to buy huge palettes, like from makeup artists. One simple tool is enough - Master Contour by Maybelline NY.

The stick consists of two parts: a dark pigment and a highlighter.Apply the first under the cheekbones, and the second - on their most protruding parts.

Then carefully blend and evaluate the result. Perhaps not everything will turn out perfect the first time, but with experience you will learn how to place accents on your face correctly.

For clarity, we suggest watching a video tutorial of contouring:


We talked about how to apply blush depending on the shape of the face here. But there is also universal advice: distribute them under the cheekbones.


Eye makeup, if you want to make your face thinner, should be distracting, taking maximum attention.

Therefore, shadows, pencils, and ink can be used. However, there are tricks that are best avoided. For example, you should not draw horizontal arrows - their tips must necessarily be directed slightly upwards. And it is better to paint over only the upper eyelashes.


You can also visually reduce the face with the help of a properly selected eyebrow shape. It does not matter how you achieve it - with the help of correction, coloring or makeup. The main thing is that the eyebrows are not too straight and short.

Yuri Stolyarov Official makeup artist Maybelline New York in RussiaThe face is always perceived to be slimmer if the eyebrow is slightly lengthened and given a graceful curve at the highest point. With a wide face, it is important to avoid wide short eyebrows.

How to "reduce" the face: photo instructions

As you know, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, we share a step-by-step photo instruction - how to "narrow" the face.

  1. Once you've evened out your skin tone, start contouring. There is an easy way to determine in which area to distribute the dark pigment: pull your cheeks in hard and apply the product over the resulting dimple.The dark corrector can also be applied along the lash line and on the sides of the forehead.

  2. If a chin is outlined, work with a dark shade on the lower contour of the jaw, blending the product downwards.

  3. Many people forget about the nose, but in vain: the dark pigment on the wings of the nose and its tip will not only visually reduce the nose, but can also make the face optically less rounded.

  4. Now arm yourself with a neutral shade of blush (like Rose Sable in Lancôme's Blush Subtil line) and brush it lightly over the cheekbones above the dark concealer, blending the blush downwards.

  5. For those who are trying to make their face thinner with makeup, experts advise not to get involved in highlighter.Choose a subtle shimmer option and dab a little over the brow bone, bridge of the nose, and the checkmark above the upper lip. For this purpose, the legendary Touche Éclat highlighter brush from YSL Beauté is suitable.

  6. If you have a bronzer in your arsenal, you can walk around the perimeter of the face - the contour will be perceived more clear.

Here is a detailed photo tutorial of makeup for a round face with explanations on how to make it visually narrower.

How to make up and cut hair to "narrow" the face?

If you set out to make your face thin using optical techniques, it would be useful to use such an effective method as a haircut.

Visually remove the cheeks will help an elongated caret. Hair directly falls on this area, covering it and thereby visually stretching the face.

To make your face thinner, avoid styling with large curls: after all, they add extra volume, but in this situation it will definitely be superfluous. Better to leave your hair straight.

Another good option for those who want their face to look thinner is an elongated oblique bang. The length of the hair does not really matter. The main thing is asymmetry.

By the way, you can visually correct the shape of your face by changing the color of your hair. We talked about this in more detail here.

Makeup Mistakes

It is really possible to make your face thinner with the help of cosmetics.

But we must not forget that there is always a risk of getting the opposite effect, so we will talk about potential mistakes to avoid if you are worried about the fullness of the face.

  1. Wide eyebrows. Forget about the trend that Cara Delevingne brought into fashion. You need neat (not thin) eyebrows with a mandatory curve.

    Keeping them in shape throughout the day is easy with the clear fixing gel.

  2. Horizontal distribution of blush. So they are advised to apply to girls with a thin face. In order not to focus on a plump face, it is better to emphasize the cheekbones diagonally, in the direction from the lips to the temples.

  3. Hot pink blush. Choose neutral peaches and browns without shimmer.

Popular questions about how to "narrow" the face with makeup

Let's answer popular questions about face correction.

How can I make my face thin if I don't want to use a lot of cosmetics?

The desire for naturalness is more relevant today than ever. We advise you to approach the solution of the problem in a complex way and, in particular, try one of the haircuts mentioned above. It will also be useful to change dry cosmetics to cream ones. They are less likely to leave a mask effect on the face - unless, of course, they are used in small quantities and carefully blended.



How can I make my face thinner if I'm overweight?

To achieve the visual effect, there are a few simple tricks. After you even out your skin tone, work the perimeter of the face with the dark pigment from the contouring palette. You need to shade the product so that it seems that there is no cosmetics on the skin. Then highlight the cheekbones and do a neat eye makeup, avoiding glitter products.


Trying to slim my cheeks with contouring. Why can't you blend cosmetics thoroughly?

There are two main reasons out of many possible. First, your brush is too soft. It is easier to work with an applicator with densely set bristles. The second is that you use powder textures over foundation that has not yet had time to “sit down” on the skin (or, conversely, has already mixed with sebum and acquired an oily texture).Try going completely creamy, or go for powder before you start contouring.

" "

I have a round face. For the summer, I want to remove all foundation. Can I use contouring products over clean skin?

You can, but you can't do without SPF products (in the form of a sunscreen fluid or cream) in the summer. There is another option - first do the contouring, and on top of it use a sunscreen in spray format.

Face Slimming Exercises

You can also make your face thinner and fit with the help of Facebook building. This is a special gymnastics that allows you to visually narrow the face (or solve other problems) by training the facial muscles.

True, we cannot guarantee that you will get a noticeably thinner face - the result depends on the initial data, exercise technique and individual characteristics.

But if there are no contraindications, then why not try this method of losing weight for the face? Note that it is better to do such gymnastics under the supervision of professionals.

Popular exercises include the following:

  1. Fish. You need to take air into your mouth and puff out your cheeks. We are in this position for a minute, and then exhale.

  2. Rolling the ball. We take air into the mouth according to the same principle as in the previous exercise. And within a minute we roll the balloon around the oral cavity, fixing it for 10 seconds at different points.

  3. Kisses. Simulate kissing someone non-stop until we feel that the muscles around the mouth are activated. This usually takes 1-2 minutes.

  4. Thinking. Pull your lips forward and slightly up, and then turn them to the left, then to the right. Repeat for one minute.