Highlights are not just for dark-haired girls. Light overflows can decorate red curls, and a variety of techniques will allow you to choose the best option for such coloring

Features of highlighting on red hair

If you want to change your image, then highlighting is a great way to do it effectively. But before we make a final decision, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of coloring on red hair.


  • highlighting fits well on red curls of any length;

  • only part of the hair is dyed;

  • red hair with blond strands can be obtained not only by classical highlighting. Techniques such as shatush, balayazh and even ombre will work great on fiery hair.


  • before trying on highlights on red hair, they will most likely need to be pre-lightened - a procedure that can seriously injure the hair;

  • Unlike full coloring, highlighting is quite difficult to do on your own.

Red hair: highlighting types and techniques relevant in 2023-2024

Highlighting options, which are now at the peak of popularity, are applicable to any hair color. So redhead girls can safely follow the trends.

Fine or frequent highlights

The technique, which lightens about 40-60% of all strands, is suitable for highlighting both light red hair and rich dark red curls.


Classic highlights will fall on red curls "as prescribed by a fashion stylist" if the clarified strands differ from the main color by just a few tones.

Color highlights

It's hard to predict how color highlighting will look on such a bright background. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with a shade, experiment first with rinse-off products. These are in the Colorista line, L’Oréal Paris.

We advise you to choose warm pink shades, and if you want brighter and more saturated colors, we advise you to selectively make the strands red.

California highlights

It is not necessary to choose one color for dyeing. The California highlighting technique allows you to get a very natural result on red hair by coloring the strands in different close shades.


If you need a neat and imperceptible transition between shades, shatush is the best fit. This technique seems to be created for red highlights.


Balayage will give red hair delicate light accents that will look natural and gentle.

Choose paint: ideas for red highlights

Fiery curls are difficult to color, as the red pigment is one of the most persistent. In salons, professional masters first use special clarifiers, and then dye the strands in the desired color.

You can achieve beautiful and harmonious overflows on your own, but for this you will have to lighten the strands by several tones.
For a more durable result, we recommend using resistant paints. The L'Oréal Paris Excellence line of colors will give your curls the desired shade, and it will delight you for a long time. If you decide on home highlighting, it is better to try on warm shades for red hair - such as No. 7.3 "Golden Blonde" or No. 9.3 "Very Light Blonde Golden" .

Garnier Color Naturals 6.41 Passionate Amber is perfect for those who want to dilute blonde red hair with darker strands.

Delicate and romantic pink curls on a red background are an option for brave girls. For such color highlighting, Garnier Color Sensation paint from The Vivids series in Pastel Pink is suitable.

If you are wondering how highlighting in ashy shades will fall on red hair, then we advise you to turn to the help of professional colorists: they will select colors to obtain a harmonious combination and recommend suitable care after dyeing.

Photo ideas for highlighting short red hair

" Feathers" of light shades are a highlighting option that will look great on short red hair.

In current asymmetrical haircuts, only bangs can be streaked.

Medium Length Red Hair: Highlight Ideas

You can try different coloring techniques on such hair. For example, the red version of the shatush and the fiery balayage have proven themselves well.

But if we talk specifically about highlighting, then on red hair of medium length you can try on the classic versions of this coloring.

Long red hair: examples of spectacular highlights

One can only envy those who can boast of luxurious red hair.It is important to emphasize the natural beauty of this we alth. Balayage highlights will fit well on long red hair. Light strands with a smooth transition to natural color will create a natural effect of sun-bleached hair.

Frequent highlighting is an option for those who are ready for more serious changes. It is not necessary, however, to make such highlighting contrast. If you follow the trends, then the shade for coloring should be only slightly lighter than natural.

Frequent highlighting on red hair is good because it makes it possible to try on a different shade without full coloring.

How to highlight red hair with bangs at home?

For those who want to try themselves as a colorist, we recommend two methods of home highlighting.With red hair (as with any other), it is done using a special cap or using foil. Let's consider both possibilities in more detail. Just do not forget to test the paint for an allergic reaction before dyeing in any way.

With a special cap

A cap for highlighting is good because it has special holes through which strands are pulled out, which are then dyed in the desired color, and the bulk of the hair (under the cap) remains the original color.

We offer step-by-step instructions on how to highlight red hair with a cap:

  • Buy a special cap and crochet hook from a speci alty store. The holes on such a hat are located at the same distance from each other, which is important for a neat and clean result.

  • Prepare the paint, a container for the preparation of the coloring composition, a special brush for applying it and a cape to protect clothes.

  • Comb your hair, then put on the cap so that it fits as close as possible to your head.

  • Crochet the strands through all the finished holes and alternately apply paint to them with a brush, moving from top to bottom.

  • Leave the dye on your hair for the time specified in the instructions, then rinse it off and use a special balm at the end of the procedure.
    To make highlights on red hair look as natural as possible, you can tone all the hair with a softer shade.

With foil

The most common way to lighten hair, including red hair, is highlighting with foil. How to do it at home?

  • Take a strand of hair and with a thin tip of a comb, divide it into two parts at the roots with a “darning” movement.

  • Put foil under the separated strand, then apply paint on it and bend the foil from all sides so as to completely wrap the dyed strand.

  • Repeat this procedure on separate strands around the entire perimeter of the head.

  • After the time required for the exposure of the coloring composition, wash off the paint with warm water and use a balm.

How the pros do it:

If desired, in this case, you can also do tinting so that highlighting does not seem too contrasting.

As we noted above, highlighting with foil is one of the most popular ways of such coloring.Professional colorists love this technique too, as the foil is great at retaining heat, which speeds up the color change process. In addition, the foil partially blocks the smell of the paint.

Highlighted hair care tips

Highlighting is coloring, so in the care of curls it is important to use products specifically for dyed hair. These are special shampoos, masks, balms that maintain the quality of the hair and retain the brightness of the color for a long time.

Goji Firming Shampoo. Lasting Color by Garnier Fructis is great for highlighting hair. It protects the shine of colored hair. Thanks to the extract of goji berries and vitamins in the composition, the hair becomes shiny and smooth.

For optimal effect after washing your hair with shampoo, apply a balm from the same series to your hair.

To prevent unwanted yellowness that can appear on hair after light highlighting, once a week use purple shampoo and purple mask from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert" .

What to look for when caring for highlighted red hair?


Express Conditioner from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert" just refers to such care products.

Specially formulated to protect color and add shine to color-treated and highlighted hair. Express conditioner makes combing easier and manageable.

Another "leave-in" is Garnier Botanic Therapy's restorative cream-oil with royal jelly and propolis. The tool will help maintain the quality of hair during hot styling - it is not afraid of temperatures up to 230 degrees.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Nourishing Oil helps solve the problem of split ends. It does not weigh hair down or make it greasy, suitable for regular use.