Knowing your color type is the starting point for creating a harmonious image. Today we will analyze the autumn color type and find out what features it is important to consider when choosing makeup, clothes, hair color and even perfume

Autumn color type: main features and varieties

The "autumn" type of appearance is characterized by peach or light skin with a warm undertone (possibly with freckles). Hair color is usually red-blond or chestnut with a copper tint. Rich eyes: green, bright blue or light brown.

Such features can be considered basic for this color type, but "autumn" is different, so let's talk about possible variations in more detail.

Soft autumn

This variety is called a transitional color type. If we draw an analogy with nature, we can imagine that summer is already retreating, but it is still relatively warm and sunny. So in appearance: there are no bright "autumn" signs - all features are gentle and muffled.

Girls of the soft autumn color type can have golden brown hair, green or light brown eyes, fair and usually matte skin.

Dark autumn

In this case, we observe the most pronounced features of the color type: the representatives of the “dark autumn” have dark brown or rich chestnut hair, brown or brown-green eyes, dark skin with a bronze tint.

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Warm autumn

This is the name of the appearance, which is dominated by the colorful shades of golden autumn. Red or brown hair with a redhead is most often found in girls of this particular color type. The skin is fair, with warm undertones and freckles.

Cold autumn

Dark curls with a copper tint, gray eyes and light skin - by these signs you will recognize the "messenger" of cold autumn. This is another transitional color type. It is distinguished from "winter" by the absence of strong contrasts in appearance.

Makeup for girls of the Autumn color type

Makeup for the autumn color type is chosen in warm colors. Create the right accents with golden and brown shades for the most harmonious result.

Perfect Skin Tone

Foundation should have a warm undertone that matches your skin tone.

For girls of the “autumn” color type, we recommend using a bronzer in makeup. To achieve the effect of a seductive tan is easy with the help of bronzing powder.

Just in case, useful tips on how to use bronzer better:

The blush should also look warm and soft. We advise you to look at sandy or peach shades. L’Oréal Paris Alliance Perfect blush in shade No. 160 will do the job perfectly.

Eye makeup

It's not hard to guess what will most successfully emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes of the owners of the "autumn" color type cosmetics of warm brown or copper shades.

You can experiment with eyeliner: in addition to the proven brown, try products from a copper, blue or emerald green palette. Believe me, the result will not disappoint. And with L'Oréal Paris Matte Signature Matte Eyeliner, the look will become simply magnetic.

Eyebrow makeup

Brown eyebrows of soft shape are the best option for the autumn color type. Special eyebrow mascara will help to beautifully style the hairs and add their color intensity.

In creating the effect of thick eyebrows, the Micro Tatouage liner from Unbelievabrow, L'Oréal Paris did a good job. With it, you can draw the finest hairs that will look as natural as possible.

Lip makeup

With warm shades of the “autumn” color type, the nude range is perfectly combined. Choose from light brick, soft terracotta and soft browns. It can be lipstick (for example, matte Color Riche from L'Oréal Paris), and lip gloss (for example, Infaillible, L'Oréal Paris).

For a sensual evening make-up, we recommend burgundy and red wine shades.

And here's a whole video tutorial on makeup in shades of brown:

Which hair color suits the Autumn color type?

Warm shades of hair are in harmony with the warm color type. This simple rule will save you from mistakes when choosing paint.

If you prefer homemade coloring, we advise you to pay attention to copper and caramel shades. This is a very popular palette. We are sure that a suitable paint can be found without difficulty.

For "soft autumn" a golden-brown gamma is shown. Try Garnier Color Naturals No. 6.34 Caramel.

Amber overflows will suit "warm autumn" .

L'Oréal Paris Excellence 6.41 Elegant Copper Color will give your hair a combination of deep color and he althy natural shine.

A brighter option is paint No. 7.43 "Copper Blonde" from the same line. A beautiful glow is attached.

The chestnut spectrum seems to be made for an elegant "cold autumn" .

Garnier Color Sensation Luxurious Chestnut Paint No. 7.0 will definitely suit brown-haired women who know a lot about noble shades.

Another paint from the same series, which is suitable for girls of a cold autumn color type, is “Hot Chocolate” No. 5.25. This color will soften dark curls and add warm notes to the hair.

To maintain color saturation, use special products for colored hair. Shampoo, balm and mask Botanicals Geranium. Elixir of Radiance by L'Oréal Paris will make sure that the dyed curls look he althy and radiant.

Basic wardrobe colors for the Autumn color type

When choosing clothes, it is best to focus on the natural range of autumn. The colors of the basic wardrobe should not be too bright - choose soft browns, beiges and peach shades.

This does not mean at all that you should limit yourself in choosing clothes and accessories only to this palette. Interesting accent details can be saturated colors - this will not only not violate the integrity of the image of a girl of the autumn color type, but will also successfully complement it. Emerald, burgundy and red are the most successful shades for creating attractive images.

In the summer wardrobe, we advise you to avoid very bright colors - yellow, hot pink and sky blue will hide the charm of "autumn" girls. It is better to pay attention to the pastel variations of these colors: dusty pink, muted turquoise and mustard are a wonderful choice for summer.

If you're gearing up for a special event and are thinking about an outfit, consider boho-inspired options. In our opinion, it is this style that twists the attractiveness of the “autumn” color type to the maximum.

Fragrances that "autumn" girls prefer

Nature itself suggests that autumn is a time of tart smells with bitterness, and sweet or, on the contrary, very fresh aromas do not really harmonize with this season. When choosing a perfume, give preference to complex compositions.

Lancôme's La Nuit Trésor à La Folie is perfect. Pink pepper, patchouli and rose are notes that create an invisible veil, adding mystery to the image.

Hot orange combined with cool lavender in Libre by YSL Beauté paradoxically complement each other, forming an unusual fragrance that is good for any season.

Women of the autumn color type also suit multifaceted chypre fragrances. Perfume Si by Giorgio Armani Beauty sounds both tart and fresh, revealing notes of patchouli and blackcurrant leaf on the skin.