Lucky blondes: on blond curls, complex coloring looks especially impressive. Today we will talk about how highlights fit on blonde hair and look at the options that are most fashionable in 2023

Features of highlighting if the hair is blond

If you just want to refresh the image, and not change it dramatically, then highlighting will do the job perfectly.

To make beautiful highlights, you need to look at blond hair from the position of an artist.Only in this case, the work will be done with high quality and taste. If you are planning to master complex hair coloring at home, we recommend that you seriously immerse yourself in the topic in advance. And if you are looking for a master, we advise you to familiarize yourself with examples of the work of "candidates" . Highlighting hair of the original blond color is not an easy task.

It is important not only to correctly distribute the dye on the hair, but also to choose the right shades so that the strands do not turn out to be a rustic yellow color.


Of course, how exactly highlighting will fall on blond hair depends largely on the skill of the performer, but dyeing based on blond hair has unconditional advantages.

  1. You can create beautiful highlights on the strands, close to the effect of sun-bleached hair.

  2. Highlights successfully hides the first manifestations of gray hair.

  3. It is not necessary to completely change the base hair color - just dye individual strands.

  4. No need to touch up the roots regularly.

  5. No need to pre-lighten hair.


It would seem that highlighting blond consists of some advantages. But it also had a few drawbacks.

After exposure to hair dye, the strands can become drier, so it is important to increase the nutrition and hydration of the hair before and after the procedure.

In addition, we repeat that trying on highlights on blond hair (long, short or medium length) is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Finally, let's recall the problem that every second blonde who carried out such dyeing must have faced: yellowness appears on her hair over time.It is difficult to avoid this, but it is easy to neutralize an unwanted shade with a shampoo and a mask with purple pigments.

Photo ideas for highlighting blond hair depending on their length

The photo shows that highlighting on blond hair falls differently. And often the choice of a particular staining technique depends on the length of the curls.

For long hair

In 2023, two types of highlights are most often tried on long blond hair: Californian and balayage.

There should not be clear lines characteristic of classic highlighting, the same size of colored strands and equal intervals between them. However, this does not mean that the colorist does not have a specific task. The master will try to highlight the strands in such a way as to emphasize your appearance. For example, light strands framing the face will draw more attention to it.This applies to the bangs no less.

For medium length hair

On fair hair of medium length, many colorists undertake to do highlighting with a special desire. Look at the photo how voluminous styling can look if there are smooth color transitions on the hair. The main thing is not to play too much when choosing shades - they should be within the same color range.

For short hair

If we talk about highlighting, you can look at blond hair not only in terms of its length, but also in terms of the compatibility of such coloring with a specific haircut.

Now the popularity of square is growing. But here it is important to trust the professionals, otherwise the haircut will give out errors made during dyeing.

If suddenly the result did not suit you, we recommend that you style your hair with “sloppy” curls before the next coloring: they will mask the shortcomings.

By the way, highlighting is also loved by those who combine the base blond with a pixie haircut, as in the photo.

But again, we strongly advise you to refuse the classic version of such coloring: with this haircut it will look out of date. It is better to combine two techniques, California highlights and ombre, leaving the hair roots natural.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisIf we talk about fashion, then a solid blond is not in trend today. But dark contrasting roots are quite popular.

With bangs

If there is a bang, then we do not recommend keeping it out of the game when coloring. In the current versions of highlighting, the strands of the face are always in the forefront. As for the distribution of paint, we advise you to follow the same rules on the bangs as on the bulk of the hair.

Types and techniques of highlighting blond hair: trends in 2023

Let's move on to the choice of equipment. Highlighting blond hair, as well as their toning, becomes more interesting and diverse every year. Let's see what the masters are doing in 2023.

Blonde hair and dark highlights

It's not immediately clear how dark highlighting can lie on fair hair, so let's illustrate this technique in the photo first.

And now let's explain. As a rule, when highlighting, the strands are bleached or dyed in a lighter color compared to the bulk of the hair. And in this case, everything happens exactly the opposite, and you first need to choose a paint of a darker shade. This season, when highlighting blond hair, we recommend dyeing individual strands in a darker color using paints from a light blond and beige palette.

Back highlights

On fair hair, reverse highlighting lays down in the most natural way. This technique is used in cases where the hair has grown a lot after the previous highlighting and you want to smoothly return to its natural color. To this end, the master selects a paint tone-on-tone corresponding to the shade of the hair roots, and optionally adds a few more related shades for the most natural result. In such cases, when highlighting blond hair, curls with darker strands are obtained, as in the photo.

California highlights

This type of highlighting is our editorial favorite in 2023. And not just editorials. The California option is chosen by those who vote for naturalness and want to be in trend. The source of inspiration for the masters who set this beauty vector was the girls who returned from vacation with strands beautifully burnt out in the sun.It is this effect that is achieved by doing California highlighting.

Color highlights

For every day, the result of such staining is unlikely to suit, especially if you are not a supporter of shocking.

However, trying on colored highlights on fair hair would be very appropriate if there is a theme party. We share ideas that can be realized using temporary coloring products, for example from the Colorista collection.

Selection of paint shade

Shade should not only be fashionable - it should suit you, taking into account your individual characteristics. Let's simplify the selection task, starting from the original hair color.

For platinum blonde

On bright platinum hair, discreet shades look beautiful - beige and cream.

For cool blonde

To emphasize the beauty of cold light shades, we recommend using pearl shades.

For light blonde hair

With such initial data, the California version of highlighting is suitable using three shades: platinum, beige and golden.

For wheat blonde

Classic blond when highlighting will make a good match with related warm shades.

For honey blonde

Darker strands will beautifully lie on top of the honey blonde - for example, a discreet light brown shade.

Highlighting blonde hair: step by step instructions

  1. Before any staining, an allergy test should be carried out in advance (48 hours in advance). Instructions on how to do this are attached to the coloring agent.

  2. Get your highlights ready: foil, hair clips, ponytail comb, brush, and a towel or cape to protect your clothes.

  3. Comb your hair thoroughly (it should be clean and dry).

  4. Using a comb and clips, divide your hair into four sections and work with each one in turn.

  5. Take a sheet of foil, put it under the strand you plan to dye, and spread the dye through your hair from top to bottom. Then carefully fold the foil, wrapping the dyed strand in it. Do the same with other strands.

  6. Start removing the foil 5-10 minutes before the exposure time specified in the instructions.

  7. Wash off the paint with water or a special shampoo, and then be sure to use the balm that comes with the paint.

What to consider when highlighting: answering popular questions

What highlights to choose with blonde hair and a classic bob haircut?

You can play with dark strands using paint one or two shades darker than the original color. Or, conversely, “go to the bright side”, imitating the effect of sun-bleached hair. To do this, use the California highlighting technique.


Who can try dark highlights on blonde hair?

This option is the best for girls with brown eyes.


Do they do Venetian highlights on blonde hair?

Traditionally, Venetian highlighting involves dyeing dark hair, like Italians, but nothing prevents taking light hair as the initial data and adding the same sun glare to it.


I want to do blonde highlights with dark strands. Is it fashionable?

It all depends on the shades you choose. In 2023, they should not differ from the base hair color by more than two or three tones. Only in this case, dark highlighting will fall on fair hair beautifully and will look appropriate, as in the photo. Noticeable contrast is not welcome.


Highlighted hair care tips

Having spent a lot of financial and time resources on such a difficult procedure as highlighting, we advise you to follow our care tips so that the new color retains its original brightness and saturation longer.

  1. Change your usual shampoo, conditioner and masks for those designed to care for colored hair. For blondes who don't want their light highlights to turn rustic yellow, we recommend regular use of products with purple pigments: they neutralize unwanted yellowness/redness.

  2. Always use heat protection before styling with hot tools.

  3. Protect your hair from the sun with sunscreen and don't forget to wear hats in hot weather.