There is definitely no shortage of short hair lightening techniques today, but how to choose the most suitable option from the existing variety? Let's take the liberty and advise you to try on short hair shatush. Trendsetters will definitely support us

What is shatush?

Shatush is a technique of partial hair coloring, the main feature of which is the smooth stretching of the color. The result is a washed out contrast between dark roots and light tips. Due to the gradient, the shatush lays down very naturally on short hair.

Shatush: features and benefits for short hair

If you are just wondering how the shatush will fall on short hair and whether it is worth getting involved in this story, we hasten to dispel your doubts: such coloring will not go out of fashion for a long time. Denote the advantages of the shuttle:

  • coloring is suitable for hair of any shade;

  • after such coloring, you can not rush to update, because as the hair grows, the natural effect is not lost;

  • due to the play of different shades, the hair is visually perceived as more magnificent.

The main disadvantage of the shatush is that independent work in this technique requires serious training and professional skills as a colorist. We recommend working in this technique only for those who have considerable experience in dyeing at home.

We also note that on very short hair it is unlikely to achieve a spectacular transition on your own.

Shatush and short hair: photo ideas

What does a shatush look like on short hair? Take a look at a selection of photos with the most trendy examples, according to the editors.


Shatush on a square is the most successful embodiment of this technique on short hair. This length allows you to fully unlock the potential of fashionable coloring. If the square is elongated, then you can stretch the color from the middle of the length.


Shatush highlights are also suitable for bob haircuts. In order for light shades to show their beauty to the fullest, color with a slight indent from the roots.

Very short hair

With such initial data, it will be difficult to perform shatush at home. It is better to contact the salon, to professional colorists. Perhaps the masters will find a Solomonic solution.

Short hair with bangs

Short hair with bangs can be successfully refreshed with a shatush. It is important to make light accents on the bangs and on the tips.


Shatush will soften a daring asymmetrical pixie haircut a little. You can use hair all over your head or limit yourself to a few light highlights on the bangs.

Hair to shoulders

Shatush looks harmonious on longer hair. On shoulder-length curls, coloring can be started from the middle of the length.

Shatush technique: dyeing short hair

To color shatush at home you will need:

  • hair dye;

  • paint brush;

  • comb with frequent teeth to create a pile;

  • cape to protect clothes from paint.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for dyeing short hair.

  1. Any coloring should be preceded by testing the paint for a possible allergic reaction. Such a test is usually carried out 48 hours before the scheduled procedure. If no negative reaction followed, you can get down to business.

  2. Divide your hair into several sections and secure each with a bobby pin or clip. The more strands you use, the more natural the result will look.

  3. Separate the strand with a thin comb and make a little bouffant.

  4. On the rest of the strand, apply paint with a few centimeters indent from the hair roots.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 alternately with other strands.

  6. Leave the dye on the hair for the required time according to the instructions, then rinse it off with warm water.

  7. Apply a conditioning balm, rinse it off and dry your hair with a hair dryer or naturally.

You can evaluate the result of dyeing only after the hair is dry. To make the color deeper and more saturated, it is sometimes recommended to do toning.

Check how shatush coloring is done in professional salons:

Another way to get a crank-like effect is to use the air touch technique. In this case, bouffant is not done. Instead, the hair is blown out of the captured strand with a hair dryer, and the remaining in the grip is dyed. Trying this option at home alone, and even with short hair, will be difficult. Why not call a friend for help (ideally, someone who knows a lot about color)?

If you are not very confident in your abilities, we advise you to use the Colorista Effects paint from L'Oréal Paris "Ombre Effect" . The set includes a special comb that makes it much easier to lighten hair and create a beautiful gradient.

Selecting paint for dyeing short hair using the shatush technique

To try on the classic versions of the shatush for short hair, paints of light shades from caramel, golden or ashy tones will help.
For the brave, there is such an option as color shatush: the result looks bright, but not as radical as full coloring in shades of pink, lavender or, say, emerald spectrum.Let's tell you what colors to choose in depending on the main hair color.

Dark short hair

How organically the shatush will fall on dark short hair depends on the compatibility of the shades chosen for dyeing with the base. Beautifully shimmer, creating a mysterious glow on dark hair, there will be cream and caramel versions of the shatush.Try paint No. 7.3 "Marseille, golden blond" from L'Oréal Paris Préférence or No. 7 "Cappuccino" from Garnier Color Naturals.

Golden notes to the face of brown-haired women and dark blond girls. Get seductive shine with Garnier Color Sensation No. 8.0 Iridescent Light Blond.

Blonde short hair

Shades for shatush on short blond hair should be selected taking into account the “temperature” of the base hair color. If the light brown color is warm, then the golden gamut of the blond will suit you. L'Oréal Paris Préférence shade 9.13 Baikal will give your hair a sunny shimmer without rustic yellowness.

Ash blonde range is recommended for owners of cold shades of light brown hair. The stunning colors from L'Oréal Paris Préférence's Cool Blondes range can give your locks a truly steely glow. Choose between discreet No. 10.1 Helsinki or mother-of-pearl No. 8.12 Alaska.

Light Blonde

You can also try on shatush for short hair in color. For the base of the blond palette, it is better to choose pastel shades.

Garnier Color Sensation's The Vivids has romantic names like Pastel Pink and Delicate Lavender. Feel free to experiment!

Red hair

Copper and amber strands will bring an exciting variety to the red background. Color No. 7.4 "Golden Copper" from Garnier Color Naturals is the best way to perform a shatush on "fiery" hair.

If you want to achieve light tips, make a smooth transition from red to discreet shades of the blond range. Choose wheat and sand colors, such as No. 8 "Wheat" from Garnier Color Naturals.

Hair care after dyeing shatush

Clarified curls always need extra care. Do not forget that, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the hair, it is necessary to protect their new color.

Garnier Fructis line “Goji. Persistent Color "consists of shampoo, balm and mask. All these tools work to maintain color and restore dyed hair. As a result, color vibrancy lasts up to 10 weeks.

If a large percentage of the hair was discolored when dyeing the shatush, then gentle care is needed. L’Oréal Paris Elseve Low Shampoo 3 in 1 Sulfate-Free Delicate Shampoo will help restore them.

Shades of blond must be maintained with special means that neutralize unwanted yellowness. Use Elseve L'Oréal Paris Purple Shampoo and Mask several times a month to maintain a cool tone.

Be sure to apply heat protectant to your hair before using a hair dryer, flat iron or other high temperature gadgets.Cream-oil from Garnier Botanic Therapy with royal jelly and propolis will protect curls from the traumatic effects of high temperatures and make them smooth.

For added shine, use Garnier Botanic Therapy Oil with Argan Oil and Camellia Extract. It facilitates combing and cares for hair.

Shatush on short hair: answering questions

How often do I need to update the shatush result on short hair?

Usually frequent correction is not required, since the coloring technique itself assumes that the boundaries between the two shades will remain blurred as hair grows.

What is the difference between shatush and highlighting?


Are there any contraindications for shatush on short hair?

If you have dry and damaged hair, it is better to postpone any coloring until better times. Your hair needs restoration, as lightening is quite a traumatic procedure.