This complex coloring technique is more often chosen by owners of long curls. However, for short hair, balayage is no less impressive. Stylists and colorists are ready to confirm it

Features of balayage technique on short hair

Thousands of posts on Instagram prove that balayage coloring for short hair is tried on all over the world. Let's start with the fact that it's beautiful, because the master randomly dyes the strands in a lighter shade, achieving the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Several years ago, stylists actively used shades four or five shades lighter than the natural color for coloring.

In 2023, they are trying to make balayazh less bright and contrasting, regardless of whether your choice falls on short or long hair.

Relevant results will be close to the options in the photo below.

But the attractiveness of coloring is not the only plus of this complex staining technique. Among other advantages, opportunities are noted:

  • visually add volume and texture to the haircut;

  • change the image in a more gentle way compared to full coloring, because not all hair is bleached and dyed;

  • emphasize individual features of appearance.

Balayage on short haircuts: photos of fashion ideas

Balayage coloring on different short haircuts falls differently. Depending on whether you have a bob or, for example, a pixie, the results will produce a different impression. Sharing good ideas for every haircut.


If you wear a classic bob, then this coloring technique is a great way to make your hair look less conservative. In this case, the master, trying on balayage on short straight hair, must use strands on the face, on the sides, and on the back of the head.


An elongated bob with "broken" curls goes well with this coloring. Balayazh fits perfectly on both short blond hair and dark hair.

Most often, with such a haircut, strands framing the face are highlighted with light paint, but this is not an iron rule. For example, for girls with a "square" face shape, on the contrary, it is better to slightly darken the front curls.


Those who opt for a pixie cut rarely settle for one hair color. At the same time, stylists seem to feel sorry for the colors, making balayage for girls with this daring hairstyle. Of course, the reason is not greed - it's just that light coloring with small strokes looks most harmonious on such a haircut.

Short cascade

You have to be careful with a haircut that you can't call trendy.

Thinking about a short cascade of balayage, you can either turn yourself into a walking anti-trend, or emphasize the relevance of retro style to your advantage.

Tip number one: no bright contrasts.Shades for coloring should be from the same color range and as close as possible. Tip number two: Don't cut your hair too short at the back of your head. Balayazh on very short hair will not lie in the most beneficial way and can visually disrupt the proportions of the head shape.

Choosing a paint tone: balayage ideas for short hair based on their base color

Let's move on to the most important task - the choice of shades of paint for balayage. We will select the colors, focusing on the original shade of the hair. Let's go!

For dark hair

Balayage coloring on dark short hair is tried on by those who want to add texture to the styling. We show the result in the photo. It can be seen that the strands become more defined and the hair as a whole looks fuller.

If you have dark chestnut curls, we recommend choosing a milk chocolate color.

And for girls with cold dark hair color, ash-colored paint is suitable.

For black hair

Perhaps only for black hair in 2023 it is better to choose shades from other colors. For example, you can take red-copper paint, which looks very good on dark hair.

Ashy shades will also harmonize with black, as well as a mixture of warm blond and light chestnut paint.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierThe most fashionable color this season is black. It looks great with both dark and white skin. But you need to be on the lookout: this color is able to emphasize imperfections, such as inflammation and rosacea. To look organic in black, use foundation and pay extra attention to the he alth of the skin of the face.

For blonde hair

Balayage goes almost imperceptibly on light short hair. And in this we see only pluses: it seems that you did not carry out any manipulations with your hair, and beautiful highlights are a gift of nature.

To make everything look like this, we advise you to opt for pearl and mother-of-pearl shades of blond.

For blonde hair

If we talk about dyeing using the balayazh technique, then light brown short hair will be most advantageously decorated with a combination of such shades as the most fashionable beige blond in 2023, as well as light wheaten and classic.

For red hair

Red-haired girls who have chosen a short haircut can also experiment with coloring using the balayage technique. In our opinion, the result is bright and spectacular.

If your hair is a rich dark red color, then you should limit yourself to paints from a related range, and a blond of a warm spectrum will perfectly fall on the hair of a muted red tint.

How to make balayage on short hair: step by step instructions

Girls with experience in coloring can try to make hair coloring using the balayage technique (as in the photo) and at home. In our step-by-step instructions, we focus on short hair.

  1. Before the procedure (48 hours) test the paint for a potential allergic reaction. The instructions tell you exactly how to do it, and L'Oréal Paris even shot a short video on this topic.

  2. If the test was successful, you can start staining. For convenience, divide the hair into several zones: occipital, temporal and parietal. You can do this with clips.

  3. Work with each zone in turn. Apply paint to part of the strands, moving from top to bottom. Most of the paint should go to the tips. From the roots you need to retreat a different distance - from 2 to 5 cm.

  4. The duration of the exposure of the paint on the hair depends on your wishes and the original hair color, but should not exceed the time specified in the instructions. If the hair is dark, we advise you to keep the paint on the strands for the maximum allowable time. It is also worth doing for those who want to achieve a contrasting transition between colors. The rest can wash off the paint 10-15 minutes earlier.

Balayage coloring technique: stylist's advice

If I have short hair with bangs, do I need to apply paint to the front strands when dyeing using the balayage technique?

Definitely! Especially if you dye dark short hair with bangs using the balayage technique. If you leave it untouched, it will break the harmony, get out of the general image.


Please share your photo ideas for dyeing light brown short hair using the balayage technique.

Hold! No matter how long your hair is, to draw attention to your face, we recommend highlighting the strands framing it with a lighter shade.


If I have dark short hair, what coloring for the summer is better to choose - balayage or highlights?

We vote for balayazh because it looks more natural on the hair, and it is easier to do this coloring because you do not have to follow such strict rules as with highlights.


I have dark hair and a pixie cut. Is balayage right for me?

Yes, many girls with this haircut do complex coloring. In general, balayazh fits well on dark short hair, no matter what the haircut is - and we are ready to confirm this with the help of a photo.


Can I try on balayage coloring on light short hair using dark shades?

This is rarely done, because the result does not look the most natural. However, if that is what you set out to do, then why not?


Care for colored hair at home

To ensure that the time and money spent on balayazh are not in vain, follow our simple tips. They will help keep color-treated hair in excellent condition.

  1. For regular care, use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair.

  2. If after some time after dyeing you notice that the color has faded or even turned yellow, switch to shampoo and mask with purple pigments. They neutralize yellowness.

  3. Bleached strands tend to be more prone to dryness.

    Begin to actively "feed" them 7-10 days after dyeing, when your hair adapts to a new tone.

    We understand that it is more difficult to do this with short hair, but try to distribute nourishing masks so that they do not fall on the roots.

  4. "Broken" curls are the most popular styling among girls with a short haircut who have done balayage coloring.

    Do not forget to apply thermal protection to the strands before styling with hot tools.