There are already so many types of complex coloring that there are not enough fingers to list them. We are sure that not everyone has heard about veil highlighting. It's time to close the knowledge gaps

What is veil highlights?

Veil highlighting is a hair coloring method in which only the upper strands are lightened. What does it give? At least beautiful overflows, which are especially noticeable on perfectly straight hair.

In addition, highlighting with the “veil” method visually adds volume to the styling. Why is this technique so rarely seen in the "menu" of beauty salons?

In our opinion, it has been replaced by other proposals, such as California highlights or the air touch technique. In 2023, masters are trying to get away from clear lines and sharp color transitions, but this does not mean that staining using the “veil” technique has lost its relevance.

Features of the veil highlighting technique

Unlike classic highlighting, veil coloring is characterized by more stringent parameters.

  • Clarification using the "veil" technique is carried out on thin strands no more than 3 mm wide.

  • Selection of strands for dyeing occurs clearly through one.

  • Hair is completely lightened from root to tip.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the good stuff. Highlighting using the veil technique has many advantages.

  1. Hairstyle as a result of such highlighting looks more magnificent.

  2. A small percentage of hair falls under the traumatic effect of paint.

  3. This is an effective way to cover up gray hair and make you look younger.

  4. Recolor can be done in 1.5-2 months instead of 3-4 weeks.

And now let's move on to a few cons.

  1. The procedure is difficult to perform at home.

  2. Duration of the procedure is 2-3 hours.

Selecting a palette for veil highlighting

What is veil highlighting, we found out. Now let's decide how to choose a shade of paint so that the result is as successful as possible. First of all, you need to consider the original hair color.

Dark hair

Brunettes have several options. For example, you can make a strong contrast between the strands using paints from a light range.

Which blond to take depends on the base shade of the hair: if it is warm, we recommend beige blond, if it is cold - ash, pearl or platinum.

Girls who want to keep the very fact of dyeing a secret, it is better to choose a paint that is close to their natural shade. In this case, only the most observant will guess that you have done highlighting.

Very well, in our opinion, dark hair is veiled with copper-chestnut shades, as in the photo below. This technique visually refreshes the hair color, making it brighter and shinier.

Blonde hair

Most often, the "veil" technique is used when highlighting a light brown base. And what is curious, the owners of light brown curls, having made veil highlighting, almost immediately acquire a hair straightener. Indeed, with its help, an already beautiful result becomes as presentable as possible.

However, we can't help but remind you of the importance of using thermal protection when styling with hot tools. Such products help not only prevent brittle and dry hair, but also keep their new color unchanged longer.

Blonde hair

Voiling is a good idea for blonde hair for two reasons. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to transform the shade imperceptibly to others: something has definitely changed, but what exactly?..

Secondly, by choosing the right tone of paint, you can successfully mask gray hair, if any. A win-win in this case will be the choice of paint of a cold shade - for example, ash or light blond.

Voile highlighting: photo for inspiration

We know that no words describing veil highlighting can replace visual examples of coloring in this technique, so we specially made a selection of photos.

Long hair

Veil highlights can transform your hair, as evidenced by before and after photos. By the way, vertical coloring also visually lengthens the strands, so if you want to “add” a few centimeters to your hair, pay attention to this technique.

Short hair

Voile highlighting on dark hair, as in the photo, is rare. A short haircut is also from the category of curiosities. Therefore, we cannot fail to pay tribute to the professionalism of the master: the coloring looks like it is a gift of nature.

Medium length hair

Veil highlighting is also often tried on medium hair. In the photo below you can compare the images before and after staining. I must say that the result looks very natural. Do you agree?

Veil highlighting technique step by step

Those who already have impressive experience in coloring can also master veil highlighting. Below we will step by step analyze how to make hair coloring in this way - in good hands, the “veil” technique is quite acceptable for changing color at home.

  1. First, separate the top part of the hair from the bottom, as shown in the photo.

  2. Further work only with the top part of the hair. It is necessary to divide it into identical strands - the less the better.

  3. Then you need to dye the selected strands through one (important: they start dyeing if the preliminary test for a possible allergic reaction gave a negative result; such a test is carried out 48 hours before the procedure). How to do this, you can see the video.

  4. The hair you've dyed should be wrapped in foil.

  5. After waiting the time indicated in the instructions, wash off the paint with shampoo and use conditioner for colored hair.

    Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisThe main advantage of veil coloring is the ability to hide early gray hair on the face by creating precisely these thin “veil” strands.

3 Veil Colors

Here are three color options that, in the opinion of, are perfect for voile highlighting.

Préférence L'Oréal Paris (shade Alaska)

This paint has many advantages. First, the shade. It was created with the participation of celebrity colorist Christophe Robin.

The tone looks very stylish and, most importantly, is suitable for veil highlighting on hair, both warm and cold.

Secondly, the Ultrashine complex was added to the formula of the product, which enhances the radiance of the color. And thirdly, a purple mask comes with the paint, which helps prevent unwanted yellowness on the strands.

Garnier Color Naturals Creme (Golden Chestnut)

Before us is a shade of paint that we would recommend to brunettes for veil highlighting. Yes, it may be different from your original shade, but it will definitely make the hair brighter.

Color Naturals Creme paints are loved not only for the color, but also for the composition. The balm-care formula contains 5 oils that nourish the strands and give them extra shine.

Garnier Olia (" Golden Blonde" )

A distinctive feature of Olia paints is the composition, namely the absence of ammonia in it. Instead, floral oils are included in the list of ingredients. For example, camellia oil, which has moisturizing and soothing properties. We recommend the presented shade to owners of light brown hair.

Care after the procedure

The subtleties of the “veil” highlighting technique are one thing, and the scheme for caring for already dyed hair is another. But no less important. We will tell you how to keep the color bright and well-groomed longer.

  1. Switch your daily routine to products for colored hair. Yes, with veil dyeing, only the upper part of the hair is involved, but it is she who is always in sight. On it, in the absence of proper care, everything will be noticeable: stale hair color, and unpleasant yellowness, and dryness of the strands. Try L'Oréal Paris' Elseve Color Expert Collection.

  2. Remember: thermal tools can damage hair, so it's important to apply thermal protectant to your hair before using them. And colored hair is especially vulnerable. We suggest using a multifunctional tool from Garnier. It not only protects the strands from high-temperature exposure, but also restores hair, smoothes it.

  3. If you feel that your hair lacks nutrition, take on an unusual trick. Add a few drops of hair oil to the hair mask - for example, take Fructis Triple Recovery Elixir Oil.It contains sunflower oil, which gives shine to hair, and nourishing coconut oil. However, this does not negate the independent use of elixir oil as an indelible agent.

Voile highlights FAQ

How long does veil highlighting last?

Veil staining is a technique that has an absolute plus: you need to update the result less often than with monochromatic staining. As a rule, it becomes relevant 2 months after the first procedure.


I'm redheaded. Is veil hair coloring right for me?

Of course! This technique is suitable for everyone without exception, but the owners of red hair choose it less often than others due to the fact that in most cases they have naturally bright hair.


Which highlight is more difficult - classic or veil?

The technique for performing these types of coloring is different: “veil” highlighting is done, though only on the surface layer of the hair, but on the thinnest strands, this is the main difficulty of the method. There is more freedom in classic highlighting.


Will the veil technique work if I already have balayage coloring done?

Few masters will take on veil highlights over this or any other complex staining with darkened roots and lightened ends. Most likely, first you will need to lighten your hair, dye it in one color, and after that - do highlighting.


Highlighting "veil" - a dyeing technique that is done only in salons? Can I learn this method at home?

You can, but you have to sweat a lot. Yes, and dyeing the strands from behind alone is not so easy. Another argument in favor of the master (or at least an experienced girlfriend) is the “darning” algorithm, which must be followed for veil highlighting. This means that the strands need to be painted over through one, which means that the result must be carefully clear.