Peach hair color creates a touching and romantic look. The tenderness of this shade leaves no one indifferent. Want to try? Then we will tell you what is important to know on the topic

Who suits peach color?

Curls of this shade, no doubt, will suit blondes and owners of blond hair in general.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierPeach shades are perfectly readable on blondes and blond hair, this is a golden-pink color direction. It is suitable for almost all blondes, because it “highlights” the skin of the face very favorably. In numbers, such shades contain 32 after the point (for example, 9.32 or 10.32).

But dark-haired girls will also look good in peach colors - the main thing is to choose the right color.

Darkies can safely choose the brightest palette of peach color, and shades of peach blond with pink notes will be in harmony with fair skin.
Now let's talk about how to choose "peaches" depending on the color of the eyes. Let's look at the solutions with specific examples.

For blue eyes

Cold shades of peach and pink with ashy nuances are successfully combined with blue eyes.

For brown eyes

The depth and expressiveness of brown eyes will be emphasized by warm peach-caramel color and its variations.

For green eyes

Green eyes and peach color with a copper or red tint - a truly magnetic combination. It's hard to look away from such a duet.

Shades of peach hair color

Let's look at the photo examples of the most fashionable, in our opinion, shades of peach hair color.

Peach Blonde

The most delicate shade of this fruity palette. Peach blonde highlights pale skin and gives the look a fabulous aura.

Pink peach

This shade is brighter than the previous one, so it is the best fit for girls with olive or bronze skin. The peach-pink color seems to be made for them.

Delicate peach

This shade is good for use in complex coloring - for example, in techniques such as highlights, balayage or ombre. Delicate peach curls in this color scheme look very natural.

Peach Red

Warm and sunny peach-red color comes with amber or copper tint. It is most beautifully revealed in combination with dark or green eyes and swarthy skin.

Photo ideas for peach coloring on hair of different lengths

What is the best way to do peach coloring depending on the length of the hair or haircut? Watch our selection.

Short hair

Peach shades will fall on short hair win-win if you choose a solid color. Try red or copper spectrum variations.

Long hair

For long hair, it is better to try on a soft peach shade. Too saturated colors will look unnatural. But if the soul asks for brightness, we advise you to try peach highlights.

Medium length hair

Medium hair will best accept peach color in complex or partial coloring. Colored strands obtained using the balayage or shatush techniques will noticeably enliven the image.


On the most trendy haircut of 2023, full coloring in peach shades will look very attractive. A more daring option is a peach ombre with dark roots.

How to achieve peach hair color at home?

  • How to get peach hair color if you have dark curls? Most likely, you will have to lighten the strands first. E0 "Decolorant" by Garnier Color Sensation or EO "Super Blonde" by Garnier Color Naturals are suitable for this.

  • On fair hair, peach color will fall without prior bleaching. But it is important for blondes to take into account that the result may turn out brighter than expected.

  • Carefully study the comparative table of shades, which is given on the paint packaging. If your original shade isn't there, the paint probably won't work for you.

  • In order not to worry about the outcome of dyeing, use the life hack of stylists: before deciding on a full-fledged hair color change procedure, dye a small strand in the bottom layer to evaluate the final shade.

Five Popular Peach Hair Colors

How to dye your hair at home? We offer a selection of our edition of peach hair colors.

Préférence by L'Oréal Paris

Permanent Color in Rose Gold 8.23 for a soft peachy ash color. The included color booster balm contains vitamin E and is enriched with a UV filter.

To get copper notes on peach hair, paint No. 7.43 Shangrila will help.

Casting Créme Gloss, L'Oréal Paris

Warm shade No. 724 "Caramel" will provide curls with a rich peach-red color. We advise green-eyed girls to look at this particular color. It is worth noting that Casting Créme Gloss paints do not contain ammonia.

Garnier Color Sensation

To get a soft peach color with pearl tints, choose resistant paint No. 9.02 "Pearl Blonde" . As a result of dyeing, the strands will acquire a mirror shine and radiance, and thanks to the rose essence in the care cream, the hair will become soft and silky.

With The Vivids Pastel Pink shade, blondes can make interesting color highlights. For brown-haired women, this paint is suitable for a peach ombre with dark roots.

Peach hair care after dyeing

Hair after dyeing needs special care. There are special products for regular use, which are designed to maintain and fix the brightness of the color.

To restore and restore he althy shine to dull hair, L'Oréal Paris Botanicals Rose & Geranium. Elixir of Radiance”, consisting of shampoo, mask and balm. These products leave hair hydrated and shiny.

Kiehl's Sunflower Shampoo & Conditioner with sunflower extract protects color and leaves hair soft. These delicate products are suitable for the care of weakened and discolored curls.

If your hair has become porous and dry after dyeing in peach shades, include oils in your daily care. For example, Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil, which makes hair smooth and manageable. It can be applied in different ways:

  • a few minutes before shampooing - for intensive nutrition;

  • on wet hair before styling - for easy combing;

  • on dry curls - to add shine.

Dyeing hair peach: stylist tips

1. Can I dye my hair peach color temporarily?

Yes! For this, funds for temporary staining have been created. L'Oréal Paris's Colorista range of washable colors also includes these shades. Colorista Washout Flamingo Hair or Colorista Spray Rose Gold will help you get peach curls for a few days.

2. Who doesn't like peach hair color?

Peach color is good with a variety of spectrum, so there is a “own” shade for everyone. The main thing is not to forget about your color type and choose paint based on your appearance.

3. How to prepare your hair for peach coloring?

Since all paints, unfortunately, tend to damage the hair, before dyeing, you need to provide curls with enhanced hydration and nutrition with the help of masks. It is also important not to forget to use thermal protection before hot styling. Dark hair will have to be lightened before dyeing peach.

4. How often can permanent color be applied to maintain peach color?

Stylists recommend dyeing your hair with permanent dye no more than once every 6 weeks. Between these procedures, you can do toning or use rinse-off products.