Many are not averse to refreshing the image due to attractive light strands, and there is hardly a girl who has not heard about the highlighting procedure. Most often, such coloring is performed in salons, but highlighting at home is also possible. Let's tell you what you need for this

Features of highlighting hair at home

The essence of highlighting is that part of the hair (individual strands) is lightened, leaving the bulk of the hair untouched by the coloring composition.The number of colored curls may vary. By the way, highlighting is not always lightening strands. Color and dark highlighting is also found, we have written more than one article about different techniques of partial coloring. However, you can always call for help from your friends - and then the procedure will turn into a real bachelorette party!

Pros of home highlighting

  • Saving money: all you need for home highlighting is paint and some accessories (the main thing is that you are confident in your skills as a stylist-colorist).

  • A wide palette of colors in stores allows each girl to choose a shade suitable for harmonious highlighting.

  • Highlights can be done on hair of any length.

  • There are no contraindications for this coloring technique related to the structure of the hair: light strands will look great on curly hair, and on wavy, and straight hair.


  • Hair highlights at home cannot be done without a special arsenal, which includes a cap, hook, foil and a special comb.

  • The result of highlighting is quite difficult to refresh: you will have to tint individual regrown strands.

How to do highlighting at home yourself: step by step instructions

You can make highlights for yourself in many ways. Let's take a closer look at the three most popular methods.

Comb highlights

  • Special highlighting combs are often used in salons. Such combs allow you to immediately divide the strand into two parts, one of which is then lightened.

  • You can also use a regular comb with a sharp ponytail. With it, small strands are separated in zigzag movements for dyeing.

However, highlighting even with the help of miracle combs does not cancel the use of foil.

Foil Highlighting Technique

  • For home highlighting with foil, you can also use a pointed comb.

  • Alternately separate the strands with the sharp tip of the comb, lay them on the foil, apply paint and wrap.

  • Thus, we process the hair all over the head, starting from the back of the head and ending with the temporal.

Highlights with a hat

To make such coloring at home, you need to purchase a special cap for highlighting with holes located at the same distance from each other.

  • Comb your hair and put on a hat so that it fits snugly on your head.

  • Through the holes with a special hook or the sharp end of the comb, pull out strands of hair.

  • Apply the paint to the strands and leave for the time required to expose the composition, then rinse with warm water.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierAll complex staining techniques are best done with someone's help. The application should not take much time so that the paint has time to act on all parts of the head at the same time.It is difficult to ensure this condition on your own. But if you are confident in your abilities, it is better to choose a shatush for painting at home. Application with this technique is not as difficult as, for example, highlighting with foil.

Selecting shades for home highlighting

Finding a shade for highlighting at home is easy, you just need to choose the right paint color. The most important thing is to start from the base tone of the hair.

Blonde hair

For independent highlighting of light brown curls, shades of blond are optimal. If your hair has warm undertones, try caramel colors.

For ash blonde hair, choose cool shades.

Dark hair

We recommend highlighting dark hair at home in honey and sunny shades, as too light strands on a dark background can be associated with gray hair.

Red hair

Red-haired girls should also avoid strong contrasts between highlights and the base color. Glare of chocolate, cream or amber tones will look harmonious.

Blonde hair

If you are ready to highlight yourself, then it is better to choose platinum blonde colors: such coloring on light blond hair gives the most natural result.

Blondes can dilute their base color curls with pastel pink or pearl strands - spectacular and romantic!

Types of hair highlighting

Let's consider the main types of highlighting to make it easier for you to choose a technique for home coloring.


In this case, the strands are lightened all over the head with one shade at the same intervals. Depending on the size of the dyed strands and the size of the intervals, large and small highlights are distinguished.


This highlighting technique is perfect for dark-haired girls. It won't be hard to figure it out on your own. Paint of golden or caramel shades is applied to individual strands. Colored curls do not isolate in any way from the main mass of hair, resulting in a natural and almost imperceptible transition between colors.


California highlighting gives your hair soft overflows due to the harmonious combination of several light shades. The roots in this case are left unpainted - for the most natural effect.

Photo ideas for self-highlighting hair of different lengths

The choice of the type of highlighting at home largely depends on the length of the hair and the haircut. A technique that works best on long hair may not work on short hair.

Short hair

It's not so easy to make highlights for yourself with a short hair length. We advise you to focus on a few accent strands - for example, those that frame the face.

Long hair

Owners of long curls can afford to choose different home highlighting techniques. On such hair, the play of several shades always looks more interesting, so California highlighting will be the most advantageous.

Medium length hair

Classic highlights fit beautifully on medium hair. If you leave the roots dark and “stretch” the coloring border a little, you will get a spectacular and up-to-date look.


The bob haircut rhymes well with highlights and serves as a winning base for experimenting with multiple shades. However, options such as lightening the strands near the face or a slight gradient at the tips will be no less spectacular.

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What do you need for highlighting hair at home?

If you are ready to move from highlighting theory to practice, prepare everything you need for such coloring. What can you do without?

  • Hair dye.

  • Brush for applying hair dye.

  • Gloves.

  • Shoulder cape to protect skin and clothes from paint.

  • Highlight cap and special hook.

  • Special comb if you decide to choose the appropriate highlighting method.

  • Foil.

  • A caring balm that is applied to the hair after dyeing (usually attached to the paint).

Review of dyes for highlighting hair at home

We offer a selection of the best, in our opinion, paints for self-highlighting at home.

Garnier Highlights

Garnier Color Sensation No. 101 "Platinum Blonde" cream-paint is suitable for highlighting light brown hair at home. Cool ash strands will add style to the look.

For light blond girls, we recommend Garnier Olia oil-based paint in shade No. 110 Natural Ultra Blonde.

For blondes for color highlighting at home, you can use products from the Garnier Color Sensation The Vivids line in Pastel Pink or Delicate Lavender shades.

L'Oréal Paris highlights

Beautiful highlights without yellowness will be obtained using Excellence Cool Crème paints. Shade No. 8.11 "Light Blond" is suitable for highlighting ash-blond hair.

Préférence No. 7.3 Marseille paint will dilute dark curls with delicate caramel strands.

Hair care after highlights

Highlighting is partial, but still coloring, so products for colored hair should appear in your beauty arsenal.

Shampoo, balm and mask from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert" have a laminating effect (with regular use of these products), protect colored hair for up to 10 weeks, giving it shine and silkiness.

To keep your blonde tones clean and cool, use L'Oréal Paris Elseve Purple Shampoo and Mask. They are also suitable for highlighted hair.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Smoothness & Glow Oil may also be useful. It can be applied to damp or dry hair. The tool has a thermal protective function and protects strands weakened after dyeing from the harmful effects of aggressive environmental factors.

If your hair needs extra care, try Royal Jelly and Propolis Revitalizing Cream-Oil for intense nourishment.

How to do highlighting yourself? Stylist Tips

1. Who should not do highlights at home?

If you have dry, thin and split ends, you need to consult a specialist. Only professional colorists will be able to choose the right color and recommend the appropriate home care.

2. Can I do highlighting myself on dyed hair?

Dyeing your own dyed hair is not a good idea. It is better to make an appointment with a professional in the salon.

3. Did highlighting myself. How to understand if you need to tone your hair?

In case the shade of highlighting did not suit you, you can tint the colored strands. This may indeed be necessary if the hair has acquired an unwanted yellow or red tint as a result of dyeing. So you get the most natural result with a barely noticeable transition between shades.

4. What is important to consider when highlighting gray hair?