It just seems that pink blonde is a specific shade that does not imply variability. In fact, not only colorists, but also paint manufacturers prove that this is a multifaceted spectrum that is worth talking about in more detail

Pink blonde: color features

Pink blond is the most unusual spectrum in the light range of hair colors. Depending on the concentration of pink pigment, shades are chosen both for everyday life and for exits to the red carpet. Blond with a pink tint has repeatedly been called the most fashionable and desirable, and in 2023 it is still relevant.


Despite the fact that pink blonde is not the most common color, it has enough advantages.

  • It suits everyone, regardless of eye color or skin tone.

  • The shade is unpretentious in care.

  • Among all the non-standard colors of hair dyes, shades of pink are the most restrained. Creating a harmonious look with this hair color is not difficult.


There are not so many drawbacks to dyeing a blond with a pink tint, but it would be unwise not to name them. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • Before dyeing, you almost always have to pre-lighten the strands. An exception is made only for girls with a natural blond.

    • Pink can accentuate split ends and other visual problems with hair, so it's best to tidy the strands in advance.

    • Stale pink pigment does not look the most attractive, so you need to either repeat the coloring or maintain the color with toning.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierPink blonde looks good only on a very clean base. Therefore, it is desirable to even out the tone along the entire length of the hair before creating it. Use brighteners for this, for example Garnier Color Naturals in shade E0.

Who suits blonde with pink highlights?

According to our observations, pink blonde hair color is quite popular among celebrities. Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber - this is just the beginning of the list of stars who have already tested the trendy shade on themselves.It is worth noting that the girls listed above are naturally brunettes, which only confirms our statement: owners of hair of any color can try on a pink blond. But let's talk about compatibility with eye color separately.

Brown eyes

Pink blond is not contraindicated for brown-eyed girls, but experts have a couple of wishes for this combination. Firstly, you should not choose too warm colors - it is better to stay on a shade of ash-pink blond. Secondly, it is preferable for owners of brown eyes to do complex coloring, for example, using the air-touch technique or shatush, not limited to paint of one shade.

Green eyes

Pink hair on blondes with green eyes is as beautiful as it is rare. We advise you to look at the strawberry version of the blonde with a warm undertone.

Blue or gray eyes

Pink blonde hair color suits blue eyes the most. Adjust the saturation of the pink pigment depending on the intensity of the eye color: the higher it is, the brighter the paint you can afford.

Popular shades of pink blonde hair color review

Pink blonde hair dyes are now available from many brands. Introducing our favorites.

Garnier Color Sensation (Pastel Pink)

Get a gentle pastel color at home with Garnier paint.

The Color Sensation line is renowned for its beautiful and radiant shades With a post-color care cream enriched with mother-of-pearl and rose essence, hair reflects light and shimmers with a mirror-like sheen.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout (" Pink Hair" )

Blonde with pink undertones doesn't have to be long-lasting. A lot of girls want to get a pink color for a while, so that a week or two later they return to their usual shade of hair. Bringing this scenario to life is easy with Colorista Washout.

Hair tinting is convenient to carry out at home, right in the bathroom. If you want to return to the original color before two weeks, the Colorista Remover brightening cream will help to remove the experimental shade.

Garnier Olia (Metal Pink)

Do you think modesty is an ornament? Then the pink blond hair color will definitely not confuse you. In the photo you can see the bright result of coloring with paint from the Olia line, known primarily for the absence of ammonia in the composition.

Manufacturers claim that the product changes hair color as carefully as possible. Tempting!

Pink blonde hair coloring: step by step instructions

  1. Recall that dyeing hair in blond with a pink tint most often begins with lightening the strands. It is not necessary to go to the salon for this - today the beauty assortment has tools that allow you to successfully perform this procedure at home.

  2. It is important to test in advance for a possible allergic reaction to paint and brightening composition. Manufacturers prescribe in the instructions how and when this should be done - as a rule, no later than 48 hours before the clarification / coloring procedure.

  3. If there are no unwanted reactions, you can proceed with the procedure.

    Apply dye to your hair in a row, trying not to stretch the process over time (this is important to obtain a uniform result).

    For reliability, we recommend that you lightly massage the dye into the hair with your fingers at the end (do this with gloves).

  4. It remains to wait for the time specified in the instructions, and carefully wash off the paint with water - until the water becomes transparent.

  5. Finish with a conditioner for color-treated hair. It is logical to use the one that comes with the paint, if desired, you can apply another tool. The main thing is that it was intended for dyed hair.

And we suggest to consolidate the theory of coloring at home by watching the video instruction:

Popular questions about pink blonde coloring

I would like to see in the photo what pink blonde looks like on short hair. Any examples?

Of course! Pink accents look very stylish against a blond background on a pixie haircut. But there are also options with squares of various lengths.



I want to temporarily dye the ends of my hair pink. Is this relevant?

Ombre coloring cannot be called trendy now, but it cannot be considered an anti-trend either. We would recommend a more chaotic way of applying paint - using the shatush technique.


Can I leave the ends of my hair light and make the roots pink?

Why not? The option, of course, is not the most common, but who knows - maybe you will become the ancestor of the trend. The main thing is to regularly tint such roots so that the effect of a puff cake does not turn out on the hair.


Which is better to do pink blonde on short hair - pastel or bright?

The saturation of the dye does not depend on the length of the hair. Colorists recommend starting from the color type and quality of the hair.



Please show in the photo how pink blonde looks on girls with dark skin.

Slightly less harmonious than with light, but if you choose the right tone, then pink blond can make friends with both dark and tanned skin.




Hair care after dyeing

For girls with blond hair, there are several rules, the observance of which allows you to keep the result longer.

  1. In your daily care, use products marked "for colored hair" . First, such products help maintain color vibrancy. Secondly, they make up for the lack of moisture and nutrition of the hair, which is often observed after dyeing.

  2. Any styling with a blow dryer or other high temperature tools should only be done with a heat protectant. Many neglect this, referring to the fact that they do not see the effect of such funds. It is important to understand here that this is a preventive measure. The momentary result may not be noticeable, but in order to preserve the beauty and quality of the strands in the future, the importance of such prevention can hardly be overestimated. Moreover, the abuse of thermal styling without protection is fraught with unwanted yellowness in the shade.

  3. Dry strands and split ends are very striking on blond hair with a pink undertone.Bringing curls to perfect condition is not so easy. However, visually, the hair will look much better if you use leave-in care products. We recommend trying Garnier's 10 in 1 SOS treatment. This product nourishes the strands, protects their color and gradually restores them.