We won't deceive if we say that highlighting is being tried on more and more often on light brown hair. How to explain the reasons for the growing popularity of such staining? Let's investigate

Highlights on blond hair: features and benefits

Highlighting on light brown hair falls very harmoniously. As a rule, girls who do not plan to completely change the natural shade of curls resort to such coloring, but do not mind experimenting a little with color.

In short, highlighting is the partial coloring of strands according to a certain scheme, in most cases in a lighter shade, as we see in the photo.

This procedure has a lot of advantages. For example, light highlighting of blond hair allows you to:

  1. achieve more visual volume of hair;

  2. make invisible the first manifestations of gray hair by “fitting” them into a new color solution;

  3. change your image without completely changing your hair color.

Masters separate the strands at a certain interval and alternately color them in a light shade.

For the procedure, you will need foil. Curls are wrapped in it, on which paint was applied.

They do this for two reasons: firstly, the pigment shows up better this way, and secondly, the paint does not affect neighboring strands.

If you are interested in whether it is possible to highlight light brown hair at home, we will answer this way: it is possible, but it requires certain skills that are not needed for full coloring.

For beginners, who have never dyed their hair, we recommend that you turn to professionals or at least involve a friend who has the appropriate experience.

It will be at least difficult to paint over the strands on the back of the head alone, and the result of dyeing may turn out to be uneven. If this happened, we advise you to temporarily abandon the idea of highlighting and dye your hair in one color.

Photo ideas for highlighting on light brown hair of different lengths

Experts warn that highlights will not fall on short blond hair the same way as on long hair. Complex haircuts, for example with bangs, also require a special approach. We have collected photo examples that will help everyone whose soul asks for experiments to make the right choice.

Long hair

California highlighting is reminiscent of shatush and balayage coloring.

Colorists try to get the effect of sun-bleached strands by using light shades from the blond range.

Highlighting long blond hair is subject to the same idea. To implement it, we recommend paying attention to colors such as ash blond and light pearl shade.

If we talk about highlighting, then for long blond hair, such coloring will be especially advantageous in combination with a neat Hollywood wave. Styling, I must say, is universal: it is appropriate for both work meetings and ceremonial exits.

The clarity inherent in highlighting is especially expressive on perfectly straight strands. But keep in mind that coloring errors on such hair are more striking, so the work of the colorist must be flawless.

Small highlights on light brown hair works like a magnet - it attracts the eye. It is difficult to break away from this bewitching coloristic effect. Do you agree?

Medium length hair

Trying on highlights on medium-length light brown hair without bangs is often decided by those who are eager to grow long curls. When highlighting, it is not necessary to affect the roots, which means that a second procedure does not need to be carried out after 3-4 weeks, as when dyeing the entire mass of hair in one tone. Therefore, you can safely grow your hair without worrying about regular tinting. With any length and any distance of the colored part of the strands from the roots, it will look spectacular.

Short hair

Highlighting light blond hair sometimes turns a girl into a blonde. Especially in case of frequent highlighting or when working with wide strokes.

In the photo we see the result of such highlighting on the square. It seems that there are more light strands than blond ones (or maybe it is).

But experts suggest that girls with ultra-short haircuts choose a different coloring technique.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisI do not recommend highlighting on short hair - in this case, it is better to choose either contrasting blond coloring or color stretching.

With bangs

As we can see, bangs are not a hindrance to experimenting with complex coloring. In 2023, bangs should not be excluded from the new color scheme - they should be colored according to the same principle as the rest of the strands.

Types and techniques of highlighting blond hair: trends in 2023

You can try on highlights of various types on light brown hair, not limited to two or three options. Stylists regularly experiment, inventing new techniques, and girls are happy to master fashion trends. Consider the most popular types of hair highlighting on a light brown basis and show the results in the photo.

Sparse highlights

If you want rare highlights on light brown hair to look stylish, ask the master to distribute the paint in a more chaotic manner. This applies to both the distance between the strands and the distance from the roots.

In the photo you see an example of how rare highlights should ideally be applied to light brown hair in 2023.

Frequent highlights

Frequent highlighting of blond hair is considered the most difficult to perform. This staining technique will require 2-3 hours of time and maximum concentration. Look at the photo, how often the shades on the hair change.

If we talk about light brown hair, frequent highlighting will turn out to be fashionable and natural if you use at least three different shades of paint.

Big highlights

Large highlights on light brown hair also require attention. We do not recommend this year to choose too contrasting shades for coloring in this technique. It is better if the paint differs from your main shade by no more than one or two tones.

In addition, if the hair is blond, then large highlights are recommended to be supplemented with styling using the brushing technique: in this case, the overall impression will be both more natural and textured.

Color highlights

This kind of coloring girls are most often done for a short time - with the help of tinting balms.

The most popular shades for colored highlighting of light brown hair are pink and lilac.

These colors are in harmony with the natural blond spectrum.

California highlights

In our opinion, and we demonstrate it in the photo, the most beautiful highlights that can be tried on blond hair are Californian.

It resembles a trendy balayazh today: the strands are colored as if they were burned out in the sun in a natural way.

American highlights

American highlights fit beautifully on medium-length blond hair. With such initial ones, striving for contrast between shades is not something that is not forbidden, but even recommended. But on one condition: when painting, it is necessary to use two or three different shades in order to create the effect of smooth color overflows.

Venetian highlights

You can add texture and volume to your hair using one of the new types of highlighting - Venetian. From such staining, of course, dark blond hair benefits. Many compare Venetian highlighting with shatush and balayage methods, but there is a significant difference between them. When highlighting, the hair is dyed almost along the entire length, retreating from the roots the minimum distance.

Choosing paint: ideas for highlighting light brown hair in different shades

The first thing to do if you plan to try on highlights on light brown hair (it doesn't matter if it's straight or curly) is to choose the right shades of paint. Consider which colors will most successfully fall on dark blond hair, and which ones on light blond. And we will share successful solutions for home coloring.

Dark blond hair

If you're serious about highlighting, dark blond hair will look great with warm blonde tones. Honey and golden colors will make the appearance softer. We like how the highlighting on the square looks in this case - the tips can be completely painted in a light shade.

On light blond

Light brown hair of a light shade will well perceive partial highlighting, as in the photo below.

And if you have a haircut with bangs, highlighting should also affect the hair framing the face.

Take a closer look at the colors from the ash blonde palette - the result will look restrained and noble.

For medium blonde

Classic blond shade is the best basis for experiments. On light brown hair, you can try on any highlighting, but do not forget that with regular toning, the curls will look more attractive. Experts advise refreshing the color about once a month.

If choosing a color is a quest for you, take our advice: beige and cream colors are at the peak of fashion this season.

We remind you that it is important to test the paint for allergies before dyeing. We share a handy instruction from L’Oréal Paris:

Highlighted hair care tips

I made small highlights on blond hair. How often does it need to be refreshed?

If we talk about the brightness of the color, then this parameter must be monitored constantly. Get a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, and if you notice that the strands have begun to turn yellow, use a purple mask. When exactly to go for re-highlighting, you can answer just by looking at your hair. If you have highlighted long blond hair without bangs, you can plan a second visit to the salon in 2-3 months. But the result of highlighting short blond hair with bangs requires a more regular update - every 1-1.5 months.

I got highlights on medium length blond hair. How to take care of your hair now?

We have three main recommendations. First, swap out your regular cleansers for ones designed specifically for color-treated hair to help keep your color vibrant. Secondly, monitor the condition of the ends of the hair: on light highlighted curls, split ends are most noticeable. And thirdly, do not forget that if you have done hair highlighting, you need to familiarize yourself with toning. This advice is especially relevant for fair-haired girls.

I have long blond hair with bangs, and the master offers me a choice of either California highlights or large ones. Which one will require more serious hair care after dyeing?

In terms of ease of care, we vote California highlights. It is more versatile because it looks beautiful on both straight and curly hair. With large highlights, you will have to constantly monitor to be “at the parade” - style your hair with a hairdryer or tongs.If this does not bother you, we will not dissuade you, but do not neglect thermal protective agents: they will help protect not only the hair itself, but also the brightness of their color.

A month after highlighting, the colored strands faded. What to do?

If you have done highlighting of blond hair and want it to look the same as in the photo from the salon, get acquainted with the tinting of the strands. This procedure can be more complicated than highlighting itself, so it's better to trust the professionals.


How long does light brown hair highlighting with toning last?

With regular and high-quality "service" , re-highlighting is done on average after 3 months.