It's not enough to dream of becoming a blonde - you have to imagine which one. The world of light shades for hair can be called the white sea without exaggeration, and this sea is able to foam with waves of various shades. We offer a short navigation course

Trendy shades of blonde

Do you want to take a closer look at the stand with colors from the blond range? Great, that means you're reading the right chapter. We will tell you which blonde color to choose, taking into account such individual parameters as skin tone, eye color, hair structure and haircut.

Pink Blonde

If you're a conservative, you can skip to the next step.

Pink blonde hair is more suitable for those who are ready to dare and like to stand out at least sometimes, this shade looks very gentle and feminine.

Stylists tend to think that pink hair goes, first of all, to girls with fair skin and blue eyes.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierPink blonde looks good only on a very clean base. I recommend evening the tone along the entire length of the hair before dyeing.

If you don't belong to this category, don't be discouraged: pink blonde can be successfully used in complex coloring, such as shatush or balayage techniques.

Ash blonde

Another trendy option is ash blonde. This is a cold light shade, which seems to have added a drop of gray pigment.

The paint of this color is hunted not only by those who want to make a beautiful coloring in a solid ash blond, but also by those who know how advantageous this shade works when it is used in complex color changing techniques.

Unlike pink blond, ashen is friendly with dark skin and dark eyes.

But there are still conditional restrictions: the result of staining will be the most harmonious for two color types - "autumn" and "winter" .

Platinum Blonde

The platinum blonde trendy at the beginning of the 2000s seems to have a second wind.

Nevertheless, let's warn you how the brightest representative of the light range should not look like in 2023.

First of all, don't dye platinum blonde for girls with dry and split strands: all imperfections in the hair structure will only become more noticeable.

If you can't wait, first do a course of restorative procedures, and after dyeing, regularly use leave-in hair care.

Secondly, avoid styling from the “anti-trend” category, such as perfectly defined curls on long hair. When choosing a platinum blonde, it is better to give preference to broken curls or strands laid using the brushing technique.

Pearl Blonde

Pearl Blonde is a color that is distinguished by radiance combined with a translucent effect. The shade looks amazing on both long and short hair.

There is one thing but: according to experts, mother-of-pearl blond can visually add age. On the other hand, gray hairs are well masked against its background.

Beige blonde

Beige blonde is a good investment in a stylish look.

The color is so self-sufficient that we would recommend using it when dyeing hair in one tone without resorting to complex techniques.

And yes, it's rare that blond hair color looks better on girls with dark skin.

Honey Blonde

We love this shade for its ability to make the appearance softer and prepossessing.

By the way, dyeing honey blonde is a great option for girls who are worried about the appearance of yellowness or redness in their hair.

This problem is less noticeable on strands of a light honey shade.

Wheat Blonde

The image of classic Russian beauty is often associated with the hair color "wheat blond" . Therefore, it is unlikely that this shade will ever become obsolete.

Especially since it goes well with any eye color.

There is an opinion that wheat blond is more suitable for girls with long curls, but this is just a stereotype that we can easily destroy with a photo example below.

If choosing a shade is still a problem for you, watch the video below for practical tips:

Actual techniques for dyeing hair in a beautiful blonde

Blonde hair color is relevant not only in a monochromatic presentation. We will tell you in which complex coloring techniques a light palette of colors is always in demand.


You must have seen girls with strands wrapped in foil in the stylist's chair. This is how highlighting is done - one of the most popular types of coloring.

The strands on which the paint is applied are separated with foil so that the composition works best and to protect neighboring strands from staining.

This way it is possible to avoid a chaotic effect and achieve clear color lines characteristic of this method. Note that in 2023, highlights are not exactly at the height of fashion, but if you want to try, then choose shades that are related to the original hair color, avoiding strong contrasts.


Hair lacking volume? In addition to scalp massage and care products, the stylist can recommend you balayage. .

This effect can be repeated at home. With balayage, paints from the blond palette are usually distributed over brown or light brown hair, retreating from the roots in a chaotic manner from 5 to 10 centimeters.


If you haven't decided on full-fledged coloring yet, but you want changes, the babylights technique is what you need. The paint in this case affects only the thin top layer of hair, and then not around the entire perimeter. The number of strands to be painted is up to you. In the photo below, you can see more deeply worked curls, and those that the paint has only slightly touched.

Air Touch

One of the most sought-after and expensive coloring techniques requires a lot of time and effort. The technique is distinguished by the fact that during the procedure, the strands are blown with a hair dryer, in order to then apply paint only to part of the hair (remaining in the grip after blowing).

Such complexities allow for a very smooth transition between shades - an effect that is often perceived as natural.


Shatush is a coloring technique that is considered an advanced version of highlighting. It differs from the latter by several factors. Firstly, the paint is applied emphatically chaotically (this also applies to the indentation from the roots and the distances between the strands).

Secondly, the strands are not wrapped in foil, allowing the paint to work outdoors and touch neighboring strands, thereby providing smoother color transitions.


" Dark hair at the roots, light at the tips" - this is how clients who want to make an ombre in beauty salons briefly describe their wishes.

This coloring will be relevant for girls who dream of extra volume at the ends.A visually light shade on the lower part of the hair makes the hairstyle a little more lush. By the way, ombre is a coloring technique that is easiest to master on your own at home. If you're ready, L'Oréal Paris's Colorista collection has a special kit that makes it easy and quick to color your hair using this technique.

Photo ideas for trendy blonde hair for short hair

Balayage in combination with a bob haircut and chaotic curls looks very gentle.

In the photo we see how the shades of colors from the “blond” range are successfully selected: against the background of a creamy blond, pure platinum looks bright, but in moderation.

Modern blonde coloring ideas for medium length hair

Trying beige blonde on medium hair is a great way to get a stylish, business and feminine look at the same time.

Which edge to emphasize more depends on you, or rather on the styling you choose.

Trendy blonde shades for long hair

It's hard not to pay attention to the "Hollywood wave" styling based on light wheat curls. The shade looks absolutely natural, although we know that in modern realities it will not be difficult to get it for either brunettes or red-haired girls.

Popular blonde color questions

Will it work well on medium hair if you use two colors: blond and light chestnut?

More like! These shades are excellent companions that will never let you down when staining using the ombre and shatush techniques. But do not forget that before dyeing dark hair in blond, it is necessary to lighten the strands.


I'm naturally blonde, but I would like to make my hair color brighter - any ideas (preferably with examples in the photo)?

You can try ombre coloring, leaving your natural color at the roots and adding a warm shade of wheaten blonde to the tips.


Another good option is to do balayage using a cooler shade of blonde.


What is the most fashionable color for blondes today?

It seems to us that every second master will answer that this is air touch. The technique is complicated, but the result is worth it.


Is the platinum blonde trend over yet?

No, but the shade has changed slightly. Now the most trendy in the spectrum are platinum paints with a silver undertone.


Which hairstyle is suitable for a wedding if I have long wheaten blond hair? Do not offer buns or loose hair.

How do you like this concise version? We think it looks gentle and stylish.


Only for blondes: hair care products

If the song "natural blonde" is not about you, then you already know that the newly acquired blond hair color is the most capricious. We will tell you how to maintain the result of staining at home.

Products with purple pigments

After dyeing blonde, tinted shampoo, balm and mask become essentials. Products with purple pigments will not allow treacherous yellowness to appear (many blondes face this problem).

The novelty of L'Oréal Paris, the Elseve Purple Color Expert mask, proved to be excellent, it is paired with a purple shampoo of the same series. In 5-10 minutes, the product will not only neutralize the unwanted shade, but also provide the strands with additional nutrition, which is so necessary for colored hair.

Products for colored hair

  • Who doesn't dream of keeping their hair color fresh and vibrant? Shampoo designed for colored hair will help. Our choice is a product from the Goji line. Lasting Color by Garnier. Shampoo specially formulated to protect the shine of color-treated hair.

  • It happens that after dyeing in blond, the quality of the curls leaves much to be desired. Do not offer haircuts? Then you have to seriously take up hair restoration. For example, periodically use steam masks. This is in the Dream Length line from L’Oréal Paris.

  • Dyed hair should not be left without additional nutrition after washing. You will need a balm, which should have a number of useful properties: protect color, add shine to curls, restore strands and facilitate combing. All these requirements are met, for example, by a product from the Botanicals line.