It is believed that ash highlighting refers to universal staining techniques that suit everyone, well, or almost everyone. Let's tell together with the experts whether this is true

Who suits ash highlights?

Ash strands do not pretend to be bright, and therefore we are ready to nominate them for the title of universal. Ash highlights are actively offered to both brunettes and blondes, and the result, I must say, looks equally advantageous in both cases.

Does not have gray highlights and age restrictions: girls choose it for an interesting experiment, and older women - for a successful gray hair masking.

Most of all highlighting in gray goes to light-eyed girls with fair skin. Blue or gray eyes plus porcelain skin are the perfect companions for this coloring.

Who doesn't go for ash highlights?

Those who should not choose ashy highlighting include girls with red hair: a bright natural pigment will not stain at best, at worst it will remind you of yourself in the form of a greenish undertone. The owners of very dark skin should also refuse the ashy shade.Silver highlights are not the best way to emphasize the beauty of dark skin tones. Only with fair skin will it look harmonious.

Besides, ashy highlights, as in the photo, should not be done if you have dark brown or black eyes. This combination will look irrelevant.

Pros and cons of ash highlights

Highlighting in ashy color has its advantages and disadvantages. In this sense, it is not much different from the classic version of alternating colors on the hair.

Benefits include features:

  • get a stylish look;

  • make gray hair less noticeable;

  • add visual volume to styling;

  • change hair color in a gentle way.

What kind of flaws can we talk about then? Basically, they note that the result of highlighting with an ashy tint:

  • quite capricious in care - it is important to keep the color bright, otherwise it will seem that the strands are gray;

  • may emphasize facial skin imperfections; but, if you can't wait to try the ashy hair color with highlights, as in the photo above, learn how to adjust the tone - in the video we show how to use the concealer and corrector correctly:

Choosing the right ash shade based on your base hair color

Ashy highlighting of dark hair and light hair are two different stories. Let's tell you which shade of paint to choose depending on the original color.

For blonde hair

If you try on ashy highlights on light brown hair, then it is recommended to do this as discreetly as possible. A paint with a small amount of gray pigment is best for this.

For blonde hair

Ash blonde and highlights have been friends for a long time. As a rule, masters are not limited to using one tone of paint, mixing ashy shades in light and dark variations on the strands.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you want to get an ash blonde, look for a paint whose number has the number 1 after the dot: it is responsible for the “ash” in the shade.

For dark hair

Ashy highlighting of dark hair should be done very carefully so as not to get a rough contrast. Strands for dyeing should be chosen in a chaotic manner, avoiding the effect of clearly aligned rows.

For black hair

Ashy highlights are rarely tried on black hair. But for inspiration, we found several options: some show classic highlights, others show zonal highlights.

Ashy hair coloring with highlights: step by step instructions

During the quarantine period, many managed to change their hair color at home more than once.

We believe that highlighting is also quite possible to master, so we are ready to tell you step by step how to make such hair coloring in ashy color yourself.

  1. First of all, check if you are allergic to paint. It is important to do this 48 hours before a full coloring session. If the reaction to the test is negative, prepare the scalp and hair for the procedure: they must be free of traces of styling products.

  2. Before coloring, carefully comb the curls.

  3. Alternately separate the strands for coloring and apply ash-colored paint to them.

  4. If you want a clearer result, wrap the dyed strands in foil for the duration of the product.

  5. After holding the paint on the strands for the time specified in the instructions, wash it off as indicated in the instructions and apply a mask with purple pigments to your hair. So you get the optimal cold shade.

Ashy strands: photo ideas based on hair length

Which highlights to choose? Classic, zonal (for example, only on strands framing the face) or maybe veil? It will be easier to answer this question if you start from the length of the hair or haircut.

Long hair

For long hair (below the collarbones), a chaotic version of highlighting - Californian - beautifully fits. Such coloring should be supplemented with styling waves. Perfectly straight hair is best avoided.

Short hair

On short hair, as a rule, ashy highlighting is trusted by professionals. We recommend mixing a light gray shade with a platinum blonde. At the roots, if desired, you can leave your natural shade (if it is a cold undertone).

Medium length hair

All highlighting options successfully fit on medium hair: both chaotic, and zonal, and more clear classic. For the most advantageous result, it is important to carefully choose an ash-colored paint. Our advice is simple: the colder your skin tone, the cooler the paint shade should be. And vice versa.

Kare and bob

Ashen highlights can often be seen on bob haircuts.

Often in this case, colorists adhere to the rules of frequent highlighting.

And of course, California highlights will fit beautifully on short haircuts (bean, for example). Combine it with broken curls.

Review of popular colors for ash highlighting

And now let's choose the main thing - something without which you can't do highlighting - a suitable hair dye.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista (" Smoky Grey" )

You will find a beautiful ash color in the Colorista line of permanent colors - not too dark and not too light tone can be chosen by both blondes and brunettes.

It's just not worth trying on ashy highlights with this shade on light brown hair.

For curls of the light brown spectrum, we will give recommendations below. By the way, Colorista paint has a gel texture, thanks to which the composition is easily distributed through the hair.

Garnier Color Sensation (" Smoky Ultrablond" )

As promised above, we present a paint that is suitable for ashy coloring of light brown hair. It is difficult to find a warm shade among ashen ones, but this one is close enough to it. It is important that the paint is resistant, which means it can cover: a) the original color of the strands and b) gray hair.

For the most natural coloring, we recommend adding another shade. Its tone should be between your shade and this paint.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (" Light Blond" )

This seemingly light shade, according to the description, will appear ashen on dark hair, so brunettes should use it.

We were inspired by the composition of the cream paint, which includes thickening prokeratin and a special serum that protects the hair during the dyeing process.

In addition, the shampoo and mask with purple pigments are included with the dye: they will help prevent the appearance of unwanted yellowness on dyed hair.

Popular questions about ash highlighting and expert advice

Should ash strands be tinted on dark hair?

Of course! Toning is a procedure that should be done every 3-4 weeks if you do not want the strands to look either gray or yellowish.


Which highlights are best for initially ashy hair?

We advise you to opt for shatush and ombre techniques and use light gray shades. If desired, you can add ash blond paint.


Will ash highlights suit me if my hair is blond at the ends and dark at the roots?

Quite. We give below examples that you can focus on, and emphasize that in your case it is better to choose California highlights (that is, more chaotic).



Is it possible to get ashy highlights without toning?

If you have blond hair, you can try, but the result will not be as predictable as with permanent coloring. It makes no sense to carry out such experiments with dark and blond hair.


Ashy hair care after highlights

Hooray, you did ashy highlights. Now it is important to properly care for your hair so that a beautiful color will please you longer.

Follow our advice.

  1. For a while (at least for the first 2 weeks after the procedure), refuse to use intensive cleansing products and hair oils in their pure form.

    It is better to replace them with care specifically designed for colored strands. We recommend trying L'Oréal Paris Geranium Botanicals. They keep color vibrant and care for curls with hair-friendly ingredients including geranium flower, coconut and soybean oils.
  2. Avoid styling with hot tools.

    Try to dry your hair naturally or, if you can't do without a hair dryer, use it on a cool setting.

    Are you used to hot styling? Then do not neglect the thermal protection for hair.

  3. Ashy shade should remain cold, so use shampoo, conditioner and mask with purple pigments to prevent yellowness.

    Such products are just designed for highlighted hair (as well as for hair dyed blond) and help neutralize the unwanted yellowish tone on the strands.