Dyeing short hair is a burning topic, but not disclosed. We take on this mission and promise to share everything we know

Fashion short hair coloring trends 2023

If we talk about coloring, then short hair is more of a plus than a minus. It is easier to deal with them during the procedure, and every year there are more and more options for suitable color solutions, ranging from simple monochrome options to complex ones using different colors and fashionable techniques.

Besides, haircuts are different - it's not a fact that a color that looks perfect with a bob will make friends with a pixie shape.

Therefore, let's stop to consider all types of short hair coloring.


It is clear to everyone that it is easiest to try on a monochromatic coloring for short hair. This is a convenient and practical solution. It can be chosen for any haircut, because, after all, nature has awarded us all with monochrome hair. If we talk about trends, then the top three lines in the fashion chart for short hair in 2023 are occupied by shades such as warm blond, cool blond and bright red.

Dyeing short hair in two colors

This coloring is divided into two main subspecies. The first involves the alternation of two natural and close to each other shades.

The result can be taken as a natural error or attributed to the effect of sun-bleached hair.

The second option is color dyeing of short hair.

In 2023, the dip-dye technique (dip-dye) is popular. Its essence is that girls who have made a monochromatic coloring dip the ends of the strands into colored paint - pink, blue or, for example, green.

Yes, the transition of colors is quite sharp, but such a contrast is now in vogue. This creative coloring will look especially impressive on short hair cut under a caret.


But highlighting, according to colorists, on the contrary, should not be too contrasting. Here it is better to limit yourself to related shades. This will allow you to get a more delicate and noble coloring at the end.

For example, you shouldn't use shades of blond on dark hair - it's better to choose colors such as milk chocolate or dark caramel.

If we talk about haircuts, then, in our opinion, highlighting is shown for girls with chaotic short bob options, as well as for those who wear elongated bangs.

In any case, fashionable coloring of short hair in 2023 should follow the principle “the more natural the better.”

This does not negate the popular non-standard bright colors, but their use, as a rule, serves to solve specific image or creative tasks.


Do you want to make opposite shades friends? Well, in 2023, even black and white are not enemies to each other, let alone other colors.

It is easiest to combine players of different color teams into a national team using the ombre technique. Why not try on such creative coloring for short hair, working with non-trivial shades? For example, combine a dark blond shade at the roots and gray at the tips.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisI recommend paying attention to color variations, including a provocative option: colored roots and black ends. A similar image was recently introduced by Billie Eilish. Yes, it will not suit everyone, but it looks very fashionable and fresh.


Complicated dyeing of short hair using the shatush technique should be started only if their length reaches at least the shoulders. The essence of this technique is to imitate chaotic sun glare, and this effect looks more advantageous at a more serious length.


Short hair is subject to the same balayage technique as long hair.

During the procedure of this fashionable coloring, it is necessary to use two or three shades: the base, related and (optionally) the third, more contrasting one.

For example, if the base color is chestnut, then dark blond and copper shades should be taken as a team.

Trying on such a coloring for very short hair is unlikely to work, but it goes well with an elongated pixie version and oblique bangs or a classic bob!

Air Touch

Beautiful coloring of short hair can be obtained using the fashionable air touch technique. Colorists especially recommend it to those who would like to add visual volume to the hairstyle.


In 2023, the result of a hair color change shouldn't look like you spent a whole day doing it (even if it did). An unusual, but moderately natural effect is given by bronding - a complex coloring, which today is also successfully performed on short hair.

The main advantage of this technique is that you can feel like a blonde and a brunette at the same time.

The photo shows that the hair can be dark at the roots, and light at the ends. The ideal basis for bronding is a haircut a la Victoria Beckham.

Short dark hair color examples

You can talk for hours about how to dye short hair, but it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, below we give examples of the most successful, in the opinion of the editors, options for updating the color.


Short dark hair and complex coloring in 2023 are quite compatible, especially if you choose a bob haircut with perfectly straight hair or do styling with so-called broken strands.

Brown haired

There are many photos on social networks that prove the relevance of pixie haircuts for brown-haired women.

The main color is often complemented with ashy and copper shades using balayage and shatush techniques. I must say that after such dyeing, short dark hair is perceived both more magnificent and more stylish.

Dark Blonde

Short blonde hair will look fashionable if you follow the three-word rule: no clear lines. Not coloring, not cutting. Ideal if you make a cascading haircut with oblique bangs. When choosing the optimal color solution, it is better to strive for the effect of randomly burnt strands.

Fashionable blonde short hair coloring: examples with photos

Many shades of a light palette successfully fit on short hair.

Classic golden blond rhymes perfectly with bob, pearl color with pixie haircut, and light ashy shade will expressively emphasize styling with oblique elongated bangs.

Types of coloring for redheads

Bright coloring with red shades on short hair looks very impressive.

And a duet of modern air touch techniques and textured curls, styled with a sea s alt spray, will allow you to create a look like in the photo below.

popular short hair coloring questions

Which blonde to choose for a girl with short hair, blue eyes and fair skin?

Try sophisticated coloring with shades of ash blonde and dark blonde. The latter should be distributed at the roots, imitating the effect of a natural light brown color.


By the way, we remind you that it is important to test the paint for allergies before dyeing. L'Oréal Paris released a video with instructions:

Does fashionable short hair dyeing allow the use of dyes in bright colors?

Of course! If you are afraid, you can limit yourself to colored strands near the face. Colorists call this coloring zonal highlighting.


If I have bob, what trendy coloring would you recommend me in 2023?

For beginners in hair coloring, we recommend starting with the balayage or ombre technique.


I would also like to advise air touch, but here you definitely cannot do without experience and possession of specific skills. However, whichever technique you choose, remember that complex coloring is very time consuming, and you need to have 2-3 hours at least.


Which short hair color should girls with dark roots choose?

We vote for booking! This technique follows the fashion trend for smooth color transitions and creates an enigmatic look: are you a blonde or a brunette?


Hair care before and after coloring

Achieving a beautiful coloring result on short hair is half the battle. The effect must be maintained. What is the best way to do it? We will answer your questions and give you some tips, following which you will keep the color of the strands bright and attractive.

Do I need to moisturize my hair before coloring?

Yes, but it should be done in moderation. Many people know the feeling of a stale head that occurs when you overdo it with nutrients or do not wash them well enough.


If you are planning coloring in advance, we recommend starting care with rich masks and balms a month before the scheduled procedure, and switching to lighter textures a week before the long-awaited coloring. There is no need to apply anything to the hair immediately before the procedure.

How to add shine to short dyed hair without weighing it down? It was not possible to make friends with oil in its pure form.

Try L'Oréal Paris Expert Color Express Conditioner.

It makes combing easier and adds shine to hair. By the way, you can apply the product on both wet and dry strands. If you are afraid to "weight" curls, it is better to distribute the product before drying.

A week after dyeing, a redhead appeared on the hair. What to do?

Start with a simple way - replace your usual shampoo and mask with purple pigments. These are in the Elseve line from L'Oréal Paris.

You will most likely see the result after the first application. But if the redhead is actively manifested, you may have to resort to more radical methods, which we talked about here.