There is hardly any need to explain what highlighting is these days. Different types of this complex staining are familiar to many firsthand. However, the range of its capabilities largely determines the length of the hair. We will tell you how to try on highlights on short hair

Advantages and disadvantages of highlighting short hair

Highlighting techniques have always been popular, because this is a great way to freshen up your hair. Over time, highlighting techniques have changed, new varieties have appeared, including the most advantageous ones for short hair.

Why do colorists increasingly advise their clients (including those with short hair) highlighting? Here are some reasons:

  • this method of transformation does not require dyeing the entire mass of hair;
  • highlighting looks beautiful on the hair, regardless of their base shade;
  • a wide variety of colors and highlighting techniques allows girls with any type of appearance to find their own option.

A significant disadvantage of this coloring is that it is not easy to update.

Highlighting short hair belongs to the category of complex coloring. It can be done independently only by those who have professional skills and have extensive experience in this matter. It is better for beginners not to take risks and entrust their hair to professional colorists - in this case, the result will definitely not disappoint.

Types and techniques of highlighting for short hair: trends in 2023

Let's consider the most relevant, in our opinion, ways of highlighting short hair.

California highlights

California highlighting on short hair is characterized by coloring strands in several light shades that differ from each other by one or two tones.


Ash highlights are suitable for dyeing dark short hair: cold light accents will look very stylish.

Warm highlights

Golden highlights on short hair will add volume and texture to the hairstyle.

Color highlights

This is a great way to try out some bold coloring without a major makeover. Shades of color highlighting on short hair can be anything. Red or purple strands will create a bold look. Pink, pearl and lavender colors are the choice of gentle and romantic natures.

Partial highlights

Highlighted strands near the face give a natural effect of burnt hair. The partial highlighting technique is very organic for hairstyles such as bob or short cascade.

Asymmetrical haircuts, in particular pixies, look more interesting if you lighten a few strands on the bangs.

Photo ideas for short haircuts with highlights

Below is our selection of photos with spectacular highlights on short haircuts.


For a pixie haircut, highlighting will come in handy if you want to soften the daring impression that this hairstyle can make.


This haircut creates the effect of volume, and highlighting can enhance this effect - in direct proportion to the number of clarified strands.

Short cascade

A short cascade will be transformed by the feather highlighting technique - the result of coloring looks natural and at ease.

Kare with bangs

You can partially lighten only bangs or do California highlights on the entire mass of hair.

Choice of highlights depending on hair color

The starting point in choosing a shade and highlighting technique is the base hair color.

Dark hair

If you try on highlights on short dark or black hair, then when choosing a palette, it is especially important to consider your color type. For fair skin, ash and cold shades of light brown are shown. For example, paint No. 8.1 Copenhagen Préférence by L’Oréal Paris.

For brown-haired women with warm skin tones, caramel and golden shades are suitable - such are in the Excellence line from L'Oréal Paris, in particular No. 6.13 "Dark Blonde Beige" .

Blonde hair

Ash-brown short hair will fit well highlighting in shades of cold blond. We recommend Garnier Color Naturals Ash Blonde No. 1001: it will beautifully emphasize the restrained nobility of the light brown color.

Dark blond shades will make friends with strands lightened in warm colors. Try Garnier Color Naturals Cappuccino No. 7.

Red hair

Garnier Color Naturals' 7.4 Golden Copper highlights enhance short hair with honey and gold highlights.

Blonde hair

You can play with different shades of blonde, or you can go further and try pink highlights - it will look very beautiful on short or very short blond hair. For home coloring, L’Oréal Paris Colorista Rose Gold Permanent Gel Paint is suitable.

Short hair: highlighting technique

It would seem that what is difficult in the highlighting procedure? The strands are simply lightened one by one.But behind this apparent simplicity there are hidden subtle nuances that only professionals know about. It is important to correctly calculate the size, quantity, location of the strands, and also determine whether the hair needs toning.

Describe the main stages of highlighting for short hair.

  1. The master separates a strand of hair with a thin tail of a comb.

  2. Applies paint to it and wraps the strand in foil.

  3. This algorithm is repeated by the master as many times as needed.

  4. After waiting for the time specified in the instructions for the paint, the product is washed off and, if necessary, tinted hair.

  5. The process ends with the use of a post-color care balm.

Another way to highlight on short hair involves the use of a special cap with holes through which the strands are pulled out for dyeing.If you decide to carry out the procedure yourself, use this method. Although, to be honest, you can't call it comfortable.

Highlighted hair care tips

Highlighting is synonymous with lightening (partial). So, gentle care for bleached hair is required. We also remind you that basic beauty products, such as shampoo, balm and mask, should be special - for colored hair.

Sulfate-free shampoo Low Shampoo "Color Expert" Elseve from L'Oréal Paris is suitable for those who have a large percentage of bleached hair. It cleanses the hair very gently and protects the color.

Garnier Fructis line “Goji. Persistent Color" was created specifically for highlighted and dyed hair. Use shampoo, balm and mask in combination to care for your hair, fill it with vitality.

Do not forget: bleached strands may turn yellow over time. To return a cool shade to the curls, it is enough to use L’Oréal Paris Elseve Purple Expert Color Shampoo once a week, and then fix the result with a mask from the same series.

Indelible care “SOS. Garnier Fructis 10 in 1 Hair Rescuer strengthens damaged hair while providing extra nourishment. The same tool is recommended to be used as a thermal protection for hot styling.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Express Conditioner can be used on wet or dry hair. It will add gloss and give them a natural shine.

We asked the experts some of the most popular highlights care questions.

Which shampoo is best for short, highlighted hair that has been bleached?

Sulfate-free Shampoo Low Shampoo from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert" is suitable for those who have a large percentage of bleached hair. It cleanses the hair very gently and protects the color from washing out.

What is the most important thing in caring for highlighted hair?

Three main rules:

  • use shampoo, balm, mask - any care from lines for colored and highlighted hair;

  • be sure to use thermal protection if hot styling is required;

  • repeat bleaching not earlier than in 3 months.