We know from experience that spring novelties are always the most anticipated and inspiring. We share interesting finds in March that will help start a new beauty life

Powder Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear, L'Oréal Paris

The updated Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear powder, the same one that has already become wildly popular on Tiktok, is recommended to be applied over foundation, but during testing we were convinced that it was also capable of a solo career.

The matte texture product helped to delicately mask dark circles under the eyes and hide oily sheen in problem areas without creating a mask effect on the face. Just what you need for a light spring make-up!

Epic Wear Eye Pencils, NYX

The wide palette of Epic Wear inspires beauty creativity: with these colored liners, hands themselves reach out to draw not only bright arrows on the eyelids, but also unusual graphic shapes.

Gunmetal Gaze Pencil I immediately put in my makeup bag for every day. It is simply indispensable for creating a casual make-up in the spirit of fashionable Parisians: a soft lead glides smoothly over the skin without leaving too clear lines.


Star collaborations are loved for many reasons. Firstly, for beauty: this Rouge Pur Couture silver lipstick with sequins is a regular item to take out of your purse.

Second, for the stories they tell. For example, Zoe Kravitz chose the shades of YSL Beauty lipsticks, inspired by her favorite cities: Los Angeles, Paris, London and New York. And thirdly, for quality. For collaborations, as a rule, the best means are chosen. In this case, this is the brand's classic lipstick, which not only gives the lips a beautiful shade, but also cares for them due to antioxidants and natural extracts in the composition.

Stay Naked Hydromaniac Urban Decay Foundation

Stay Naked Hydromaniac foundation will please many. Perfect for those with dry skin who are looking for a moisturizer that covers skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone and dullness.

Vegans will also like this base: the formula does not contain substances of animal origin. Girls who choose a light and natural coating will also be delighted with her. On my own, I’ll add that the design of the foundation’s packaging evokes thoughts of a vacation at sea.

about Lancôme's Sustainability Program

The French brand, which for many has become synonymous with beauty and elegance, sets an example of awareness and social responsibility. Lancôme has launched a very important and meaningful program for the planet - Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow. From now on, the company's actions are aimed, among other things, at preserving the biological diversity of the planet, reducing the harmful impact on the environment, as well as maintaining the rights and empowerment of women who do not have access to education.

In general, the brand has grandiose plans, and we will participate in their practical implementation, at least trying to purchase beauty products with interchangeable blocks.