The cold shades of light brown have more than enough external virtues, they look natural and noble. And what else do we know and need to know about them in order to navigate the choice?

Who suits cold blond hair color?

It's easy to remember whether a cold blond hair color suits you: the lighter your color type, the closer you are to an affirmative answer. Ideal models for this shade are snow whites with naturally blond hair.

Swarty skin, on the contrary, can enter into an argument with light brown curls.Problems can arise in girls with both red and black hair: it is possible that after dyeing in cold blond, unwanted yellowness or redness will appear on the strands. However, in modern conditions, you can almost always achieve the desired color.

The main thing is to choose the right shade and properly care for dyed hair - which we will definitely tell you below.

Hair color should be in harmony with the eyes, otherwise the image will not be perceived as a whole. Let's discuss possible combinations.

Brown eyes

Cold blond hair color, as in the photo, paired with brown eyes is a classic image of a “good girl”. Remember at least Jessica Alba and Nina Dobrev.

Girls with brown and black hair are advised to pay attention to dark blond hair color with a cold undertone.

Above it, by the way, the shades of platinum blond fall beautifully when stained using the balayage technique.

With blue eyes

Such initial data allow us to consider any shades of cold blond hair color. Dark blond with a cold undertone looks very impressive in such a duet.

And you can make the image even more attractive by using the airtouch technique, adding a reddish tint to some strands. By the way, this technique is definitely worth adopting for girls with swarthy skin who dream of curls in a cold blond palette.

Green eyes

If in ordinary life this combination is not too typical, then in the modeling business it is almost a standard appearance. Cold light blond hair color in tandem with green eyes is often found on glossy pages. Do you want to repeat images from the pages of fashion magazines? Then try to limit yourself to monochromatic coloring, without overloading the image through the use of complex techniques.

With gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls often get cold light blond hair color from birth. He harmoniously complements their image, and many remain faithful to him, without risking changing the successful natural shade. They can be understood. In this case, it is recommended to quench the thirst for experiments by diluting the natural color with similar shades, mixing paints of darker and lighter tones.

Cool shades of hair for blondes: examples from photos

Cold blond hair color is represented by a wide range of shades: on the beauty market there are colors of both a dark blond spectrum and light blond. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Dark blond shades

They are often mistakenly attributed to the brown palette. But there is an important difference between them: the cold dark blond color does not contain reddish pigments. It is rather closer to ashy shades.

In the photo you will see both monochromatic color options and more complex color solutions. In our opinion, dark blond color is especially good if you use its cold shades in the shatush technique. We recommend trying on a cold dark blond hair color primarily for girls with brown eyes.

Light Blonde

Coloring in a cool light blond shade is definitely a winning idea for girls with porcelain skin and blue or gray eyes.

Just look how pretty this color looks on long brushed hair!

However, with short haircuts, the cold ash-blond color will also make friends.

Medium Blonde

Cold medium blond hair color is quite common. It rhymes perfectly with short haircuts like pixie, long bob and bob.

This color looks more traditional on long hair.

How to get cool blonde hair color: dyeing

In the 21st century, many girls dye their hair at home. Some people like the process itself, some people think that it is more profitable, and some people find it difficult to find time for regular visits to colorists.

Be that as it may, it is useful to know how to get a cool blond color without leaving home. Sharing a brief instruction.

  1. It is important to check if you are allergic to the paint you plan to work with. The instructions for the dye tell you how to do the test, and below we share a video tutorial from L'Oréal Paris. Believe me, your peace of mind and he alth are worth a little patience.

  2. Then you need to understand whether pre-lightening of the strands is required.

    If the hair is black or red, it is better not to skip this procedure.

    Get a cold blond color without redness, as in the photo, if you neutralize the natural pigment in advance.

    Colorista Ombré brightening paint will help to do this at home.

  3. Ready to start the main coloring step? Prepare everything you need: paint, a container to dilute the composition, a brush, a comb with a thin tail and a towel or a special cape to protect clothes. Follow the instructions that come with the paint, and try not to delay the process of distributing the composition over the strands too much - this will allow you to achieve the most uniform shade over the entire mass of hair.

  4. Carefully wash off the dye and apply a balm to your hair: it will help fix the pigment and moisturize the curls.

How to cool blonde hair

We have decided on who suits the cold blond hair color and how to get it. Now let's discuss how to maintain the desired "temperature" .

Let's start with the easiest way - using a special shampoo with purple pigments.

It not only cleanses the hair, but also neutralizes yellowness or redness on the strands, keeping the blond shade longer in the cold spectrum.

The second method, which, by the way, can be combined with the above, is the use of a tint mask. This is in the Elseve line from L'Oréal Paris. The product is kept on the hair for 5-10 minutes, and you will notice the result after the first application.

In pursuit of a cold shade, some girls turn to folk recipes.For example, rinse the strands with a decoction of chamomile or nettle. However, stylists believe that such actions are associated with certain risks, and the result can be unpredictable. It is better to rely on tools developed by experts.

Review of hair colors of the cold blond spectrum

Hair dye in the shade of "cold blond" can be found in almost any line of modern dyes. Let's talk about our favorites.

Garnier Color Naturals (7.00 Deep Blonde)

What is good about this paint? Firstly, the paint is resistant and effectively paints over even gray hair. Secondly, the kit includes a care balm that contains oils (olive, shea and avocado), they nourish the curls after staining. As for the color, you can see for yourself: it is a rich blond shade that looks natural and very attractive.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (8.11 Light Blond)

Before us is not just paint, but a whole set for obtaining and maintaining a cold light brown shade. In addition to the cream paint, which, by the way, contains pro-keratin that cares for hair, the kit includes shampoo and a mask with purple pigments. The latter successfully neutralize the yellowness that may appear after staining.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (6.11 Dark Blonde)

The perfect, in the opinion of the editors, dark blond shade was found in the same Excellence Cool Crème collection. Another feature of this paint is an unusual applicator, which is convenient to distribute the paint directly from the bottle.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierTo give a cool shade to light brown hair, use dyes with a unit after the dot in the shade marking.

Popular questions about cold blonde coloring

How to get a cool dark blond hair color without a redhead?

Colorists recommend paying attention to two points.Firstly, if the hair is dark or red, it is better to lighten the strands before dyeing. Secondly, it is worth getting specialized products with purple pigments: they neutralize the redhead and make the shade colder.

I need hair dye in a shade of cool dark blond. Advise!

Try L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème 6.11. She gives her hair that cherished dark blond color. If painting gray hair is important for you, then paint will also do a great job with this problem.

I have brown hair and I want to get a cool blonde hair color, but I can't find before and after photos anywhere. Do you have examples?

Of course! Brunettes often use hair dyes in shades of light brown or ashy. Sharing photo examples!



Which palette of shades is suitable for those who plan to dye their hair from blonde to light brown?

Blondes have the most suitable base for the light brown spectrum. The range of winning hair colors includes dark blond, cold ash, and light blond shades. For the most harmonious result, start when choosing from the color of the eyes - we talked about this above.

Hair care after dyeing

Of course, after dyeing in any color and in any technique for care, you should choose product lines specifically for colored hair. Plus a few more specific cold blonde tips.

  1. How to get a cool dark blond hair color without a redhead? Perhaps this is the first thing that interests those wishing to join the fair-haired club.

    We advise you to immediately consider the shampoo and mask with purple pigments from the Elseve line. They can be used regularly or from time to time, as a preventive measure.

  2. The cold shade of hair makes split ends more noticeable, so strands of this color especially need competent and systemic care. After drying, we recommend applying an elixir oil to the ends, which not only gives the hair a well-groomed look, but also nourishes it.

  3. Do you feel like your blond hair color has faded? To visually transform it, Geranium spray care from the Botanicals collection from L’Oréal Paris will help. It contains essential oils of geranium flowers, as well as soybean and coconut oils, which give shine to curls.