According to statistics, most women dye their hair at home. No wonder, because modern paints are designed in such a way that it was not difficult to do this. Mistakes, of course, also happen. For example, a red tint suddenly appears where you don’t expect it at all. What to do in this case?

Causes of redness after hair coloring

If you are reading this article, most likely you have already encountered a problem. In order to figure out how to remove red hair from hair, we first find out for what reasons the color of the strands can transform.

  • After lightening dark hair, red color often becomes an intermediate surprise on the way to blond. This means that the dye was not active enough to displace the natural pigment and the color that appears will have to be covered with something. As a rule, an incorrectly selected shade leads to an unexpected result - it is not for nothing that manufacturers print photo examples on dye packages of how the color will appear depending on the original shade of the hair.

  • If the hair color is originally red, then it will not be easy to remove it.

    Natural red pigment is one of the most active, and it must be “restrained” with skill.
  • The culprit for the appearance of unwanted redness can be a long break between staining procedures. Sometimes, in order to remove the red tint from the hair, you just need to update the color of the strands.

How to get rid of the red tint on the hair, depending on their original color?

To begin with, let's estimate the scale of the state of emergency and the initial data. The action plan depends on the natural shade of the strands, their condition and the manipulations to which they were subjected.

Blonde hair

Would you like to make your hair shade lighter? Or even become a blonde? In your case, removing the redhead from the hair after dyeing will not be so difficult. If you have a light blond shade of hair, we suggest waiting a week and repeat the coloring. In the meantime, you can arm yourself with shampoo and a mask with purple pigment: they will help neutralize the redhead on light brown hair.

Dark hair

Any lightening of dark hair without prior preparation can lead to the appearance of an unwanted red tint as a result of dyeing.

In a good way, before the dyeing procedure, the hair needs to be lightened - especially when you plan to change the color by more than three shades (to the light side).

But if the job has already been done, it's better to first try to wash off the new pigment (you can do this both at home and in the salon), and then carry out clarification and re-coloring.

Blonded hair

Toning a redhead after lightening is usually the easiest. If a lot of time has passed after dyeing, the red pigment is a signal that it is time to update the hair color. Dyed your hair the other day? Then the best friends of your hair should be shampoos and masks with purple pigments. Together, these products successfully neutralize both unwanted redness and yellowness on the strands.

By the way, when changing hair color, do not forget to make sure that the shade of the eyebrows is combined with your new look. And how to shape the eyebrows at home with a pencil, we show on the video:

Dyed with henna

Stylists warn that dyeing your hair with permanent dye over henna is like playing roulette. The result is not predictable. If you are already facing the problem of getting rid of the reddish tint in your hair after dyeing, you have two options.

First, take a time out, trying to gradually wash off the color with clarifying shampoos and clarifying products. Secondly, choose a dye from a palette of dark shades: it will help get rid of red hair.

Red hair toning

Temporary hair dyes today are presented in different formats and allow you to tone, including the ill-fated red hair color after lightening.

Such a product is in the L'Oréal Paris line - a washable coloring balm Colorista Washout. This product has many advantages.

  • In just half an hour, it helps to change hair color at home.

  • Product does not contain ammonia.

  • The balm is easy to spread through the hair without the help of professionals.

Cons, if any, are relative.

  • The shade will not last long on the hair - it will last no more than two or three shampooing sessions.

  • As a rule, such products have a rather provocative range of shades - it is problematic to find a classic blond or chestnut color.

Neutralization of red color with tinted shampoo

Tinted shampoos will help get rid of light redness on the hair. For example, a product from the Elseve line by L'Oréal Paris.

Due to the high concentration of purple pigments, it successfully neutralizes unwanted redness on the hair. He has other virtues as well.

  • Shampoo cleanses hair and scalp very gently.

  • It provides protection to the strands thanks to the UV filters in the composition.

The cons, if they can be considered as such, are insignificant.

  • Temporary effect. The tool must be used regularly.

  • The inability to cover bright red shades, but the product does not have such a task.

Recoloring: what paint color to choose?

The most effective and win-win way to get rid of the red tint on the hair after dyeing is to repeat the procedure. We have selected several suitable, according to the editors, shades.

  1. Garnier Color Naturals (E0)

  2. In the Color Naturals line dearly loved by Russian women, there is a shade that can change hair color by three or four tones.

  3. In one session, the product will lighten even dark hair. The negative impact on the hair is softened by three types of oils in the composition of the care. By the way, now you can virtually try on all the shades of the Color Naturals range:

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  4. L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (8.1)

  5. Excellence Cool Crème is a light blond shade that covers gray hair and fights yellowness, cream color is enriched with pro-keratin to protect hair during dyeing.

  6. Colorista Permanent Gel (Silver Grey)

  7. Hair stylists emphasize that silver shades can also remove redness from hair, no matter if dark or light.

    Yes, the color will have to change drastically. But maybe this is the tone you've been looking for?

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierTo neutralize redhead, choose shades with a unit after the dot in the shade label (e.g. 7.1).


Most often, the lightening procedure is just a stage on the way to “that very” cherished color. First of all, this approach will help remove the red tint from dark hair. Why are we voting for this method?

  • Clarifiers can be used both before dyeing (to prepare strands for a radical color change) and after (in case of unsuccessful results).

  • Products for home lighting are constantly being improved, creating the most convenient formats. For example, a set with Colorista Ombre paint was supplemented with a special comb, which allows you to apply a brightening cream to the strands evenly.

  • The lightening procedure really works when you need to remove the red from the hair after dyeing at home.

Not to mention the disadvantages of lightening.

  • This is not the most gentle procedure, it can injure the hair.

  • When it comes to drastic lightening, colorists insist on doing it in the salon. They warn that at home, the result cannot be 100% predictable.


By washing, colorists mean a procedure during which a special chemical composition is applied to the hair, destroying the bond between the dye and the hair shaft.

It's not that difficult to get rid of the red tint in the hair with a wash, but experts still do not recommend resorting to this technique at home without the appropriate experience. Advantages of the technique:

  • high success rate;

  • quick result.

What about the cons?

  • Difficulty doing a wash at home.

  • Unpredictable end result.

Home remedies for redhead removal

So, how to cover the red hair color after lightening at home? We have compiled a list of tools that will help to camouflage or completely eliminate unwanted shade.

  1. To lighten dark hair three or four shades at once, take Garnier Color Sensation in shade E0. The tool is used both as a classic paint to obtain a light shade of blond, and to prepare strands for subsequent dyeing.

  2. Colorista Washout hair balm will block the red shade of hair, albeit temporarily, but radically. According to the rules of the color wheel, in this situation, the shade “Turquoise Hair” will work best, but other shades can also change the color of the strands.

  3. Colorista Ombre's lightening formula is quite gentle, but it allows you to achieve noticeable changes in hair color. The tool will definitely be appreciated by brunettes who failed to dye their hair in the desired tone the first time.

  4. L'Oréal Paris Shampoo and Mask with Violet Pigments is the easiest way to protonate red hair.If your strands are prone to unwanted yellowness (redness), always keep this couple on hand in the bathroom: the products immediately give a visible result.

Prevention of the appearance of a red tint: expert advice

What color can I paint over red hair?

To be sure to cover the bright pigment, it is better to give preference to resistant paint. And it is also important to read in the description of the product how many tones this paint can change color. In the case of lightening - the more, the better. If you want to temporarily hide the redhead, then you can use tinted balms. And as for the selection of colors - focus on the color wheel. It is no coincidence that purple pigments are used to combat yellowness in the hair.

Is it possible to bring red hair color to blond at home?

Of course! But first, it will be necessary to lighten the strands, and after that, dye it in a light brown shade.

Can hair oils be used after coloring?

Of course, we do not recommend taking oil baths. But applying a little product to the ends of the hair after styling or using a special oil is just right!