If it seems to you that highlighting is no longer relevant in the 2023 season, you are mistaken. There are plenty of techniques for this type of coloring - and many of them are at the top of the fashion charts

Highlights 2023: fashion trends

Fashion trends in 2023 suggest that hair highlighting is reaching new levels, not limited to the classic technique. The changes relate to the way the paint is distributed over the strands, and the choice of shades for dyeing, and even the tools necessary for the procedure.

Let's consider the basic rules that are important to follow for everyone who wants such coloring to look relevant.

No clarity

Smooth transition between shades is what an advanced stylist will insist on if you want to do trendy hair highlights in 2023.

Well, you have to break the basic postulate of classical highlighting. Recall that he just prescribes to observe plus or minus the same distance between the colored strands, which creates the effect of a clear alternation of colors on the hair.

Striving for naturalness

Hair highlights in 2023 should look like you didn't turn to professionals for help, but just went on vacation to the sea and returned with beautifully burnt strands.

Therefore, you should not choose too contrasting colors - new shades can be two or three tones lighter than the natural color of your hair, but no more. Then the result will be as natural as possible, as in the photo.

Trend Shades

Yes, bright colors are gaining popularity from season to season, and yet the top lines of the fashion rating are reserved shades close to natural.

Choose options such as milk chocolate, creamy blonde and copper blonde - the most natural, each in its own palette.

Types and techniques of highlighting: trends in 2023

Highlights can really be different. In modern coloring, there are more than ten varieties of such staining. Let's analyze the main trends with an emphasis on hair highlights in 2023.


This type of highlighting is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. As a rule, dark and light strands are distributed in a ratio of 50 to 50 during bronding.

Working in this coloring technique requires a lot of experience, because the transition between shades should be as smooth as possible. In most cases, the roots of the hair are left dark, and the ends are lightened, but this is not a dogma.

California highlights

Given all the fashion trends of 2023, let's highlight, perhaps, the most winning highlights.

In the photo below you see the result of California highlighting, in which colorists create the effect of sun-bleached strands on the hair.

In this case, the paint is distributed in a more chaotic manner than in the case of classical highlighting. By the way, this technique is many years old - it has long been devoted to, for example, Jennifer Aniston.

Love him and the models. Gisele Bundchen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley created their sensual images with this type of highlighting.

Trendy Californian highlights in 2023 are also valuable because they fit beautifully on any base shade, but especially well on blond hair.

Strands near the face

If we talk about zonal highlighting, then cutting-edge, based on fashion trends, can be called coloring of strands framing the face.

Such highlights in 2023 rhyme with a bob or bob haircut, getting a trendy combination of haircut and coloring.

As for long curls and medium length hair, you can make oblique bangs and draw attention to it with a few accent strands. By the way, such zonal highlighting in 2023 is also done with colored strands - see photo below.

Tea highlights

This type of coloring was inherited from 2023. What is unique about it? Its main difference from other techniques is that the emphasis is not on the way the paint is distributed, but on the choice of shades for coloring.

They should be, as you might guess from the name, from the tea range. The palette, I must say, is quite extensive. These are golden-chestnut shades, and copper-brown colors. By the way, when making tea hair highlights, we recommend using the trendy color - 2023 - "dirty blond" , or the color of tea with milk, as in the photo below. In fact, this is still the same trendy cream hair color that just started to acquire additional names.

Photo ideas for highlighting depending on the base hair color

Dark hair

Dark hair is a great base for trying on highlights in 2023.

When choosing a technique, we recommend to focus on armoring.

Firstly, this coloring practically does not involve the hair roots.

Secondly, the transitions between colors are so smooth that the second procedure will need to be done only after a couple of months.

Dark Blonde

One more fashionable highlighting in 2023 - California highlights beautifully fits on light brown hair.

Girls with blond hair are advised by stylists to stick to natural color, relying on coloring that emphasizes its natural beauty.

Highlighting copes with this task as well as possible.


Blonde and highlights in 2023 will not spill water.

You can choose any of the above coloring methods. We will not hide the fact that we have special feelings for the symbiosis of such techniques as balayage and shatush, namely California highlighting.

Use two or three light shades in your work. For example, beige blond, wheat and light blond.

Red hair

Do highlights look fashionable in 2023 on red hair?

Definitely yes! Just look at the photo examples to see how bright and fresh the same Californian highlights on red strands look.

Sometimes girls with fiery hair soften their appearance by lightening the strands only in the face. For this technique, you can take the paint in the shade "elegant copper" .

If you're not sure which shade is right for you, try the L'Oréal Paris service we're talking about in the video:

Photo ideas for highlights based on hair length

When choosing highlights for 2023, it is worth taking into account not only the original color, but also the length of the hair (and even the haircut). Stylists look at short and long hair as data for solving completely different problems.

Long hair

Many girls with long curls can't resist the stylist's offer to highlight.

Especially if they are promised that the styling will look more textured and voluminous, and imperfections (slightly fluffy and split ends) will become less noticeable. Yes, everything is so - provided that the coloring is done competently and efficiently.

We still insist that highlighting shades should not differ from the base color by more than two tones.

But we know from experience that many will choose more contrast anyway.

In this case, you should follow two rules: a) do not do frequent highlighting - it is better to distribute the paint in wide strokes, retreating from the roots at different distances; b) monitor the "temperature" of shades - girls with a pronounced cold or warm color type are shown the corresponding colors. Otherwise, getting a harmonious result will be problematic.

Medium length hair

Girls with medium hair are also looking at highlights in 2023.

But if the salon offers you classic highlighting, do not rush to agree, think about it. This season, bronding is much more relevant, in which the roots are colored in the color of milk chocolate, and the tips are in the shade of coffee with cream. By the way, trying on such highlights on medium-length dark hair will be both a trendy and practical solution: bronding is easy to do at home and you won’t need to update the strands so soon.

Short hair

Fashionable highlights in 2023 can also be tried on short hair if coloring is done using bronding or Californian highlighting techniques.

We share good examples in the photo. You can see that the bulk of the hair is dyed with a smooth transition of color from dark to light, and individual strands are highlighted with a slightly lighter paint.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisIf you have a caret, it makes no sense to highlight the entire volume of hair. With a dense straight cut of hair, you still can’t see what is inside. So I recommend highlighting only the bangs, as well as the strands at the temples and the parietal zone.
And for those who are interested in how color highlighting, fashionable in 2023, will fall on short hair, we advise you to have tinting agents on hand so that you can return to your natural hair color if you wish.

By the way, highlighting is also friendly with very short hair. For example, the photo shows a pixie haircut.

With bangs

The fashion of 2023 does not provide for any restrictions here - facial hair can be dyed during the highlighting process, or can be left untouched.

Here, for example, is a photo from 2023, in which we see how highlights fit on short dark hair with bangs. Yes, styling will take time, but the result is worth it.

Highlighted hair care tips

Girls who have done highlighting are often faced with the fact that strands dyed in a light shade turn yellow over time.

Purple shampoo and mask will help to neutralize unwanted yellowness. We love L'Oréal Paris products, they not only support the beauty of the hair color, but also take care of the curls.

It is highly likely that after highlighting you will want to style your hair more often. In order to less injure them, we advise you to do this with the help of thermal protection.

By the way, modern products not only protect strands from high-temperature exposure during hot styling, but also care for them, giving softness and shine.