Surely many girls who would like to dye their hair stop thinking about the possible negative consequences of this procedure. We advise you to take a closer look at ammonia-free hair dyes

What is ammonia-free hair dye?

Ammonia-free hair dye is a dye that, as the definition itself tells us, does not contain ammonia. Is it good or bad? Let's figure it out. Ammonia, or rather, ammonium hydroxide, is a chemical compound that is added to dyes to create an alkaline environment.She, in turn, contributes to the fact that the scales of the hair cuticle rise, and the pigments penetrate inside. For hair, this process is quite traumatic, so after the procedure, the strands need enhanced care.

Ammonia-free paints do not cause such a powerful chemical reaction. But it is important to understand that the result will not be as stable as when using ammonia paints, the color may wash out faster. In addition, products without ammonia (yet) cannot bleach hair. But if you want to update the color, intensify it and refresh your hair, then ammonia-free dyes can do it without any problems. Many ammonia-free paints can cover even gray hair.

Benefits of ammonia-free paint

  • Means from this category hurt the hair less, acting on them gently.

  • Ammonia-free paints allow you to comfortably change the color, even by several tones.
  • Enveloping the hair over the entire surface, many ammonia-free dyes smooth the cuticle scales, due to which the curls look shiny and smooth as a result of dyeing.

Flaws of non-ammonia paint

  • These products give less permanent staining, the color is washed out faster and may lose saturation.

  • You can't bleach your hair without ammonia.
  • Ammonia-free paints are not always able to paint over gray hair with high quality.

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Types of paints without ammonia

Ammonia-free paints have a place in the rich palette of professional products. And we will focus on the types of paints for home collections:

  • persistent,
  • toning,
  • dyes for one day,
  • cream paints.

What to choose depends on specific tasks.

Durable paint

Yes, yes, and this is possible. In addition to ammonia, other chemical compounds can also provide color fastness. For example, ethanolamine is also an alkaline ingredient, but is thought to be gentler on the hair and scalp. In addition, its molecules are larger than ammonia molecules, which reduces its volatility, which means that there are no harsh odors familiar to everyone.

Tinting paint

This kind of paint is very popular among those who are trying to maintain color after persistent staining. Toning paint helps to get rid of unwanted shades - for example, it neutralizes yellowness in blondes or redness in brown-haired women. Toning is often chosen by those who are not going to radically change the color of their hair: this procedure can add brightness and shine to natural-colored curls. Tinting paints lose their original shade on the hair faster than permanent ones, but the color is washed out evenly, gradually becoming less saturated.

Cream paint

The ratings of the best hair dyes without ammonia, according to the editors of, are headed, of course, by cream dyes for home dyeing. The thick consistency is very convenient for self-applying the product. Thanks to the creamy texture, the paints do not drain and are distributed evenly through the hair.With such dyes, you can work in any technique, be it shatush, ombre or balayage. Ammonia-free cream paints often contain components useful for hair and achieve the desired result as gently as possible.

Temporary coloring products

Coloring for one day or before the first shampoo is a good way to try something new without any noticeable damage to the hair. Bright colors of tinted hair dyes without ammonia will cheer you up and allow you to look at yourself in a new way. In an instant, coloring jellies, balms and sprays will help to become the owner of pink strands or a blue ombre. These are in the Colorista line from L'Oréal Paris. Dyes are quickly washed off with regular shampoo and practically do not injure the hair. L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch spray or mascara, by the way, is easy to instantly tint regrown roots if there is no way to quickly update their color. These products are also great at hiding gray hair - for a short time, of course.

Professional products

As the name implies, these paints are used in salons. These include semi-permanent dyes that maintain rich color. There are also permanent paints without ammonia. You should not use such products on your own - nevertheless, they are designed for use by experienced colorists who know how to make tone-on-tone coloring and what components to mix to achieve the perfect result.

L'Oréal Paris ammonia-free colors

Resistant ammonia-free hair dyes are in the Casting Crème Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris. Take a look at our selection.

Dark shades for brunettes

Cream paint is presented in a variety of shades, from the darkest to the lightest and ashy. Burning brunettes will add shine and brightness to the tone No. 200 “Black Coffee”, which will suit the representatives of the “winter” color type.

Brown shades

For fair-haired beauties and brown-haired women, we recommend ammonia-free cream paint in shades No. 535 "Chocolate" and No. 525 "Chocolate Fondant" for shining hair. They will look best on girls with warm olive or bronze skin tones.

Light shades

Honey, sunny strands with golden tints will be obtained thanks to ammonia-free cream-colors for blondes number 832 Creme Brulee and number 8304 Caramel Cappuccino.

Choosing these shades is for girls of the "spring" and "autumn" color types.You can try on any color you like online and get acquainted with the whole range right now.

Garnier ammonia-free colors

The Garnier range of colors will also please those who choose to color with ammonia-free products.

Copper and red shades

Garnier Olia, a series of delicate ammonia-free paints, which are 60% oil, presents an attractive red range that will appeal to bright girls. No. 7.40 Sparkling Copper will pair beautifully with porcelain or peach skin and light eyes.

Garnier Color & Shine No. 6.23 warm Hazelnut copper tints will successfully accentuate brown eyes and bronzed skin. The care color contains cranberry extract and argan oil, which nourish the hair and give it a natural shine.

Dark blonde and light shades

Ashy notes to blond hair will be added by Garnier Olia paint “Light smoky beige” No. 9.132. Such a neutral shade will suit girls of any color type.

Garnier Color & Shine No. 7.0 "Blond" will give your hair soft and warm notes.

For blondes, No. 10.21 "Pearl Blonde" is intended, which will shine on fair hair as advantageously as possible.

Please note that any paint must be tested on a small area of skin 48 hours before dyeing to eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction.

How to choose an ammonia-free hair dye: tips from stylists

How do you know which paint is ammonia-free?

This is evidenced by the marker "Without ammonia" , which is most often located on the front of the package. The manufacturer will not keep silent about this feature of the paint, because it means a softer effect on the hair.

How to choose the right ammonia-free paint?

Choose a shade as close as possible to the original hair color. It is important to remember that neither ammonia nor ammonia-free hair dyes can turn a brunette into a blonde in one session.

Can I mix different shades of paint without ammonia myself?

This should not be done, as the result that will be obtained on the hair will be unpredictable. We advise you to just take a closer look at the color palettes of different colors - there are hundreds of them! Surely there will be a suitable shade, and the need to mix funds yourself will disappear.

Which hair color to choose for gray hair: ammonia-free or resistant?




After using ammonia-free dyes, special hair care is also needed. Even such coloring is by no means a spa treatment for hair. Special products are needed to preserve the color and softness of the hair.Balsams, shampoos and masks that prevent color washout should be on hand in the bathroom. Check out L'Oréal Paris Elseve's Color Expert range for colored hair.

Don't forget about leave-in care. There are sprays, conditioners, and oils in this category. In particular, Garnier Fructis Transfiguration Elixir Oil nourishes the hair and forms a protective layer on its surface, including for thermal protection during styling.

The cream “Checked by Comb. Ultra Strength by L'Oréal Paris Elseve. With regular use, it strengthens the hair, preventing breakage.

For more information on ingredients, production processes, quality and safety requirements, click here!