Cold spectrum remains one of the top trends for 2023. Restrained and elegant ash blonde, without a doubt, a very worthy choice

Ash blonde: color features

This palette is not as straightforward as it might seem. Ash blonde hair color can look different, and it is better to study all its nuances before deciding on dyeing. Consider the main pros and cons of gamma.


  • beauty and nobility of shades that never go out of fashion;

  • variety of the ash blonde palette allows you to choose the right option regardless of the type of appearance;

  • compatibility with any hair length.


  • to get an ash blonde, in some cases, pre-lightening of the curls is required, which means that the hair will be more negatively affected;

  • to maintain a cool tone, you must regularly use special care to neutralize yellowness or resort to tinting.

Who suits ash blonde coloring?

For girls with dark skin and dark hair, stylists do not recommend experimenting with cold and too light shades - you should not do full coloring and strive to become an ash blonde. In this case, it is better to use shades of ash blond with partial staining - in the techniques of ombre, shatush, highlighting.

" Ash" in blond hair, no doubt, will suit fair-skinned beauties.

Let's consider which colors are better to choose depending on the color of the eyes.

Brown eyes

For brown-eyed people, the best choice would be a dark ash blond, close to a cold blond color. It will emphasize the natural magnetism of dark eyes. By the way, this shade is also shown to girls with olive and bronze skin.

Green eyes

Light ash blonde is a spectrum that goes well with green eyes. If you add a little silvery shine to the strands, you get an unusual and rather bright combination.

Blue or gray eyes

The duet of light eyes and cool blonde hair is doomed to success. Whatever ash blonde shade you choose, it will hit the top ten. When everything is going so well, it makes sense to experiment with non-standard solutions, such as coloring in ash-pearl blond, pink-pearl or light gray tones.

Ash Blond Palette: The Best Colors

We picked up photo examples of shades of ash blonde. Well, how not to admire them! We also offer the most suitable, according to the editors, paints.

Cool Ash Blonde

Frosty shine - this is how you can characterize this strict and aristocratic shade. Cold ash blond goes well with fair skin and blue or gray eyes. Garnier Color Sensation permanent paints No. 911 Smoky Ultra Blonde and No. 901 Silver Blonde will help you realize the dreams of an ash blonde of your curls.

Warm Ash Blonde

For those with bronzed skin, we recommend the warm colors of ash blonde with hints of wheat. There are just such ones in the Préférence line from L’Oréal Paris. You will get gentle cream-colored curls with paints No. 9.13 "Baikal" and No. 8.1 "Copenhagen" .

Dark Ash Blonde

You can say that this is a kind of ash-blond color. This option is suitable for dark-skinned girls, and fair-skinned. Color No. 8.1 Sandy Shore by Garnier Color Naturals creates the coveted shade of dark ash blonde.

Quality and soft coloring without ammonia is available with Garnier Olia colors. Try shade 9.132 Light Smoky Beige.

Light Ash Blonde

These shades are good for a cold type of appearance, they will make the image exquisitely harmonious. Suitable light ash blondes can be found in colors from L’Oréal Paris - No. 01 "Super Light Blonde Natural" in the Excellence series or No. 03 "Light Light Blonde Ash" in the Préférence series.

Ash Pearl Blonde

Mother-of-pearl highlights on the hair look gentle and romantic, and their combination with ash blonde is the trend of recent years. Ash-pearl blonde is easy to achieve with Préférence colors from L'Oréal Paris No. 8.12 Alaska and No. 9.12 Siberia.

How to get an ash blonde: step by step instructions

Self-dyeing your hair in ashy blond is a rather responsible undertaking.Therefore, before deciding, evaluate all the pros and cons of this procedure for you personally. It is important to choose the right shade of paint, as well as determine if your hair needs pre-lightening. In particular, brunettes and red-haired girls should be prepared for the fact that they will first have to discolor the curls, and several stages of lightening may be required - this is the only way to get the coveted ashy shade in the future.

A little ash blonde checklist:

  • take the time to explore the palette of shades. Focusing on the photo examples that are given on the packages of paints, imagine how a specific tone will fall on your base hair color;

  • use the service of virtual trying on shades - this way you will determine which color best suits your type of appearance;

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  • if you have decided on everything and are ready to paint, follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly;

  • as a rule, hair is dyed in the direction from the roots to the tips. Apply paint first on the occipital region, and paint the temporal zones at the very end of the procedure;

  • wash off the color with warm water, do not use shampoo. Apply conditioner to damp hair and rinse after 3-5 minutes.

Ashy Blonde Styling Tips: Questions Answered

1. Is it possible to leave the dye on the hair longer than indicated in the instructions to increase the intensity of the ash blonde?

The intensity is unlikely to change, but the hair is likely to suffer. Wash off the paint strictly after the time specified by the manufacturer. By the way, the countdown starts from the moment when the paint is applied to all hair.

2. How to keep a cool shade of ash blonde?

In daily care, you must use products for colored hair. To maintain a cold glow, masks and shampoos with purple pigments will come to the rescue.

3. How often should Ash Blonde be reapplied?

With proper hair care, the interval between dyeing can be quite long. The color does not have to be completely renewed - tint the hair roots as needed. There is also a softer option for updating color - toning. This solution will help the ash blonde stay bright and fresh longer.

4. How to choose the right paint to get an ash blonde?


Home care for bleached hair

Daily care routines will now require special products for colored hair.

Shampoo and balm from Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color" are designed for hair that needs special care after dyeing. Working together, they strengthen curls and protect color.

Porous and unruly hair is a common problem after lightening strands. Try Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil. It can be applied to both damp and dry hair.

To return the purity of color to the ash blonde, purple shampoo and mask from L'Oréal Paris Elseve are called. With regular use, they rid the hair of unwanted yellowness and redness.

Before hot styling, apply L'Oréal Paris Elseve Comb Checked cream to your hair: it will protect your hair from damaging heat exposure at temperatures up to 230 °C.