Pearl hair color is so attractive that it can compete with jewelry. Why not try on pearl blonde?

Pearl blonde: color features

If you look at the photo, it's easy to understand that the pearl hair color belongs to the cold spectrum.

Yes, of course, there are also warm varieties of it, but most girls tend to just "lower the temperature" of the color of the strands by such coloring.

It should be noted that this shade instantly makes the image is more vivid and fashionable.

It is equally good on short hair, for example, paired with a bob haircut, and on longer curls, styled using the brushing technique.


Colorists are sure that pearl blonde is something to love.

    • Pearl gray is great for hiding gray hair.

    • There is a suitable tone for almost any color type.

    • The appearance becomes visually younger.

    • The shade will work perfectly in both complex and solid coloring.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you're blonde and avoid gray hair but don't want to be golden, your shade is pearly.


What are the costs of dyeing such an attractive mother-of-pearl blonde?

    • Over time, the shade turns yellow (natural pearls, by the way, also behave this way).

    • Coloring should be done regularly. Pearl blonde is a color that, as the hair roots grow (especially red or black by nature), loses its attractiveness.

    • If the original hair color is dark enough, then to obtain a mother-of-pearl blond, it is necessary to pre-lighten the strands.

Who suits pearl blonde coloring?

The target audience for pearl blonde is girls with cool skin tones. All shades of mother-of-pearl will suit them.

But recently frosty shades have appeared, in harmony with dark skin as well.

We have already seen stars on the red carpet who turned such contrasts to their advantage. Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Lady Gaga managed to light up with a pearl blonde.

However, girls with dark and red strands should be very careful when coloring in pearl blond. With such natural data, a beautiful pearl shade can be achieved only after preliminary bleaching of the hair.

Another important factor to consider when choosing paint from a pearl palette is eye color.

Brown eyes

For brown-eyed girls, the first mother-of-pearl shade that comes across may not be suitable. Of course, experimenting with paints of cold tones is not forbidden, but it is better to play it safe and choose a pearl shade with a pink undertone.

Green eyes

Girls with bright green eyes are shown pale pearl colors only if they have at least a hint of a golden hue. But the pearl-ash blond will harmoniously complement the image of the owners of gray-green eyes and fair skin.

Blue and gray eyes

The most advantageous way to present a mother-of-pearl blond is for girls with gray-blue eyes. You can verify this on the photo examples presented by us.

If you have blue or gray eyes, you can, without thinking twice, take any shade from the pearl range - everyone will do.

As for hairstyles and haircuts, in 2023, the pearl-ash color is recommended to be worn with a casual bean, regrown bangs or long curls a la mermaid.

Pearl Blonde Palette

Pearl Blonde

Classic pearl blonde is the color that colorists and stylists see on long hair styled with a large diameter curling iron.

Stylists recommend updating the tips before or after coloring to make the styling look well-groomed.

Pearl Ash

A calmer option is a pearl gray color, which, as we see in the photo, is in perfect harmony with both short and long hair.

By the way, in both cases, stylists advise to work on the effect of broken curls: the styling will look stylish and modern.

Pink Pearl

Let's get acquainted with the warm variation of the pearl shade - its pink version.

You can achieve this hair color for a short time (as an experiment) - using Colorista balm.

Pearl Gray

Grey pearl jewelry is chosen by those who love the classics in a modern design.

The same goes for pearl gray hair. The shade is often included in the "kit" for complex coloring - for example, in the techniques of balayage and ombre.

Golden Pearl

Golden highlights are characteristic of the warm pearl blonde hair color.

This shade should be chosen by brown-eyed girls with dark skin, complementing it with light makeup, as in the video below.

Pearl hair coloring: step by step instructions

  1. First, decide if you need to pre-bleach your hair. It is recommended to do this if at least three tones separate you from the pearl blond. Modern tools make it easy to perform this procedure at home - for example, using the brightening cream hair dye from the Colorista line.

  2. Before dyeing (and bleaching too), check if you have an allergic reaction to the dye. The instructions for the paint always indicate how to check this. Typically, the test is carried out 48 hours before the scheduled procedure.

  3. The paint itself must be applied to dry hair. Another important point is efficiency. To obtain a uniform color, do not stretch the paint application too much.

  4. After keeping the dye on the hair for the time required according to the instructions, wash it off with water or a special shampoo and use the balm that usually comes with the dye. The latter will help seal the hair cuticle scales, thereby preventing the color from fading.

The best colors from the pearl blonde palette

We give examples of the best, according to the editors, colors of pearl shades.

Garnier Color Naturals (Pearl Ultra Blonde)

Pearl blonde hair dyes should give your hair not only a cool blonde color, but also a pearly glow.

The colors from the Color Naturals collection are just one of those. Avocado, olive and shea oils are responsible for hair care after dyeing as part of a special balm that is applied after the dye is washed off.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence (" Ultra Blonde Ash" )

Another radiant shade we found in the Préférence line from L'Oréal Paris. But it got into our selection not only because of the color.

Paint has merits worth mentioning. First, it is a durable paint. Secondly, manufacturers promise complete coverage of gray hair. And thirdly, special components give curls extra shine.

Garnier Color Sensation (Pearl Blonde)

The strength of Color Sensation is a wide palette of shades.

With the help of paint from this collection, you can also get pearly blond hair color. By the way, all the colors in the line contain rose oil, a valuable cosmetic ingredient.

There is an answer to every question!

Pearl blonde for girls with pixie cut? Show photo examples!

Of course. The image will turn out to be very modern and even bold. Recommended!


Pearl-ash hair color turned yellow. What to do?

There are two options. To get started, try a shampoo and mask with purple pigments - this is the easiest and fastest way to neutralize yellowness. If the unwanted tone is too active, we recommend updating the staining.

" Will a pearl blonde hair dye work if the original hair color is dark?"

Colorists recommend starting not from the natural shade of the hair, but from the color of the skin and eyes.If you have fair skin and blue eyes, feel free to dye your hair pearly blonde (after bleaching your hair). If the eyes are brown and the skin is dark, we recommend opting for colors of warmer shades.


" Show in the photo how the pearl blonde hair color will look as a result of dyeing using the balayage technique?"

Pearl blonde hair dye is a regular participant in complex coloring. In our opinion, this shade adds a he althy glow to the hair and refreshes the overall look.


Pearl Blonde Haircare

  1. The first thing the masters advise girls with a pearly shade of hair is to get care products with purple pigments. There is a high chance that your hair color will turn yellow over time, but it is not that difficult to deal with this problem.

    We have already mentioned the "purple" pair from L'Oréal Paris - shampoo and mask. Using them at home is a pleasure.
  2. It is known that any coloring is fraught with subsequent dryness of the hair. But light shades in this sense are the most active.

    Therefore, blondes should use nourishing hair masks at least once a week, or even more often.
  3. Regrown roots are the eternal companion of coloring and the nightmare of girls with light strands. If the second procedure is postponed for some reason, the Magic Retouch tinting spray will help to hide the contrast strip at the roots.