Many people consider monochromatic coloring boring and too conservative. Do you think so too? Then you are on the right page. Let's talk about what types of highlighting you should try if you want to look relevant and fashionable

What is hair highlighting?

Highlighting is a technique in which strands are selectively dyed in a shade (or several shades) that contrasts with the main color. As a rule, the desired result is achieved by tinting the hair with a possible pre-lightening.

Mysterious for many words: balayage, airtouch, babylights are vivid manifestations of this approach to coloring. If you look at the images of the stars on the red carpet, we can conclude that many celebrities no longer imagine themselves without complex coloring. Highlighting has long been done by Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. What attracts them so much?

The main advantages of highlighting include:

  • no need to regularly touch up the roots;

  • long-term result - re-coloring is not necessary after 3-4 weeks;

  • visual volume that can be achieved using certain techniques.

Among the cons are:

  • high cost of the procedure (fashion highlighting, if carried out in the salon, will cost 2–3 times more than classic coloring);

  • complexity of coloring (many types of highlighting require a certain level of training and special skills);

  • duration - depending on the hair highlighting technique, the procedure can take from 2 to 10 hours.

Popular highlighting techniques: trends

If it seems to you that modern highlighting does not suit you, most likely you underestimate it.

There are so many complex coloring techniques that for every shade of hair, color type and face shape there is the one that will get the desired result.

Let's tell you what types of highlighting are in general and which ones are better to choose in 2023.

Classic highlights

The most understandable hair highlighting technique. It was mastered more than a decade ago, so this procedure seems to be quite possible to carry out at home.

Yes, this technique is not in the top 5 most fashionable, but the number of fans of classic highlighting remains consistently high.


Balayage is one of the most fashionable highlights of 2023. This technique allows you to replicate the effect of sun-bleached hair.

The key feature of balayage is that the lightening of the strands occurs in a chaotic manner, due to which the result looks more natural. By the way, this technique can be safely chosen regardless of the original shade of the hair. We demonstrate in the photo.


Shatush combines the features of different hair highlighting methods. On the one hand, the horizontal division of the hair into two colors is clearly visible, as in the ombre technique. On the other hand, the borders of shading are perceived as more vague, including due to multi-level color transitions (higher on some strands, lower on others).

The last factor is typical for hair dyed using the balayage technique.


This highlighting technique differs not in the way the paint is distributed, but in its shade. Bronding, as a rule, is chosen by brunettes and brown-haired women who want to slightly touch the world of blondes, while maintaining their status. The photo shows that with the help of light colors only individual strands stand out.

If you increase the number of light strands, then after such coloring you can confuse people by asking them to determine who you are: a blonde or a brunette.

California highlights

The 2023 California hair highlight trend continues to gain momentum. For the fourth year now, it has been actively chosen by those who prefer contrasting colors and do not mind that others notice and appreciate the attractiveness of such coloring.

Hide that you spent more than one hour changing your image, you definitely won’t succeed: in California highlighting they use from three to five shades, and stylists easily offer brunettes colors from the palette for blondes and vice versa.

Venetian highlights

Blondes can skip this chapter, but girls with dark and red hair should not. the effect of sun-bleached strands, treating curls with lemon juice.

Fortunately, highlighting in 2023 does not require such sacrifices: for the Venetian version, paints of two or three shades are chosen and applied to individual strands in a chaotic manner. We seem to have found a great option that you can really try at home!


Creating different types of highlights on strands using hair highlighting is a matter for professionals. Or at least a person who has been practicing color for a long time.

The result of glare highlighting with the help of well-chosen colors will be color transitions that shimmer beautifully on the hair when moving and changing lighting. For spectacular highlights, colorists work simultaneously with matte and pearl shades.


This type of highlighting is most often chosen by girls with long curls.

A smooth horizontal transition from one color to another should occur approximately in the middle of the length.

A dark shade, as a rule, is left at the roots, and closer to the tips, either lighter shades of the original range or colors of a contrasting palette are used.

Back highlights

Usually, colorists suggest doing reverse highlighting for those who have erased the boundaries of the last complex coloring, in order to smoothly return to the natural shade.

The execution technique resembles classic highlighting - with the exception of one factor: they choose a shade of paint that is close to the color of regrown roots.


Behind the beautiful name lies a “lazy” highlighting technique, in which only the outer layer of hair is treated with paint.

A similar effect can be achieved by going on a two-week vacation to the sea, but when dyeing, the result is will be more predictable.

You will need one or two light-colored paints, which should be randomly distributed over the top layer of hair, creating a sun glare effect on the strands.

Frequent highlights

If you ask stylists to highlight the most labor-intensive and time-consuming types of hair highlights, they are unlikely to miss frequent highlights. You will have to spend 4 to 6 hours in the master’s chair. Why? Look at the photo of the results of such staining.

If you look closely, you can see that the vertical color change occurs often, which means that very thin strands are taken for dyeing.

Sparse highlights

Unlike frequent highlighting, a rare one literally “screams” about itself on the hair. Contrasting strands are noticeable from afar, and this is exactly the effect they are trying to achieve by choosing this coloring method.

Sparse highlighting is often done to create an extravagant look, highlighting, for example, only strands framing the face with a different color.

Deep Dy

Such highlighting can be called an act of artistic creativity. In some ways, the deep-dye technique is similar to ombre staining.

The difference is that when highlighting deep-dye, you do not need to achieve smooth color transitions. Hair should look like it has been dipped into a can of paint in places, and the paint should be as unusual and bright as possible. For example, turquoise or yellow.

In case of such staining, we recommend doing a neutral make-up, for example, as in the video:

Highlights on dark hair

Brown-haired women and brunettes in 2023 have access to almost all highlighting options. We would advise you to abandon only the classic highlighting, giving preference to options with a more chaotic interspersed with colors.

For a natural and harmonious result, choose shades with the same "temperature" as your base color.

For girls with long dark hair, we suggest staying with the balayage technique this year, and for shorter hair, try frequent highlighting.

Highlights on fair and blond hair

The more complex the coloring, the better. Therefore, blondes should choose for highlighting not one, but two or three shades at once. As for the technique, we advise you to choose Californian highlights with warm and cold shades - the result looks very natural and relevant.

Light brown-haired women can consider a palette of golden shades: they can be either lighter than your "base" or darker.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you want to give a cool shade to light brown hair, use dyes with a unit after the dot in the color marking.

Highlights for redheads

The most fashionable highlights for redheads in 2023 are in the ombre technique. Look at the photo, how beautiful the smooth transition from one color to another looks on the strands of the warm spectrum. And by the way, it is not so difficult to perform such coloring at home - it is only important to choose a paint a couple of tones lighter than the natural shade.

Answering frequently asked questions

Lightened strands have acquired a yellow tint over time. What to do?

The solution to this problem has been found. First, use care products with a high concentration of purple pigments: both shampoos and masks with the function of eliminating unwanted yellowness are on the beauty market today.Secondly, before hot styling your hair, use thermal protection. This will help keep the color intact and protect the hair from the damaging effects of high temperatures.

Which highlighting technique should I choose to make my hair look more voluminous?

It is important to understand that with the help of dyeing, you can only achieve a visual increase in hair volume. Such types of highlighting as balayage, shatush and bronding will best cope with the task.


Which highlights to choose for blond hair and a short haircut?

Pros recommend frequent highlighting based on two or three shades.


Proper hair care after highlights

  • After highlighting, as after any other coloring, hair needs additional nutrition. Use special products for colored hair and do not neglect masks.

  • For extra shine and nourishment, use oil. Distribute it through the hair, preheating the product in the palms (a couple of drops are enough for one application).

  • If you have reverse highlights because you are growing out your hair, include additional care products in your care. For example, Elseve Dream Length serum with vegetable keratin and cocoa butter.