Seductive sunny play on the hair is the cherished desire of many girls. Coloring in golden blond, a romantic shade that is more relevant than ever in 2023, will help to fulfill it

Who suits golden blonde coloring?

Golden blonde hair color is organic for girls of the spring and autumn color types: it most advantageously emphasizes the skin of a warm undertone. However, it cannot be said that this shade is contraindicated for cold color types. In combination with porcelain skin, golden blond will create a gentle and touching look - just add a little ashy notes.As for the color of the eyes, there are no restrictions for the golden blond - it harmonizes perfectly with any shade.

Brown eyes

Amber curls always suit brown-eyed girls - they look very natural.

Green eyes

Copper shades of golden blonde are relevant for this palette. They are simply made to support the expressiveness of green eyes.

With blue or gray eyes

Wheaten and sand blonde tones are ideal for girls with light eyes.

Golden blonde: palette of shades

This color has many beautiful nuances. Let's talk about the most relevant in 2023.

Pure Golden Blonde

The classic image of a Hollywood beauty owes much of its popularity to golden blond curls. This color has stood the test of time, and its consistency has been "certified" by many world stars.

Gold Ash Blonde

Colorists recommend this shade to girls with light eyes and peach skin, regardless of hair length: it looks great on long curls and short haircuts, be it bob or bob.

Gold Purple Blonde

An interesting combination of warm and cold notes can be chosen by those who like complex shades.

Golden Pearl Blonde

The radiance of mother-of-pearl will add a fabulous flair to blond hair. Pearl strands can even shimmer with pink - an option for the most tender and romantic.

Advice from our expert for those who decide to dye in pink blond:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierPink blonde looks good only on a very clean base. Therefore, it is desirable to even out the tone along the entire length of the hair before creating it. Use brighteners for this, for example E0.

Gold Copper

Golden-copper hair will not leave anyone indifferent. It is this shade that we recommend to look at the owners of skin with a bronze or olive undertone.

How to choose a golden blonde paint?

If you decide to freshen up your look and do coloring, then you need to approach the choice of paint with all responsibility.It is important to familiarize yourself with the full range of shades of the golden spectrum and choose the most suitable one, taking into account all the features of your appearance. The task is to find a blond that will harmoniously complement the image (will not contradict the color type).

Blonde and fair-haired girls can get a golden blond in one procedure. Brunettes and brown-haired women will need pre-lightening.

Golden blonde coloring: step by step instructions

  • 48 hours before coloring, it is necessary to test for a possible allergic reaction: apply a little paint on the skin, say, behind the ear. If after 48 hours there is no negative reaction, the paint can be safely used at home.

Our instructions for dyeing your hair golden blonde:

  1. Prepare everything you need in advance: a container for paint, a brush, gloves, a cape to protect clothes, a nourishing cream.

  2. Apply cream along your hairline to avoid blemishes that dye can leave on your skin. Comb your hair and divide it into several equal parts.

  3. Start coloring each part in a row, moving from the roots of the hair to the ends.

  4. Spread the dye over the entire length of the hair again.

  5. Wait the time indicated in the instructions, then wash off the paint with warm water.

  6. Use a conditioning balm or conditioner.

The best colors from the Golden Blonde palette

Check out the selection below. In our opinion, these are the most spectacular hair colors from the golden blonde spectrum.

L'Oréal Paris color palette

If we talk about long-lasting color, then you should pay attention to the Préférence series of colors. Shade 9.1 Viking is a beautiful golden ash blonde for fair skinned girls.

And with paint No. 8.1 "Copenhagen" hair will also acquire a cold matte shine.

The Excellence range of permanent colors also includes shades of golden blonde. Delicate cream color No. 8.12 "Mystic Blonde" is perfect for coloring blond and blond hair.

Curls of a beautiful wheaten shade will be obtained with paint No. 9.23 "Sensational blond" .

If your goal is as harmless as possible coloring, we recommend Casting Crème Gloss ammonia-free cream paint. It will give the curls a he althy shine. Shades No. 8031 " Light Blonde Golden Ash" and No. 910 "Very Light Blonde Ash" will help achieve the effect of a golden blond.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of shade, use the online color fitting service.

Garnier color palette

Garnier Color Sensation paints give hair long-lasting radiant color and softness. With shade No. 9.13 Creamy Pearl, the strands will acquire an iridescent sheen. A slightly more extravagant golden pink blonde can be achieved with shade 8.12 Pink Pearl.

A beautiful natural palette is presented in the Garnier Color Naturals line. For example, the noble "Natural Blonde" No. 9.132, cast in rose gold.

Due to the incredible floral scent of Garnier Olia paint, the process of coloring with it turns into a separate pleasure. The formula contains 60% oils and is quite gentle on the hair. Try golden shade 9.0 "Very Light Blond" .

Golden Blonde Color Tips Q&A

1. Is it possible not to resort to permanent colors to get a golden blond?

In some cases, you can use tinting agents. For example, if the original hair color is light blond. Refreshing golden blonde is also convenient with the help of tinting.

2. Should brunettes bleach their hair before dyeing it golden blonde?

Most likely, preliminary clarification will be required, since it is almost impossible to immediately get a blond on dark hair.

3. How often should I renew my golden blonde?

It is recommended to update the color as needed - if the roots have grown or the shade has faded. At the same time, it is not necessary to completely paint the curls with resistant paint. You can tint them or dye only the hair roots.

4. How to maintain the purity of the golden blonde? Are there options when you should not try to dye your hair blonde?



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Home care for bleached hair

After dyeing in shades of golden blonde, you need to pay more attention to your hair. Pay attention to care products marked “for colored hair” - these are the products created specifically to maintain color saturation, restore and strengthen hair.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierGolden blonde is the most unpretentious in terms of color maintenance, it is the most persistent of the light shades. It is enough to provide the proper level of moisture to such hair - and the shade will remain radiant.

Botanicals line “Geranium. Elixir of Radiance by L'Oréal Paris includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask that treats hair to give it shine.

If you chose ashy shades of golden blond, then use L’Oréal Paris Elseve Purple Expert Color Shampoo and Mask to maintain a cool tone. Violet pigment eliminates unwanted yellowness and redness.

For colored hair, leave-in care is also very important. Garnier Fructis Transfiguration Oil Elixir helps to cope with the problem of dry ends, makes hair soft and easier to comb.

For strengthening hair and thermal protection, we recommend trying Garnier Botanic Therapy Cream Oil with Castor Oil and Almonds. The use of this product helps to restore hair, saturates them with useful elements.