More than one brunette probably thought about trying on balayage on dark hair. In the list of those who dared, there are many stars. Why are dark-haired beauties attracted to light strands?

Balayage on dark hair: advantages and disadvantages

Stylists have long known that balayage works best on dark hair.

In salons, brunettes are often offered complex coloring using several shades.

A precise and brief description of this highlighting technique - dyeing, during which the hair at its lower part is given a different color - usually two to three shades lighter.

Distribute the paint so that as a result the colored strands also differ from each other in tone - for a more natural effect. To achieve it, on some strands they begin to apply paint a little closer to the roots, on others - a little further.

There are a lot of pluses in the balayage technique for brunettes.

  • Properly thought out coloring can add visual volume to hair.

  • The result looks beautiful on both straight and curly hair.

  • When dyeing, the hair roots are not affected.

  • You don't need to repeat the procedure after 3-4 weeks - the result, as a rule, looks decent even 2 months later.

" Is balayazh on dark hair good for everyone?" skeptics will ask. Of course, there are also disadvantages.

  • Difficulty in execution.

  • The need for extra care for colored hair.

  • High cost compared to a solid color in the salon.

Who suits balayage?

Balayage coloring will perfectly fit on dark hair of any length and shade. Brown-haired women, brunettes - everyone will be happy. But this technique is especially recommended for those who are dissatisfied with the quality of curls.

Split ends and porous structure are less noticeable on hair with complex coloring.

If we talk about color types, then the palette of colors in stores is so extensive that every girl, whether she has black hair or brown hair, will be able to find suitable shades.

Balayage types on dark hair

In 2023, balayazh balayazh strife. Colorists continue to amaze us, mastering more and more new trends. We counted as many as six conditional subspecies of balayage. Consider each with photo examples.

Full balayage

Full balayazh, as a rule, is done on dark hair of medium length. Its difference from other methods lies in the fact that when dyeing parts of the strands, the masters retreat from the roots literally 2–3 cm.


The classic version of balayazh, in which the dye is applied to the hair in a chaotic manner.

As a rule, the strands are dyed, stepping back from the roots from 3 to 7 cm.

Dark hair and bob haircut are the best starting points for this approach.


Most often this type of balayazh forms itself, some time after dyeing, when the strands noticeably grow back. Well, if you like this effect, you can create it ahead of schedule. To do this, distribute the paint during the procedure on the lower third of the hair.

Balayage in the face

This kind of balayage technique does not allow you to save on paint, as many might think. You need to color the strands in the same way - in a chaotic manner around the entire perimeter of the head. But with one caveat: on the strands framing the face, the paint should be a more saturated light shade.


In this case, the word “bright” stylists mean “colored” balayage. Multi-colored paint (quite popular, by the way) fits perfectly on dark hair.

Balayage shades for dark hair


Ashy balayage and dark hair rhyme beautifully and get a lot of likes on social media.

Ash tint will be a good choice for girls with straight hair in cold black color.


Another popular shade among black-haired girls. Letting paints of a bright red palette come into play, you can’t get a modest balayage on black hair. But it's not always the same to remain in the shadows! Want to make your look even brighter?

Style your hair in big bouncy curls. Although we found examples with straight hair.

It can be seen that in the balayage technique, the red color also fits well on dark straight hair.


Caramel Balayage sounds like the name of a dessert. But we will add even more sweetness by saying that dark hair is diluted with strands of warm honey shades.

This coloring looks beautiful on hair of any length, styled naturally casually.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisYou can diversify the caramel hair color by adding light highlights near the face or throughout the head.

Find out how the shade looks on your hair.

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Brown hair can be balayed with… chestnut dye. We call this coloring "pumping" your own hair color.

In the photo you can see that the contrast between the base shade and those used during the procedure is not so great.

By the way, the image can be made monotonous by adding makeup in brown tones, as in the video below:

How to do balayage on dark hair: step by step technique

On the Internet, many are wondering if it is possible to make balayage on dark hair at home. Well, there would be a desire and some skills! Our tips may come in handy too.

    1. If total lightening by several shades is planned, then first the strands must be discolored. To do this, lightening paint is carefully applied to those areas that will be tinted in the future (it is important to test for a possible allergic reaction 48 hours before the procedure). To prevent the paint from affecting neighboring strands, curls with dye are wrapped in foil.

    2. After the bleaching procedure, the hair is washed and the paint chosen for dyeing using the balayage technique is applied to clean strands.

      To achieve the most natural effect, colorists recommend doing it with a brush or sponge - wetting movements.

    3. After the time specified in the instructions for the paint, the product is washed off. And they apply the balm that usually comes with the paint.

Balayage on short dark hair

Balayage dyeing is not often tried on dark short hair. And yet there are haircuts that are conducive to coloristic experiments in this technique.


If you have dark hair and you wear bob with bangs, then balayage coloring can do a good job: you don’t have to worry about the styling lacking splendor. In the photo you can see that this combination adds visual volume to the hair.


Complete with this haircut, stylists out of habit offer classic highlights. In our opinion, it is slightly outdated, so it is better to choose a balayage - for example, full, as in the photo. With this coloring, the haircut will look more textured.

Balayage coloring on medium length dark hair

With bangs

We offer to take and "lick off" the classic image of Dakota Johnson. Her dark caramel balayazh, as it were, gradually emphasizes the beauty of the eyes - isn't that what we want from coloring? By the way, the bangs in this case can be left in a natural shade. The main thing is to style it in harmony with the rest of the hair.

Curly hair

If the curls are naturally curly, then you can be sure: balayazh and medium-length dark hair will make a great pair. Even if you choose a shade for the tips that is not very different from the main color, the curls will look more embossed and textured, which will add playfulness to the image.

Balayage color options for dark long hair

And now let's move on to the classics - let's project the balayazh on dark long hair.

Cascading haircut

On the one hand, the cascade has not taken the top lines in the ranking of the most fashionable haircuts for a long time. On the other hand, this is a great option that allows you to visually endow thin hair with the missing volume. Balayazh coloring will make this haircut stylish and modern. It fits perfectly on long dark hair.

One length hair

If you like the tips cut like a ruler, diversify your hairstyle with contrasting shades from the blond palette. Balayazh on dark straight hair of one length is always a spectacular solution.

How is balayage different from other coloring techniques?

The question is burning, and the answers to it are often contradictory. Let's try to clarify.

What's the difference between balayage and shatush?

The easiest way to show the difference between balayage and shatush techniques is in a photo.Balayage on brown hair tends to look more complete. The shatush technique is distinguished by a pronounced randomness of the distribution of shades - this effect is achieved by the masters with the help of preliminary combing of the strands."


What's the difference between balayage and ombre?

Ombre is easy to calculate by the obvious and uniform horizontal transition of hair color from dark to light. Using the balayage technique, colorists distribute paint in a more chaotic manner.


How is balayage different from highlights?

Some stylists call balayazh a subspecies of highlighting, others classify these techniques into different categories. But if we are talking about classic highlighting, then stylists adhere to the same distances between color accents in coloring.There are no strict interval restrictions in the balayage technique - in this sense, colorists feel more free."

What is the difference between balayazh and air touch?

Air touch is at least several times harder. Yes, and more expensive, what to hide. When choosing the air touch technique, the captured strands are pulled out and pre-blown with a hair dryer, releasing shorter hair. Then only the part of the hair that remains stretched is dyed. Balayazh on dark hair does not require any additional tools.


Features of hair care after dyeing

The key to prolonging the coloring effect is competent home care. Shampoo, conditioner and mask should be from the category of products designed specifically for colored hair.

This will make the color last longer.

It is possible that you will have to experience the constant headache of blondes - the appearance of unwanted yellowness. Fortunately, in recent years, people have learned to cope with this problem without much effort - with the help of shampoos and masks with the addition of purple pigment.

In conclusion, a universal tip that will come in handy for everyone who does styling, regardless of hair color: use thermal protection. Unfortunately, exposure to high-temperature gadgets does not have the best effect on the color and he alth of dyed hair and can also cause unwanted yellowness. To minimize damage, experts have come up with special tools that provide the strands with the necessary protection.