If you decide to radically change your hair color, permanent dyes are indispensable. Let's try to figure out if such coloring is safe, and also discuss the possibilities of semi-permanent dyes

What is permanent hair dye?

The definition of "permanent" is translated from Latin as "permanent" , "continuing" . A simple conclusion suggests itself that permanent hair dye is the most resistant. And therefore, it is to the help of permanent dyes that they resort to when it is necessary to turn from a blonde to a brunette or from a red-haired beast to a blond.Designed for dramatic color changes, these inks provide durability unmatched by other dyes.

This result is ensured by the presence of certain chemicals in the composition, in particular ammonia or its analogues. They lift the scales of the hair cuticle, allowing you to displace the original pigment and replace it with a new one. Hence the color fastness - a natural shade can only be returned by growing hair or another permanent dye.

Are "permanent paint" and "resistant paint" the same thing?Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierPersistent and permanent paint are the same thing, just in different words. So called paints that affect the natural pigment and change it irrevocably. Permanent dyes are also washed off, like everyone else, but the hair color after using them will not return to the same one that it was before dyeing.

How does permanent paint work?

Let's remember the school chemistry program, namely redox reactions. As a result of the reaction in which ammonia enters with an oxidizing agent, the hair swells, the cuticle scales open, natural pigments are destroyed, and the formed voids are filled with a new dye.

Instead of ammonia, the formula may contain another component - ethanolamine. Paints with this ingredient are not so aggressive on curls, but they are inferior in durability to ammonia ones. The oxidizing agent is hydrogen peroxide with the addition of various acids and other components. The concentration of peroxide in the formulation can vary from 1.5% to 12%. The higher the percentage, the lighter the final shade will be.

Pros and cons of permanent colors

To decide if you are ready for permanent coloring with permanent paint, it makes sense to study the advantages and disadvantages of these products.


  • unsurpassed durability;

  • large palette of bright and saturated shades;

  • the ability to radically change the color that only permanent hair coloring gives.


  • traumatic effect on hair;

  • need for special, intensive care after staining;

  • problematic return to original shade.

Note that permanent dyes are suitable for he althy hair that does not suffer from dryness and brittleness. If the curls are not in the best condition, it makes sense to wait with such serious beauty procedures until the strands are completely restored.

Permanent and semi-permanent hair dye: what's the difference?

The most significant difference is that semi-permanent dyes do not contain ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide is contained in a minimum concentration.
Ammonia-free dyes do not destroy the hair structure, the pigment does not penetrate into the cortex, but is fixed on the surface . Hence, a less traumatic effect on the hair, but also a less lasting result.With the help of semi-permanent dyes, you can refresh their original color without much harm to the hair, add shine and shine, slightly change the shade (in the direction of a darker one).

L'Oréal Paris Permanent Hair Colors

You will find a large palette of shades of durable colors in the lines of L'Oréal Paris. Here is our selection of what we think are the most trending.


Products from this series of permanent dyes nourish hair and create a protective barrier on them that protects the color from washing out and dullness.If you see yourself as a dazzling blonde and want to transform without leaving home, then there are great options for home coloring - for example, shade number 10.21 "Stockholm" or 11.21 "Ultrablond" .

Girls with fair skin and light eyes will get the most harmonious result.For those who like softer blond, we recommend No. 8.3 Cannes. Golden light blond ": honey strands are successfully combined with olive and bronze skin.

Have you wanted to try on the image of a captivating brunette for a long time? Try 3.0 Brazil or 3.12 Moulin Rouge.

Red colors No. 74 "Mango" and No. P78 "Paprika" will not leave indifferent lovers of the spectrum of fiery flashes.


Excellence permanent cream paint is also available in a wide range of colors. Shades such as No. 6.32 Golden Dark Blonde, No. 7.1 Ash Blonde and No. 7.3 Golden Blonde will help you get light brown curls or add a lasting radiance to your natural color.

The noble brown color will be given by paints No. 5.00 "Light chestnut" and No. 4.0 "Chestnut" .


Do you want to experiment with bright colors? Bold solutions can be found in the Colorista line. Incredible "Bright Red" , delicate "Rose Gold" and bold "Dark Purple" - juicy shades that will definitely attract eyes like a magnet.

Garnier permanent colors color palette

Garnier brand permanent permanent paints are also worthy of your attention. The quality and durability of the result will not disappoint.

Garnier Color Sensation

Color Sensation paints will help to achieve an even and deep color on your hair.Effective light shades No. 911 "Smoky Ultra Blonde" and No. 901 "Silver Blonde" turn girls with bright eyes into fabulous northern beauties.

Ash gamma is embodied in shades No. 6.12 "Sparkling Cold Mocha" and No. 7.12 "Pearl Ash Blonde" .

Intense dark curls can be obtained with Black Diamond No. 2.0 and Night Sapphire No. 4.10.

There are pleasant surprises in the Color Sensation collection for lovers of an unusual palette. They are waiting for you in a special edition of The Vivids. Delicate Lavender, Platinum Metallic, Pastel Pink and Smoky Blue are all ready to emphasize sensuality and individuality.

You can try on each shade online on the site, which allows you to choose the most suitable color solution.

Color Naturals

Sun-bleached "beach" curls are most suitable for girls with warm skin tones. Permanent paints No. 8 "Wheat" , 9.1 "Sunny Beach" and No. 8.1 "Sandy Beach" will help to achieve this effect.

Did you decide on copper staining? № 6.41 "Passionate Amber" will open on curls with golden tints.

More intense and even fiery hair colors will be given by shades No. 7.4 Golden Copper and No. 7.40 Captivating Copper.

For more interesting colors to try online, visit the Garnier website.

Stylist tips for choosing colors and coloring

Answering frequently asked questions.

What to choose - permanent or semi-permanent hair dye?

The choice depends on the result you want. For a radical change in hair color and lightening, it would be reasonable to choose persistent paints. With semi-permanent paints, you can maintain the color, update it or change it to two or three tones.

How often can I dye my hair permanently?

The interval between coloring procedures should be at least 4 weeks. Regrown roots are allowed to be painted every 3 weeks. Read more in our article.

Is it possible to leave the remains of permanent paint until the next coloring if stored, for example, in the refrigerator?

This should never be done. The dye mixture must be used immediately, it is not suitable for storage.

How to calculate the exposure time of permanent hair dye?

The countdown provided by the instruction begins only after the coloring composition has been applied to all hair.

How to take care of permanent hair color?

It's important to include products labeled "For colored hair" in your care, and it's not just about shampoo. Below we will tell you in more detail what other beauty products will help restore hair after dyeing.


Hair care after permanent dyeing

Garnier Fructis Firming Shampoo and Balm Goji. Lasting Color" restore hair and make it more durable. Special formula prevents color fading and loss of shine.

For blondes whose hair is dyed with permanent dye, we recommend L'Oréal Paris Elseve Purple Color Expert Shampoo and Mask: they neutralize the yellowness/redness that inevitably occurs over time.

An interesting beauty find is Botanicals Lavender Shampoo Oil from L’Oréal Paris. This remedy is suitable for those who, after dyeing, have sensitive scalp and thin hair. The oil soothes irritated skin and nourishes curls. You need to apply it before washing your hair and rinse with shampoo.

Very good results are given by leave-in care products. These include sprays, oils and creams. For example, Garnier Botanic Therapy Revitalizing Cream-Oil with Royal Jelly and Propolis is an emergency aid for severely damaged hair.

If you dream of hair resembling flowing silk, Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil will help you achieve your goal. Apply it along the entire length of the hair or just at the ends.

For more information on ingredients, production processes, quality and safety requirements, click here!