The premieres of cosmetic novelties in the first months of the year are going with a bang. Still - after all, you want change so much. Indeed, why not brush up on your beauty routine?! What means will help in this - we will tell right now

The Slim Glow Matte Illicit Nude by YSL Beauté

During strict quarantine, when lips had to be hidden under masks, we managed to yearn for lipstick. We propose to make a comeback with the new The Slim Glow Matte from the Illicit Nude collection by YSL Beauté.Firstly, the lipstick has a matte texture, which means that the product will be more resistant to personal protective equipment. Secondly, the thin edges of the square cut allow you to clearly draw the contour of the lips even after a long absence of practice. Thirdly, we draw your attention to the composition of the lipstick: it includes an extract of mallow flowers, which gives the lips a delicate glow.

Maybelline NY Eyebrow Pencil

Wide expressive eyebrows already seem to have become a classic. Our advice - do not complicate the process of makeup. Get the desired result quickly and without hassle with the Tattoo Brow pencil with a brush on the other end. With this tool, you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows, fill in the voids and blend the strokes where necessary. The pencil is presented in four shades - according to the creators, there is a suitable tone for any color type.

And for those who don't plan to limit themselves to brow makeup, we highly recommend trying the new Sky High mascara from Maybelline NY, which literally blew up TikTok! We even came up with a quiz about her.

Lash Idôle Mascara, Lancôme

Lancôme fans will certainly appreciate the launch of the subtle fragrance Idôle in 2023. This year they are in for a surprise in the form of a new version of the mascara of the same name. Among the features of the novelty, it is worth noting a brush with different-sized bristles (there are 360 of them!) For better separation of eyelashes and a special gel emulsion texture that provides optimal coverage of hairs. This effect was achieved with a new formula, in which the wax was partially replaced with white tea extract. The design can be appreciated with the naked eye - we have already reserved a place for a new mascara in our beauty collection.

Marshmellow Collection, NYX

If we were to introduce the new NYX primer on the TikTok platform, we could play a game of "Pinch your finger if.." . The product has ten properties: camouflages imperfections, softens the skin, extends the make-up duration (up to 12 hours), facilitates the subsequent application of foundation, moisturizes, soothes, evens out skin tone, smoothes texture, blurs and even reduces fine wrinkles.

Although we are ready to buy this product without it, at least for the sweet name Marshmellow and a cute pink sponge with a heart.

By the way, makeup sponges can be used with different products. With what and how - we show on the video:

Renovation Elseve, L'Oréal Paris

In matters relating to the struggle for a he althy ecological environment, it is recommended to start with yourself. L’Oréal Paris absolutely agrees with this position: in recent years, the company has been actively improving production processes and introducing innovations aimed at preserving the environment.For example, all Elseve shampoo and conditioner bottles are now made from 100% recyclable plastic. Not every brand can boast of such a technological breakthrough. Keep it up!

Bambi Eye Oversized Mascara, L'Oréal Paris

Ink "Bambi Look" has already become indispensable for many. To share this success, her new version is ready - Bambie Eye Oversized. What changed? Now the updated silicone brush and a more elastic formula with collagen are responsible for the effect of false eyelashes. The design has not remained the same: in stores, focus on the black bottle and the neon image of Bambi. I have already managed to grab a novelty and without too much modesty I will say that the eyelashes after applying it become lush and look playful.

By the way, we have a fun quiz about this mascara and Bambi:

  • 1 / 8

    Why is the mascara called Bambi?

    Because of the effect that can be achieved with it - a la Bambi! This year is Disney's Bambi's birthday. Mystery! Maybe to please everyone?

  • 2 / 8

    Where did the animators draw Bambi the deer?

    At the zoo in Los Angeles. Specially went to the forests on the East coast of America, where deer live. The deer was placed right in the W alt Disney studio.

  • 3 / 8

    What phrase was used in the famous cartoon?

    Don't make eyes! Just look at him! Well, isn't he adorable? Baby! How you look like your mother!

  • 4 / 8

    What is the difference between the new version of Bambi mascara and the previous ones?

    Hmm… in the bottle design? In a silicone brush for XXL volume and length. Everything has changed: the appearance, the formula, and the brush.

  • 5 / 8

    Why was collagen added to mascara?

    For anti-age effect. For volume and easy distribution of mascara. To extend the shelf life.

  • 6 / 8

    How to apply mascara to make your look more playful a la Bambi?

    Fast and, importantly, without layering the product. From the very roots! Zigzag movements, pulling the eyelashes up.

  • 7 / 8

    " What are the benefits of the new Bambi Look mascara brush?"

    It is made of natural material. It is silicone and tapered for maximum length and perfect separation of the lashes. It makes you open your eyes like a newborn deer.

  • 8 / 8

    " What does the Bambi effect imply?"

    You tame with your eyes as effectively as possible. I want flowers and hands! You can't go out without lashes.