Get a cold blond without yellowness is a dream of many. Still would! Hair with a light ash tint looks both gentle and strict, not to mention the stylish component of the image. Let's talk more about this spectrum and share the opinions of experts

Cold blonde: color features

Indisputable fact: cool blonde is chosen by girls who like to attract attention. Many of them do it intuitively, but colorists know the secret to success: a cold blonde shade of hair contrasts to a greater or lesser extent with any color type.

Naturally, celebrities also use this technique: both Sasha Luss and Kim Kardashian demonstrated cold shades of blonde against the background of the red carpet. Often, red lipstick was included - with such a pair of laconic plain dresses, it is enough to become the star of the evening.

But let's not limit the potential of this shade to solemn exits.

Cold blond has proven itself well in everyday life. Wear it to work in combination with a black jacket, and boldly choose clothes in bright colors for a walk.

If we talk about the advantages of coloring in a cold blond, then it is worth noting that it is:

  • makes you look younger;
  • is considered the most spectacular (in the palette of natural colors);
  • makes hair visually thicker.

Of course, cold shades of blond have their drawbacks. Most often users are disturbed by:

  • yellowness, which often appears on blond hair;
  • dry strands;
  • the need to regularly update the color (at least at the roots).

Who suits cool blonde coloring?

It's hard to find a colorist who would deny that when choosing a shade of hair, it is important to consider eye color. Therefore, we will dwell on this point to talk about specific combinations.

Brown eyes

Yes, yes and yes again! In the photo you can see how a cold blond favorably emphasizes the appearance of brown-eyed girls. The look of dark eyes takes on depth and thoughtfulness, so that the classic jokes about blondes will definitely be out of place.

With green eyes

This combination is rare. If you have green eyes, we recommend trying a cool ash blonde. This union will be harmonious if you choose the right tone of paint: it should not be an extremely cold shade.

With blue or gray eyes

Light-colored eyes will benefit from cool-colour support. Afraid of getting too poppy? Rate the dark cold blonde, which has not yet become massive.

Cool blonde shades palette

We hasten to please: hair dyes in the shade of cold blond are not limited to one color. We are pleased to list six areas for finding the most suitable shade.

Ash blonde

The cold ash blonde is as far from the classic perception of blonde hair color as possible.

We mentioned above that it should be adopted by girls with blue and gray eyes.

Taking this opportunity, let's add that the skin should not be left too white - it makes sense to sculpt the face with a bronzer. In the video, we showed how to do it without the help of professionals:

Platinum Blonde

Whatever one may say, but most often girls turn to the classics. Of course, there is an explanation for this: platinum blond is combined with any shade of the eyes.

And yet, preference should be given to him, first of all, to the owners of a cold color type.

Stylists often advise cold blonde women with bob haircuts. The color looks great on both straight strands and wavy curls.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierThe color after staining turned out to be cold, as you intended? Congratulations! Now it is enough to support it with products for the care of dyed hair. But I must warn you that cold pigments are rather capricious and are washed off faster than others. Therefore, if you notice that the color has changed before re-dyeing "on schedule" , I advise you to do hair tinting.

Dark Blonde

To get a dark blonde, masters often mix several shades. Yes, the color is not the most common.

But we assure you that the paint in the shade of cold dark blond can be found in the assortment of many popular brands and you won’t have to arrange a chemistry cabinet at home. Colorists recommend it to owners of light eyes and light peach skin.

Cold Blonde

Beige blonde, popular in 2023, can also be called cold blond. The only difference is that the first one also happens in a warm variation, and in this material we are talking exclusively about “ice” shades.

Who suits a cold blond in a light brown version? First of all, girls of a cold color type with dark eyes.

Silver Blonde

This shade is also called pearl - for its beautiful overflows, evoking associations with the waves of the northern seas.

They are what make it really cold.

Still, it was believed that only fair-skinned girls should choose silver blonde, but we know a lot of examples when it became real decoration for those who have just returned from a two-week vacation at sea.

By the way, after a vacation at sea, do not immediately rush into coloring - hair that is overdried, as a rule, by the sun and the sea, must first be restored.

Cool blonde with pink undertones

How can you not fall in love with a pink blonde! By the way, different color types “show” this shade in different ways.

For example, on girls with fair skin and blue eyes, he looks romantic and gentle, and dark-skinned and brown-eyed Salma Hayek with this hair color looked pretty bold on the red carpet.

Grey blonde

Blonde with a high concentration of cool gray pigment is worth a try for girls with brown or dark green eyes.

By the way, most often gray blond is used for complex coloring, for example, in balayage and air touch techniques.

How to get a cool blonde without yellowness: step by step instructions

Many people still think that getting a cool blonde at home is something from the category of blue dreams. But this dream has become a reality. You just need to follow the tips below.

  1. If you have dark or red hair, you need to lighten it first. To do this, many brands have special shades that are labeled as lightening.

  2. For dyeing, choose persistent dyes of the appropriate cold shade and follow the instructions. For best results, hair and scalp should be free of styling and conditioning products. It is important to distribute the paint evenly and quickly so that the exposure time on different strands is plus or minus the same.

  3. Rinse off with water (or as instructed) and be sure to use the conditioner or hair cream that comes with the color. It, as it should be a balm, will make the hair soft and silky.

The best colors from the cold blonde palette

The success of coloring in a cold blond largely depends on the choice of paint. According to the opinion and experience of the editors, these can be called the best, they will not let you down.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence

L'Oréal Paris' Préférence collection has a large selection of cool light shades. But we choose this paint not only for an attractive palette. We love its durability, the shine it leaves on hair after coloring, and its ability to cover gray hair.

Garnier Color Sensation

We bring to your attention one more resistant cream hair dye. The formula of products from the Color Sensation series includes mother-of-pearl. Thanks to this ingredient, the hair gains extra shine.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence

Everyone knows that any coloring is quite traumatic for the hair. Therefore, the creators of Excellence paint took care not only of the beauty of the range of cold shades, but also the development of a composition that gently acts on curls.

Did you ask? Answer!

Which cool blonde is trending in 2023?

Beige and gray blond are the leaders, but, of course, classic platinum and pearl shades are only half a step behind." "

Which haircut to choose with a cool blonde?

Don't limit yourself to choosing one solution. Cold blonde is a hair color that will draw attention to both stylish short haircuts and well-groomed long curls, which is easy to prove with the help of a photo. Our absolute favorite in 2023 is the bob in all its variations." " "

I have warm skin tone and natural red hair. Would I like cool blonde?

Who suits a cold blond and what kind of hair it fits beautifully are two separate questions. We recommend that you look at a cool blonde with a pink undertone and be careful when lightening your hair: shades of the red spectrum, as a rule, are very saturated with pigments."

Cool Blonde Home Care

No shade requires such careful hair care as cool blonde. However, there is nothing complicated about this - moreover, with well-chosen means, all procedures will be a pleasure.

  1. Have you joined the ranks of blondes? Then immediately switch to products for colored strands. They will take care of your hair until the next color update and help you approach the next procedure with a shade that has not lost its attractiveness.

    Suitable products are available in the Botanicals line from L'Oréal Paris. The composition of the funds includes oils of geranium flowers, soy and coconut - they nourish the curls and give them extra shine.
  2. In case of color “warming” (appearance of unwanted yellowness), keep hair products with purple pigment in the bathroom, such as Elseve L’Oréal Paris purple shampoo and mask to neutralize yellowness. They will help refresh the cold color and successfully fight the yellow undertone.

  3. Don't do hot styling without thermal protection. This will help to avoid untidy hair ends and unwanted color changes as a result of exposing the hair to high-temperature devices. With protective functions, Elseve cream does a good job. It is stated that it is ready to withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees.