Quiet beauty and nobility of the spectrum led the ash-blond hair color to well-deserved fame. Its wide palette, from pearl to light gray shades, also contributes to its popularity. The trend is clearly not for one season, so it's worth discussing it in detail

Features of ash-blond hair color

The light brown color is quite common, so stylists and colorists strive to add originality to it by coming up with tint variations. One of them is ash-blond hair color. It looks really interesting, while maintaining naturalness.Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of ash-blond shades.


  • Versatility of the palette that suits almost all types of appearance;

  • variety of shades in the ash-blond spectrum;

  • possibility to limit hair toning, no need to resort to permanent coloring;

  • possibility to use in various techniques, such as shatush, airtouch, balayage, ombre.


  • Cool shade can highlight redness and other skin imperfections;

  • dark-haired girls (brunettes and brown-haired women) will have to pre-lighten the strands to get the desired shade;

  • you will need to regularly update the tinting, because without this, the strands may eventually acquire an unwanted yellowish tint.

Who should choose ash blonde hair color

We have already called the ash-blond hair color universal, however, there are some nuances that are important to consider in order to obtain the most advantageous effect.

The combination with peach and porcelain skin will be perfect.

Swarty-skinned women are advised to take a closer look at dark blond ash.

However, any variety of the ash-blond spectrum without any reservations will suit girls with gray, blue and blue eyes.

Green and brown eyes don't argue with ashy shades either.

What are the shades of ash blonde hair?

We have already noted the diversity of this palette, so there is no doubt that everyone will find “their” color.

Light shade of ash blonde

The lightest shade in this palette is close to an ash blonde. It is chosen by those who do not want to join the ranks of classic blondes.You can take a chance and add mother-of-pearl shine - you get a romantic pearl-ash shade.

Medium Ash Blonde

This is a classic solution. It looks extremely aesthetically pleasing: the usual blond color, full of cold radiance.

Dark shade of ash blonde

If dark-haired beauties are not averse to adding cold notes to their curls, then we advise you to try on a dark blond ash shade.
For the most daring, there is an ash-gray option.

Trend types of hair coloring in ash-blond color

This palette is good because it can be successfully used in a variety of types and techniques of staining. In addition to a complete color change, there are many other possibilities. Consider them on photo examples.

Solid coloring

Curls look great, completely painted in ashy shades of light brown.


Trendy ombre goes well with ash-blond colors.


An excellent choice for ash-blond hair is the shatush technique with subtle transitions between colors.

Ash Balayage

Ashy highlights play beautifully on both dark and blond hair.

Ash blond hair color: color palette

This range of colors can be found in many manufacturers. We bring to your attention a selection of the most trendy, in our opinion, shades.

L'Oréal Paris ash blonde colors

In the Préférence series, we recommend paying attention to the shade "Iceland" under No. 7.1. If you want to add a cool touch to your blonde hair, then this medium ash blonde color will do the job.

Dark Ash Blonde in shade 6.21 Rivoli will darken blonde hair for a luxurious shine.

A more daring solution would be shade 8.23 Rose Gold. However, you should not worry that the hair will turn bright pink. This is more of a muted version of this color with a pearly sheen that will make the image spectacular and memorable.

The Casting Crème Gloss range of cream paints without ammonia will also delight you with light brown shades with “ash”. We advise you to consider No. 613 "Frosty Glace" .

Light ash blonde is embodied in shade No. 810 "Pearl Blonde" . The result looks natural and attracts attention with a soft pearly sheen on the strands.

№ 7.1 "Ash Blonde" in the range of persistent Excellence cream paints on the hair will reveal a noble radiance.

If you have rather dark hair and want a noticeable change, try shade No. 8.1 "Light Blonde Ash" from the Excellence series. It is also suitable for brown-haired women.

Tip from our color expert for those looking for a light ash shade of hair:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierMake sure that after the dot there is a number 1: this is the number that is responsible for the "ash" in the shade.

Turn into an ash blonde fair-haired and dark-blond girls will help the paint of the same line No. 03 "Light Light Blonde Ash" .

Cold Dark Chestnut No. 300 from Excellence, L'Oréal Paris, for those who love dark ash shades.

Ready for more serious experiments? Why not opt for Colorista Smoke Gray Permanent Paint? Steel silver curls will undoubtedly attract the attention of others.

These and other shades are easy to try on online at L'Oréal Paris. A convenient service will help you choose the most suitable color.

Ash blond colors Garnier

In the wide palette of colors Garnier Color Sensation, of course, there was a place for ashy shades. No. 8.1 Luxurious Northern Blonde makes hair silky and gives it a mirror shine.

Another interesting shade from the same line is No. 7.12 "Pearl Ash Blonde" with a pearly glow. A fresh solution for transforming blond and chestnut curls.

For a light blond ash color, choose 901 Silver Blonde or 911 Smoky Ultra Blonde. Hair will shimmer with a steel sheen.

Natural shades of smoky blonde can also be found in the Garnier Color Naturals range, in particular No. 7.1 Alder. With this dye you will get a natural hair color with ashy notes.

A more intense color will give shade No. 7.00 "Deep Blonde" . In both cases, it is ash-blond paint without yellowness.

In the Garnier Olia ammonia-free cream color series, we advise you to pay attention to No. 7.132 "Smoky Beige" : a pure and rich dye will cope with the coloring of dark hair and perfectly toned light blond curls, and number 7.13 "Golden Blonde" will give the strands a fashionable beige sheen.

Don't forget that you can virtually try on each shade on the Garnier website by uploading your photo or using the service's camera.

How to dye your hair ash blonde at home?

Have you decided on the choice of paint? Then you can start coloring. All the products listed above are intended just for home use, but before the procedure it is necessary to exclude the risk of an allergic reaction.

48 hours before your scheduled color session, apply a small amount of your chosen product to a small area (eg behind the ear). If within 2 days the skin "keeps calm" , you can start the transformation.

  1. Prepare everything you need: a plastic container for paint, a special brush, a comb with a thin tail, gloves, a cape or a towel to protect clothes from paint.

  2. Apply a nourishing cream along the hairline to avoid color stains on the skin.

  3. Comb your hair and divide it into three equal parts: two side and back.

  4. Mix all the ingredients according to the instructions and start painting over each part in a row, moving the brush from the roots to the tips.

  5. When you're done, run your fingers through your hair to spread the color evenly.

  6. Wait the time indicated in the instructions and wash off the paint with warm water.

  7. Apply a special care balm and wash it off 3-5 minutes later (or according to the manufacturer's instructions).

Answering frequently asked questions about ash blonde hair color

Do I have to bleach dark hair before dyeing it ash blonde?

It all depends on the original hair color. For example, burning brunettes cannot do without bleaching, but for dark-blond girls it is quite possible to choose a shade that does not require this sacrifice.

Does hair need to be prepped for an ash blonde color?

If you are thinking about this procedure, it is better to strengthen the care of curls 2-3 weeks before staining. We recommend adding the use of firming masks and moisturizing oils to your beauty routine.

How to keep the saturation of the ash-blond color?

In addition to special beauty products for colored hair, which we will discuss below, simple rules will help to prolong the effect of dyeing in ash-blond color:

  • do not wash your hair with shampoo immediately after coloring (unless a special shampoo is provided with the paint, as, for example, in L'Oréal Paris Excellence) - it is better to do this after 24 hours;

  • use warm water to wash your hair, never hot;

  • try to give up daily shampooing, and use dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh;

  • be sure to use heat protection when styling.

How to find the right shade of ash blonde?

There is no universal recipe here. It is better to spare no time and explore the entire palette of possibilities - and be sure to use the option of online trying on shades available on the site.

How to cool blonde hair?


Post Color Care

To avoid the need for frequent color refreshes, proper hair care is essential.

Coloured hair needs special shampoos and conditioners. Garnier Botanic Therapy products with argan oil and cranberry prolong color wear and restore hair.

After dyeing, including in ash-blond colors, curls can become brittle and dry. The intensively nourishing mask Garnier Botanic Therapy "Legendary Olive" will come to the rescue. It smoothes the hair along the entire length, heals the structure and restores the natural shine to the strands. Try also shampoo from the same series.

Cold pigments are washed out pretty quickly, and the curls begin to turn yellow. The purple shampoo and mask from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert" will help to cope with unwanted "toning" and return the ashy tint to blond hair.

Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Serum from L'Oréal Paris Elseve will support hair weakened by lightening. It does not contain parabens and silicones, which means it will strengthen hair without weighing it down, and its fresh scent will be a nice bonus.