Women have different attitudes towards gray hair. Some accept this fact and even consider it their highlight, while others, on the contrary, wage a fierce war with any hint of gray hair. The latter, by the way, are the majority. For them, today we will reveal effective dyeing methods and tell you what color to choose for gray hair

What to consider when choosing a dye for gray hair?

It is not easy to guess when the first gray hair will appear. On the one hand, this is influenced by heredity, on the other hand, by lifestyle, he alth and the state of the environment.

In any case, at some point, the production of melanin is disrupted, and the color of the strands changes to gray. But not only their shade changes.

Age-related changes also affect the structure of the hair: they become stiffer, the so-called vitreous gray hair appears.

Perhaps those who have noticed single gray hairs in themselves will remember that they are different to the touch from the rest of the mass of hair. That is why, before buying, it is important to know which paint is best for gray hair - more precisely, which one will cover gray hair.

When choosing, colorists advise you to pay attention to several points. Firstly, resistant paint will give a more pronounced and long-term result.

Secondly, the packaging should indicate that the tool paints over gray hair.And thirdly, a sparing concentration and the best option for those who want to hide individual "traitors" is paint with a 6% oxidant - the main enemy of gray hair. With a lower saturation, the product may not “take” gray hair, with a higher saturation, it may negatively affect the quality of the hair during dyeing at home. However, when choosing paint for home coloring, there is no point in embarking on such chemical research, and if the paint package says “covers gray hair”, you can safely count on the corresponding effect.

Which hair color to choose for gray hair?

Finding a suitable shade of paint in this case is a task with an asterisk. It is one thing to find a replacement for your natural hair color, and quite another to choose a remedy for stubborn gray hair. But we know a simple way: the palette should be close to the natural color of your hair. However, if desired, you can choose a suitable paint of any shade.

Dark hair

Brunettes have a lot of advantages. For example, it is easy to achieve shine on brown and black strands, and dyeing in dark colors does not require lightening that is traumatic for the hair. But you have to pay for everything.

Grey hair is more striking against the background of dark hair.

That's why dark-haired girls, when gray hair appears, often "get over to the bright side" , trying different shades of blond.

But what about those who want to keep their natural hair color? We advise you to try one of the complex coloring techniques. For example, balayage or air touch. The advantages of these techniques are undeniable.

For example, if you miss the appointed time for updating the coloring, chaotic color transitions and the presence of strands of several shades will not allow others to notice your omission. In the photo below you can see successful options with blurry boundaries between shades.

Blonde hair

Often, blondes do not immediately notice that they have their first gray hair. Only the most attentive keep track of this moment and rush to fight the gray hair.

Owners of light hair are suitable for gentle oil-based paint. Yes, such products do not always guarantee 100% gray hair coverage, but they do not contain ammonia and effectively care for curls.

For example, an ash blonde hair dye for home coloring, against which the tone of gray hair will be lost.

Completely gray hair

What color to paint over completely gray hair does not matter.Let's say more: a few years ago we would advise you to purchase resistant paint, saying that ammonia-free paint is not capable of such feats. But the beauty industry does not stand still, and today there are ammonia-free products on sale that provide excellent results.

For example, Garnier's Olia permanent paints replace ammonia with oils that act as dye conductors.

By the way, don't forget to check that the new shade of hair is combined with the color of the eyebrows. And how to arrange the latter, we tell on the video:

Which dye to choose for gray hair: ammonia or ammonia-free?

As we have found out, the paint for gray hair in the modern world can be resistant and without ammonia in the composition. But ammonium hydroxide products also have their benefits.

Which side to choose? Ammonia-free paint in recent years has acquired a considerable number of fans even for painting over gray hair.Girls like a more careful approach to hair. But compared to ammonia, this paint has its drawbacks. First, it is faster (relatively) washed out. Secondly, it is not always possible to radically change the shade.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisOf course, I am in favor of a permanent dye, since it is not easy to work with gray hair. Gray hair requires a special and extremely careful approach. I recommend paying attention to products such as L'Oréal Preference and L'Oréal Excellence, as at home they allow you to paint over gray hair.

Overview of permanent gray hair colors

Do you think that you need permanent dye to cover gray hair? Then we invite you to get acquainted with our rating of the best products in this category.

Garnier Color Sensation

It is no coincidence that this range of colors is called "color sensation" .

You don't have to worry: whatever the situation with the hair, this paint effectively paints over gray hair. But let's talk about this advantage. Hue is the main thing that the creators of Color Sensation focused on. As a result, we got a product that effectively covers gray hair and adds shine to hair due to the essence of wild rose in the composition.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence

It must be said that hair dye that covers gray hair is not so rare today. It doesn't have to be professional at all. At the same time, even during the home procedure, curls can receive additional care. To do this, the experts of the L’Oréal Paris brand added components that soften the strands.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence

Another favorite of stylists and do-it-yourselfers is a paint that is suitable not only for covering gray hair, but also for protecting strands at all stages of color change.

It contains pro-keratin and a special serum that protect hair during permanent coloring.

Ammonia-free gray hair dyes

Ammonia-free gray hair dye is often found in reviews with the mark “harmless”, which to a certain extent is still craftiness. It would be more honest to call it "less harmful." But we want to focus on the professional features of these products.

Garnier Olia

Widely known paint of this category in our beauty market. A noble palette of colors, a delicate composition with oils and the ability to paint over gray hair work for the growing popularity of this tool, which is confirmed by rave reviews from users.

L'Oréal Paris Prodigy

In the 21st century, cosmetic production technologies continue to develop rapidly. For example, Loreal's ammonia-free gray hair dye contains special micro-oils that help deliver pigment to the hair structure, which allows you to successfully paint over gray hair.Look for this product on the shelves under the code word Prodigy.

How to dye gray hair at home

If you have already purchased paint and are planning to cover your gray hair without leaving your home, our top 5 tips will definitely come in handy.

  1. Do an allergy test to rule out risks. As a rule, this is also warned on the packaging or in the instructions.

  2. Wash your hair a day or two before coloring.

  3. After shampooing, do not use styling products or leave-in care.

  4. Paint pack must be freshly opened. The old tool, which you, for example, tinted the roots two weeks ago, is absolutely impossible to use.

  5. Many in the process of waiting begin to do household chores and either do not withstand the dye on their hair for the right time, or overdo it. Both options can negatively affect the final result.

Hair care after dyeing

Practice shows that the first couple of days after dyeing, girls actively take care of their hair. But then for some reason they forget that they need special care.

Fortunately, today many products that protect the color of dyed hair and care for them are also a pleasure to use. Sharing effective helpers.

Tinted Shampoos

We've found a skin care product that won't take you any extra time to apply. If you're wearing a blonde hair color and don't want to deal with unwanted yellow tones, try a purple shampoo.We love the Elseve line. By the way, it is successfully complemented by a purple mask from the same line.

Products for colored hair

  1. Another shampoo that helps maintain the color of dyed hair can be found in the Garnier Fructis Permanent Color line. In a bright red package - a formula with goji berries, which have a positive effect on hair quality and color fastness.

    1. Experts recommend not to neglect the balm. Especially if you have colored hair.

Among the products we have tested is a balm from the Geranium line by L'Oréal Paris. It's nice to know it's made from 98% natural ingredients to nourish curls and protect color from dullness.

  1. The icing on the cake when it comes to color-treated hair care is weekly hair nourishment with a mask. Take the one that is designed specifically to protect the color. The tool from the Elseve Expert Color line from L’Oréal Paris does an excellent job. As a bonus, a laminating elixir was added to the composition, which protects the surface of the hair.