Beige hair color is not a trend, but tenderness itself. We will tell you how to achieve the actual shade by choosing the tone that suits you

Beige hair color feature

The beige palette is soft and understated, and when applied to hair color, colorists often call it elegant.

Cold light shades of beige perfectly mask gray hair - both as a result of monochromatic coloring, and as a result of highlighting or work using ombre and balayage techniques.Beige strands of different tones harmonizing with each other refresh the image, and the partial coloring itself can be called less traumatic, since not all hair is dyed.

Who suits beige hair color: examples with photos

The word "beige" has become almost synonymous with the definition of "neutral" , but in relation to hair color, this does not make it boring - rather universal. There is a suitable shade of beige for every taste, mood and color type, because the range of this spectrum is extremely wide, from the coldest and lightest notes to warm sandy brown.

Whatever hair color we are talking about, it is important to choose a good combination with eye color and skin tone, combining cold shades with a cold color type, and warm ones with warm ones. Check your color type with the test.

Take the test13

What kind of skin do you have?

  • Warm tone, closer to peach
  • Cool tone, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Warm tone with golden undertones, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Cold, "porcelain" tone, great contrast between skin and hair color
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What color is your hair?

  • Lighter, closer to golden hue
  • Light blonde to chestnut, cool undertones with ashy undertones
  • Brown to black. Golden or red undertone
  • Dark chestnut to black with ashy undertones
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What eyes do you have?

  • Blue, green, light brown
  • Blue, gray-blue, gray-brown
  • Hazel, dark brown, olive or warm green
  • Medium brown to black, blue-grey, cool green

Popular light shades of beige hair color

Light beige color is a noble version of the traditional blond. The choice of shades ranges from honey to trendy pastel pink. Which color from such a wide palette is right for you?

Beige pink

Pink color has long ceased to be a radical decision that only the youngest and most daring can dare. A light beige-pink hair color will suit even modest women who prefer not to draw much attention to their appearance: an unobtrusive pink undertone appears beautifully in the light, competing in effect with an ash blonde.

You can maintain this color with light pink tint. For example, with the help of pink shades of coloring jelly for hair Colorista Hair Makeup, L’Oréal Paris, you can get a very light, poetic shade. To do this, you need to keep the product on your hair a little less time recommended in the instructions.

Beige blonde

A fresh light beige tint will make fashionable cool hair color more delicate than, say, ash gray, and is perfect even for owners of warm skin tones and brown eyes.

Achieving a harmonious result when staining in cold tones is generally not so simple, since most people's hair contains a certain amount of red pigment. But if you are a happy owner of a natural ashy shade, go for it! With the right choice of paint color, you have every chance of getting the coveted beige blond not only in the salon, but also at home.

Honey beige

Dessert honey shade of hair will harmoniously complement the warm color type. Honey beige will successfully shade peach skin and light brown eyes. However, in combination with green and blue eyes, honey curls will also look spectacular. The warmest in the palette, honey beige blond, colorists advise those who have a lot of red pigment by nature: the unwanted “copper” that appears when lightening such hair is the easiest way to tone it.

Dark shades of beige

Dark shades of beige are the most versatile. They can effectively contrast with fair skin, but they can also emphasize a tan in the most advantageous way. They do not "argue" with either warm or cold color types.

Dark beige

This shade of beige is closest to cold blond. Ashy dark beige hair color will be a real decoration for the owner of dark olive skin, to which it is so difficult to choose the right color for the strands.

But, like any cool shade, this color is capricious and will require pre-lightening hair if their natural color is warm.


Sand related shade will help create a warm look, especially in combination with tanned skin. Caramel brown-beige will serve as a beautiful frame for the golden skin of the face and emphasize the cozy appeal of a warm color type.

You can easily get a dark shade of beige yourself - it will be easily perceived by light brown and lighter hair.


If playful pink successfully sets off light beige shades, then gentle lilac (and more "gothic" purple) undertones perfectly complement darker beige colors.

This choice will give the effect of almost gray hair, which is not so easy to achieve with dark hair. An interesting result is easy to maintain with the help of tint.

How to dye your hair beige at home?

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the pursuit of a new look, it is important not only to choose the right paint for home use, but also strictly follow the instructions and observe safety precautions.

If you decide to dye your hair yourself, think about whether you need to pre-lighten: the colder the shade of beige that you have chosen, the more you will have to lighten the strands, unless, of course, your natural hair color is not ash blond. Garnier Color Sensation bleaching cream will help lighten hair at home.

Basic home coloring rules:

  1. It is better to wash your hair a day or two before lightening or coloring.

  2. When coloring or bleaching your hair, be sure to separate it into sections by parting and carefully process each strand.

  3. Follow the instructions on the paint package. Different formulas work differently: some products are applied to dry hair, and some to wet hair. The exposure time (exposure) also depends on the composition of the product.

To minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction to the paint, do not forget to test the product in advance (according to the instructions - 48 hours before the scheduled procedure): apply a little composition on your wrist and wait about 30 minutes.

Palette of beige hair colors

Since some shades of a very common light brown can be attributed to beige, the palette is very rich.

Smoky Beige Garnier Olia, shade 7.132

Noble cold beige hair color, it turns out, is achievable with paint without ammonia. A feature of the Garnier Olia line is in the composition of the products, which includes oils.The pigment is in an oily environment and, getting on the hair, penetrates under the cuticle. The result is a vibrant color on one side and a hair care effect on the other.

Garnier Olia light smoky beige, shade 9.132

Perhaps this paint will suit those who have set their sights on beige blond. We have just talked about the remarkable properties and features of the Olia line.

Beige blonde Garnier Olia, shade 7.13

Another beige option in the Olia oil palette is a delicate light brown color with pleasant, like nude tints.

Long-lasting Excellence hair color cream, shade 6.13 dark blond beige, L'Oréal Paris

In a light brown palette, it is easiest to choose the optimal beige shade. Moreover, now on the websites of paint manufacturers there is the possibility of virtual trying on colors, for example, on the website of L'Oréal Paris. And this shade is no exception.

Long-lasting Excellence hair color cream, shade 8.13 light blond beige, L'Oréal Paris

Another version of a beige blonde with gentle warm tints. It is important to note that pro-keratin was added to the paint for additional hair protection and a caring effect.

Casting Crème Gloss without ammonia, shade 1013 light blonde beige

An even lighter beige blonde with a slight peach pink undertone. In addition to an interesting lasting color, the beauty of the paint lies in its care properties, which negate the traumatic effect.

Garnier Color Sensation Luxurious Northern Blonde Long Lasting Hair Color Cream, shade 8.1

The mother-of-pearl formula will give you a very expressive shade. The composition of the permanent paint includes caring oils, which makes the hair soft and silky after the procedure.

Beige hair care

The further the beige color is from your natural, the more thoughtful should be the care of the hair after dyeing. On the one hand, you need to maintain a beautiful new color, on the other hand, you need to moisturize and nourish your hair in order to maintain its he althy look and beauty.


To keep the color fresh and avoid the need for frequent renewal, it is recommended to use tint products. If you have chosen a light beige, then for painting the roots, for example, Magic Retouch, L’Oréal Paris, in the shade “Very Light Blonde”, will come in handy.

For pink-beige and purple-beige options, tint products are simply irreplaceable: a washable coloring balm will be taken to support the image and refresh the color (the effect will last for 1-2 weeks) Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris, for example, in the shade "Pink hair.”

Cold shades will last longer in their original form, if you use not only a special shampoo, but also gray, purple or even pink tint jelly. You can resort to the help of temporary paint: such a move also neutralizes unwanted yellowness. Hair products like this can be used every three to four washes.

Products for colored hair

Dyed hair always requires special care. And even more so, clarified strands require it. Weakened curls need additional nutrition and hydration, so it is important not to neglect conditioner and hair masks. There are also special products for split ends on the beauty market. It is better to use them regularly as a preventive measure than to lose length due to frequent haircuts due to an annoying section.

Particular attention should be paid to additional care for girls who received cold light shades of hair as a result of dyeing. Many of those who have found delicate creamy-beige curls are aware of the treacherous yellowness, which over time strives to appear on the strands. To combat red pigment, it is important to choose a mild shampoo for colored hair, which will help preserve both color and hair. Egg hair masks should be avoided: yes, they are very nutritious, but they just show yellowness.We recommend trying Elseve Purple Color Luxury Mask and Shampoo by L’Oréal Paris.

When choosing your hair care products, look for products designed specifically for color-treated hair: they are designed to give your hair optimal care and maintenance, while preventing pigment from washing out. Garnier products for colored hair tested on myself. We liked it and can recommend it.