Those who at least once took up home dyeing were probably subconsciously afraid of getting the ill-fated marsh hair color as a result of the procedure. Did it happen anyway? We will tell you how to neutralize the green tint and what to do so that the unsuccessful experiment with paint does not happen again in the future

Reasons for green hair

To be fair, we note that a greenish tint of hair can be obtained both at home and in the salon. Yes, modern paints inspire much more confidence than the means used, for example, 10 years ago.But still, sometimes life makes one wonder how to remove greens from hair after dyeing. Let's start with the causes of the problem.

  • Use of natural dyes. After henna or basma, especially in combination with classic hair dye, you don’t have to wait for a predictable result.

    Therefore, colorists recommend that after dyeing with henna, first grow hair in a natural natural shade, and only then decide to change the color. In extreme cases, if you can’t wait, contact the salon. The master can start coloring after lightening the strands.

  • Chlorinated water. Unfortunately, tap water often contains a variety of impurities, including chlorine. Yes, this substance helps to disinfect the water, but it can also give the hair a yellow-green tint after dyeing.

    We hasten to reassure: there are practically no cases when the hair color changed noticeably - the concentration of chlorine in tap water is very low. But swimming pools with chlorinated water are best avoided for at least a week after dyeing.
  • Color incompatibility. Most often, this effect is possible when copper or red hair is dyed ash-colored without prior preparation.

How and how to remove the green tint from the hair?

Whatever caused the incident - the inexperience of the master or obvious mistakes - the result must be corrected. And today there are many ways to get rid of the green tint on the hair. A few years ago, such resuscitation procedures were available only in salons, but beauty technologies have already appeared that are easy to master on your own, at home.

Tint Balms

You can temporarily tint the inappropriate color with the Colorista Washout washable coloring balm.

The Red Hair version will help remove the green tint from the hair. It is this tone that colorists take to correct unsuccessful coloring and cover up greens.

By the way, for these purposes, the balm should be kept on the hair for 5-7 minutes, and not up to 30, as indicated in the instructions, because it aims at obtaining the result of full coloring.

Brightening Creams

The most logical way to get the green tint out of your hair is to take it out with a lightening cream. Suitable, for example, the product Colorista Remover, which significantly reduces the brightness of the tone.

Clarifying Shampoos

It is important to avoid confusion in this matter. "Deep cleansing" shampoos are generally designed to "deep clean" the scalp when it is very oily, for example.With hair dye, they are unlikely to cope. So don't get confused! To cleanse unwanted colors, it is better to try special products; such a valuable property will definitely be noted on the package. Let's say more: we found a special shampoo that washes off the acquired hair color in an accelerated mode - Colorista Fader, L'Oréal Paris. It can be used multiple times in a row. Lather this product in the palms of your hands, apply evenly to the hair and hold for 5 minutes, then rinse.

Folk remedies

Let's make a reservation right away: we cannot vouch for the result obtained using improvised means. But there are situations when, apart from aspirin, tomato juice, vinegar and other household "helpers" that can fix the problem, there is nothing at hand.

Let's start with the leader. Apple cider vinegar is often featured in tips for neutralizing green undertones in hair.I must say that this method of returning hair color requires strict adherence to the instructions. First, make sure that the concentration of vinegar is not higher than 9%, otherwise it is easy to get burns. Secondly, try to avoid getting the solution on the scalp. Otherwise, irritation cannot be ruled out.

Second place on the podium of "bad advice" is tomato juice. Regulars of beauty forums advise squeezing the juice from two large tomatoes and applying the resulting mixture to the strands for about twenty minutes.

Perhaps the green ends of the hair will fade a little as a result of this experiment, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely remove the green color from the hair.

And finally, the third popular “favorite” is aspirin. The method is again dubious, because there are a lot of more pleasant and effective ways to get the green color out of the hair. To prepare a folk tonic, you will need to dilute 4 aspirin tablets in 200 ml of water and apply the resulting solution to your hair for 15 minutes.

But we still urge you not to get involved in such risky experiments on yourself.

How to paint over the green tint on the hair?

Sometimes color correction is also needed for those who have decided to consciously color green. As a rule, such a request becomes more frequent after Halloween.

In preparation for the holiday, girls and young people compete in creating the most terrifying images. To do this, today there are persistent paints, and tint balms, and even sprays for temporary coloring of strands (for example, Colorista Hair Makeup "Green Hair" , L'Oréal Paris, or Colorista Washout of a similar shade).

However, green hair is not always the result of your own creative search. Let's tell you how to paint over a green tint on your hair at home.

Paint wash

On the beauty market there is a category of products that allow you to neutralize unsuccessful staining - a kind of "paint removers" . But colorists warn that you should be careful with such aggressive products.

Why? Firstly, neutralizing the green tint in the hair with a wash is a procedure that is best left to a professional. Secondly, this remedy does not save if the hair turns green after basma or other natural pigments. Thirdly, the flushing agent often has a sharp unpleasant odor.

How to cover green hair color with another color

If you arm yourself with high-quality paint of the right shade, you can get rid of green pigment in one coloring - both on dark hair and on light ones. It turns out that the green tint is not as invincible as many people think.

So what color will neutralize green in hair?

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisGreen color neutralizes red, so the shade must be taken to beige or brown, and you can also try to lighten your hair to blond.

Among the colors, we recommend looking at a few shades. It is red, copper and brown with reddish pigment.

Sharing our favorites.

  1. Resistant hair dye Préférence Color Ombrés, L'Oréal Paris, in shade 7.43 will not leave a single chance for marsh color on curls. By the way, the paint not only stays on the hair for up to 8 weeks, but also paints over gray hair. That is, you can catch two birds with one stone!

  2. Resistant hair dye Olia, Garnier, in shade 5.3 will effectively block the blond with a green tint and save the situation on light brown hair. The result should be a vibrant golden brown.

  3. Persistent hair dye Color Sensation "Luxury color" , Garnier, shade 5.35, will help get rid of both a greenish tint and unwanted yellowness. Super intense pigments have been added to the formula, which will dominate the previous coloring.

How to avoid green tint: TOP 5 tips from the pros

The reason why the curls acquire a greenish tint is clearly not one. We'll tell you how to deal with the most common ones.

  1. We all know that unwanted yellowness is the main headache of blondes. To their delight, there is a tinted shampoo with purple pigment on sale, which, albeit temporarily, eliminates this problem.

    The second "vulnerable point" of staining in blond is the manifestation of a marsh shade on the strands. This happens if you carry out the color update procedure too often, jumping from one shade to another. It is optimal to change the tone of the hair no more than once a month.
  2. Dyed hair needs more attention. First of all, care should be manifested in the competent choice of cleansing and caring products. Hair stylists recommend using products designed exclusively for color-treated hair. They are specially designed to prevent the desired pigment from fading out too quickly.

  3. Paint can fail if it's expired. It is extremely presumptuous to expect a predictable result from such funds.

  4. Do you regularly visit the pool with chlorinated water? During the sessions, put on a tight rubber cap on your head, which will protect the curls from the negative effects of chlorine, otherwise they may acquire that very undesirable greenish tint (almost like a mermaid!).

  5. At the slightest hint of a greenish tint, reduce the use of hot tools when drying and styling your hair. And always use a thermal protection (for example, Elseve Comb Tested Ultra Strength anti-breakage cream, L’Oréal Paris). Unfortunately, high temperatures can correct the shade of the strands - and, as a rule, not for the better.