Someone is wary of gray shades, considering them unattractive, and someone has already managed to appreciate their advantages. We are ready to prove that this spectrum is not at all dim and imperceptible. Coloring in gray tones can surprise with both brightness and originality

Feature gray hair

Associating gray hair with gray hair and old age is yesterday. For several years now, this palette has been at the top of fashionable coloring options. Our perception is largely influenced by fashion shows, where every now and then models with granny hair (" like a grandmother's" ) flicker.Celebrities and Instagram stars quickly picked up the trend for gray curls. Ash, pearl and silver shades are chosen by bold and bright personalities who love to attract the attention of others.

Who suits gray hair coloring: examples with photos

Let's not be unfounded. Let's back it up with photos praising the noble gray scale.

How to choose the right shade of gray?

A faithful ally of light (blue and green) eyes can be almost any variation of the ash range.

Dark-eyed girls will look good with dark gray hair. It is also important to take into account the color type and skin tone. Silver curls are in harmony with fair skin. For dark-skinned girls, in order for the image to be perceived naturally, it is better to choose more muted colors.

All ages are submissive to this scale. However, for older ladies, it is better to give preference to a noble gray blond with ashy notes, so as not to add extra years to yourself.

One of the main contraindications for gray hair is problem skin. Like strands dyed blonde, gray curls will only emphasize redness, and imperfections will become more noticeable. With such initial data, we advise you to pay attention to coloring in warm and darker tones of the light brown spectrum.

Grey long hair ideas

We have collected photos of fashionable gray options for long hair.

You can completely dye your hair one color.

Silver and pearl notes will add shine to strands.

The combination of several shades of gray also looks interesting throughout.

Partial coloring is a great idea for long hair. Ombre, balayage or highlights - choose the technique that you like best.

Another option is gray hair with dark roots. This solution looks advantageous in combination with dark skin.

Gray hair color on short hair

A bob haircut, for example, will be made more expressive by highlighting or dyeing in the style of babylights.

In ash or gray, short hair will look trendy and original.

Popular shades of gray

What gray shades are relevant in 2023? Consider below the most trendy options.

Dark gray

Deep gray is one of the hottest shades for hair. Variations of such staining with dark roots look spectacular.

Light gray

This shade is suitable for owners of gray and blue eyes. The visual perception of the saturation of light gray may vary depending on the lighting.

Grey blonde

Grey blonde is often called ashy. It is ideal for girls with light eyes and peach or porcelain skin.

Gray blonde

Light brown shades with ashy notes are considered the most natural in the gray spectrum palette. Some girls naturally have this hair color.


This is the darkest shade in the gray range. In combination with dark skin, black-gray hair with a cold silver tint looks stylish and noble.

Gray blue

Girls with a cold color type can safely add blue nuances to gray hair. The result will not disappoint.

Pink gray

Pink tones will add tenderness, and if you dilute the cold gray hair color with purple strands, the image will become mysterious.

Palette of gray hair colors

The variety of gray colors is quite large, so there is a product for every taste. We invite you to take a look at our selection.

Colorista L'Oréal Paris

The effect of pure silver on the hair promises Colorista paint from L'Oréal Paris in the shade "Silver Grey" . Gel paint is easy to apply at home, and its volume is enough even for long hair. The tool is perfect for coloring light or light brown hair. With a smoky gray tint, you get a darker and richer version of gray hair with a metallic sheen.

Garnier Color Sensation

Garnier Color Sensation Permanent Color Sensation in Platinum Metallic gives your hair a spectacular shine thanks to mother-of-pearl extract. The essence of wild rose in the care cream cares for curls and scalp. Dyes provide rich and deep color.

For a beautiful natural gray blonde, use 101 Silver Blonde. By the way, this color can be used not only for fair-haired and fair-haired girls - it is also suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes.

Color 910 Ash Silver Blonde can also dye dark hair to a light grey.

The Color Sensation series has bright shades that can be used to process individual strands and thus bring interesting accents to the image. Check out Smoky Blue and Delicate Lavender.

Garnier Olia

Garnier Olia, a permanent ammonia-free paint based on flower oils. She not only dyes her hair with high quality, but also cares for them. Saturation of shades is provided thanks to the unique technology of dye delivery using oil. In practice, this means that the coloring pigment is in an oily environment and, when it enters the hair, actively penetrates into its structure. Try on the Smoky Silver gray shade with purple reflections online. Very convenient service!

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Temporary gray color with Colorista L'Oréal Paris

You can get gray hair for a few days with temporary dyes. For example, until the first wash of the head, the effect of the Colorista Hair Makeup coloring jelly in the shade “Silver Hair” will last. The product is intended for fair-haired girls.

Metallic coloring spray is easy to apply and distribute on its own, and if you fix the result with varnish, the color will last longer. The spray can be used by both brunettes and blondes.

Colorista Washout Colorista Washout Denim Coloring Balm will successfully color light brown hair in an intense dark gray color. The manufacturer warns that this balm will not take too dark hair, but it will work on blondes and last even longer than a few days.

Greater results with Colorista Effects brightening products. For example, for a beautiful gradient effect, it's best to first lighten your hair with Colorista Ombré by L'Oréal Paris, and then apply any Colorista Washout product. The set includes a special expert comb that will make home coloring easy and comfortable.

Blonde base can be done along the entire length. It is only necessary to repeat the scheme described above: first apply Colorista Bleach ammonia-free cream paint, and then any temporary paint in gray shades.

If the dye is washed off from fair hair for too long or unwanted shades appear after shampooing, the Colorista Remover lightening cream will help. With it, coloring pigments are removed much faster.

Post Color Care

Preserving color on dyed hair is one of the main tasks of care products. The longer the color lasts, the less often you need to dye the curls, exposing them to the traumatic effects of the chemical components of the paint.

  • Prolong the saturation of gray shades with products from the Elseve Color Expert line from L’Oréal Paris, which includes a care shampoo, a laminating balm and a smoothing mask. An integrated approach allows you to protect the color from washing out, keeping the hair shiny and silky.

  • Breaking the dullness of grey-colored hair and re-energizing it is a challenge that L'Oréal Paris Botanicals' Geranium.Elixir of Radiance" with extracts of geranium, coconut and soybean flower oils. The shampoo gently cleanses the strands and scalp, while the balm and mask moisturize and nourish the hair, restoring its natural radiance.

  • Garnier Botanic Therapy Goji Long Lasting Shampoo and Balm effectively restores hair after gray tones. Goji berry extract prevents loss of color saturation. The revitalizing mask of this line can be used both as a leave-in treatment and as a conditioner.

  • If you notice split ends after the coloring procedure, Elseve Extraordinary Oil from L’Oréal Paris will help you deal with the problem. Apply it to clean hair. It is also recommended to apply the product before heat styling - to protect hair from damage.

  • For those who do not like liquid oily textures, we advise you to try Garnier Cream Butter with Royal Jelly and Propolis. It softens and intensively nourishes the hair, and also serves as a heat protectant during hot styling.