Hair coloring is a whole world that people get to know for different reasons. Some want a change in general, others just want to paint over their gray hair, and still others perceive different shades of hair as ways of self-expression. Whatever your goal, we are sure that our guide will help you

Basic colors for hair coloring

Let's start with the basics, or rather, with a general classification of tones, in order to immediately present the entire "range" . Below are the main categories that are repelled when choosing a color, regardless of which color you prefer, home or salon.

  1. Brunette. We started with this group for a reason.

    Dark hair colors are the most common and popular on the planet.

    Psychologically, brunettes are perceived as more serious, although, of course, there is no solid evidence for this assumption.

  2. Brown hair. In practice, this subgroup is often confused - with whom would you think? Of course, with brunettes. But recognizing a brown-haired woman in a crowd is not difficult: this brown hair color has certain undertones - caramel, nutty or golden.

  3. Blonde. This group includes the most capricious colors for hair coloring - it is very important to choose the right shade and properly care for your hair after a color change. But, looking at the beautiful curls of blondes, we are ready to accept the conditions of the game.

  4. Redhead. Meet the rarest group. But the truth is - try to remember the red-haired girls in your environment. I didn’t succeed right away, so I need to use it! Especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

  5. Dark Blonde. Describing this color, you involuntarily recall the image of a Russian beauty with a long braid or loose wavy hair. However, in modern society, light brown shades of hair can look advantageous not only in textbook images. The names of the shades themselves (we'll talk about them below) inspire creativity in haircuts and styling.

  6. Grey. On the one hand, it is unexpected to see this color in the basic classification. On the other hand, it is quite logical - for at least two reasons. Firstly, it can also be natural, like all the hair colors listed above. Secondly, over the past three years, his popularity has grown significantly, and even young girls try themselves in an unusual role for them.

Popular blonde hair colors

Every year the number of varieties of blond grows. Of the latter, everyone hears such options as honey, strawberry and gray. Consider each of them in the photo.

Platinum Blonde

You can't call this color natural, but spectacular - how! It goes great with blue eyes and fair skin tone.

The main thing is to prevent the yellowness of the strands, for this it is recommended to use purple shampoo on a regular basis. For example, "Elsev" from L'Oréal Paris.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierTo keep the shade cold, you need to reconsider the care products and use only specialized ones, marked "For colored hair." In extreme cases, you can resort to toning.

Ash blonde

The palette of ashy hair color can be quite wide. Sometimes a shade with this name is similar to platinum, sometimes - to natural wheat.

Colorists in most cases tend to the second option, which is very organic for girls with a cold color type.

Dark Blonde

The title of "Miss naturalness" should be awarded to the owners of light brown hair.

Girls with this shade of hair, by the way, go for slightly careless styling, as if disheveled by the wind.

Pearl or mother-of-pearl blonde

Of course, the name of the shade speaks for itself, but it's better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Practice shows that pearl blonde goes perfectly with short haircuts and straight long hair.


The title of the most universal shade for blondes goes to wheat blond. It goes with any eye color.

Many colorists consider it also a star, as Jennifer Aniston, Amber Heard and Blake Lively wear it.

Honey Blonde

Getting to the color that will suit girls with peach or dark skin and brown eyes.

And honey blonde is also famous for visually softening the image, making the appearance more pretty.


The trendiest blonde of 2023 looks like a latte color.

Colorists say that complex coloring with multiple shades is in trend, but beige blonde, in their opinion, is one of the colors that are good on their own.

Strawberry Blonde

Say thanks to the one who once decided to add a drop of pink pigment to the classic light shade, introducing us to the popular strawberry blonde.

By the way, the color type in this case does not matter much - this gentle coloring suits almost everyone.

Grey blonde

Many advanced girls last year supported the beauty trend that is gaining popularity in social networks - gray blond.

The amount of gray pigment is not regulated, but the "temperature" of the color must be unambiguously cold.

Popular dark shades

The dark spectrum is considered the easiest coloring solution. So the procedure can be easily carried out at home. We offer for discussion the main dark hair colors and their names.


A hybrid of chestnut and red shades is called caramel color among professionals. He will make a perfect match for girls with brown eyes and dark skin.

Stylists recommend wearing it in 2023 with the so-called broken curls.


Describing the chestnut hair color, we involuntarily recall Eva Longoria. She adequately represents this shade with her hair down and with smooth styling.

By the way, quite often girls with a natural chestnut tint adhere to conservative views and even when gray hair appears, they rarely decide to experiment, preferring colors that are close to the natural color of their hair.


In 2023, this shade is close to the colors of a chocolate muffin with liquid filling. How could this look like, you ask? Very simple: hair should shine and - preferably - shimmer.

The first point can be achieved by providing competent care to the curls. And the second - by painting the strands using the air touch technique in several related shades.


Dark brown with soft highlights is what colorists mean when they talk about mocha.

It emphasizes the appearance of girls with green and gray eyes to the maximum advantage.


Brown shades of hair are difficult to describe in one word and show in one photo - the palette of colors of this spectrum is so extensive.

We suggest not being limited to one tone. Take at least three and apply balayage coloring.


We couldn't get around this color. Black is timeless and fashionable.

But one condition the colorists did set in 2023: the finish on the hair is preferable to matte.

Popular red shades

We have already said that red shades are a real rarity. However, this is not their only plus. All types of this fiery hair color make the eye color visually brighter and more expressive, and the overall image is more noticeable.

Bright red

Brave girls who choose the red color in its most fiery manifestation, reminiscent of the heroines of fairy tales.

The choice in favor of this color is definitely justified if you have green eyes. Do not hesitate - the attention of others will be riveted to them on a subconscious level.


In our opinion, the unspoken ambassador of this shade is the beautiful actress Julianne Moore.

She proved that hair color can be a real decoration, and we are sure that many will be able to repeat her experience if they choose the right dye with a noble copper sheen.


Some hair colors not only look unusual, but also have appropriate names. Introducing Mahogany, a unique blend of burgundy and red.

Among celebrities, he was chosen by the real "tear-offs" : Katy Perry, Lily Collins and Ariana Grande.


The red color of the strands, although not natural, has long been considered a classic.

This is because the name of this hair color does not always correspond to the expected result and in fact (we demonstrate in the photo) stylists mean burgundy tone.


Soft reddish shade looks beautiful with both blue and brown eyes.

The color looks natural and natural, and also favorably emphasizes freckles on the face.

Fancy multicolored hair

Above we discussed what hair colors are based on classical ideas. But in the 21st century, both stylists and clients go beyond the usual boundaries, if self-expression requires it. In the course are paints of the most outstanding shades. We tell and show in which cases unusual colors on the hair look harmonious.

Pink shades

If five years ago pink strands flashed only in the social networks of bold bloggers, today not everyone on the street will turn around when they see a girl with a rare shade of hair.

If your attitude to such coloring can be described with the words “both want and prick,” we recommend experimenting with temporary dyes. Pink strands will look especially attractive against the background of light shades of hair.

Silver and gray

The names of hair colors in this range can be both poetic and applied. For example, "dry asph alt" or "pencil lead" would correspond to a gray or silver result. Attached are photos for clarity. We advise you to keep them - especially for girls with long hair and gray-green eyes.

Blue, lavender and lilac

Girls with hair of these shades definitely love to dream!

We prescribe fantasy colors for those who are depressed by gray everyday life - believe me, you can color them in your power. For example, using special one-day hair sprays or jelly.

By the way, how to use Colorista hair jelly, we tell and show on the video:


Green shades stylists recommend to combine with a black background.

Ideally, you should leave a dark shade at the roots, and closer to the tips, dye your hair emerald using the ombre technique.


Yes, it happens! By the way, this shade only sounds radical. Look at the photo!

This bright sunny color looks amazing on top of a light blonde.