This shade is so versatile that it can be easily mistaken for chestnut, red and even gold. Let's talk about the secrets of attractiveness and variations of copper hair color, as well as the palette of available copper shade paints

Who suits copper hair color: examples with photos

When choosing this shade, it is important to take into account the skin tone and features of the type of appearance. Both swarthy and fair-skinned people can find their copper hair color.

Naturally fair girls with porcelain skin will suit muted shades of copper, in particular light brown with a golden tint.

Those who have skin with olive or bronze undertones are recommended to choose red colors, and brown shades of copper are well emphasized for dark skin.

It makes sense to refrain from copper staining if redness or rashes are present on the face: it is obvious that they will become even more noticeable.

Let's admire the photo examples, which shades will be the most advantageous depending on the color of the eyes.

For brown eyes

Almost any copper color goes well with brown eyes. Light colors, such as copper-blond or golden, will help to highlight the eyes in contrast. Chestnut or chocolate colors will make the look deeper, more magnetic.

For blue eyes

Girls with blue eyes should avoid too bright options so that their beautiful blueness is not swallowed up by a fiery background. A delicate accent on strands with a soft honey tint will be optimal.

For green eyes

Green eyes and copper hair is a reference combination. Shades harmoniously complement each other. It will not be difficult to look bright and spectacular with such support.

For gray eyes

Amber notes in copper coloring will create a successful background and colorful accents for gray eyes.

Popular shades of copper hair color

Fashion trends in 2023 are still based on naturalness and natural palette, so the most natural shades are preferable.

Copper Red

Rich copper-red hair is an option for those who love expressive looks.

Dark copper

Hair with a slight burgundy tint to frame faces with pale skin and dark eyes.

Copper Blonde

Not red or blonde, copper blonde is a complex color, more like a ripe wheaten. Getting it is not easy, but the effort is worth it. It shimmers especially beautifully on curls styled in waves, or on naturally curly hair.

Copper Blonde

Unlike regular blonde, copper adds a golden glow to hair. Copper-blond color is suitable for those who do not want too pronounced red reflection.

Copper chestnut

Red and gold pigments on dark hair create a copper-brown hue that allows you to create a calm and aristocratic look.

Copper Red

Not everyone will decide on a red tint, because this is the most burning and obviously eye-catching color in the copper palette. But the brave are not afraid of risk and get a spectacular result and attention as a well-deserved reward.

Gold Copper

Strands of golden-copper hue evoke associations with the setting sun. They perfectly emphasize the beauty of dark skin.

Light copper

Slightly darker than a copper blond, it looks like a light copper color, in which light brown notes are read. It favorably sets off the skin, creating the illusion of a subtle glow and a light tan.

As you can see, the variety of options allows you to find the right solution for each color type. “Summer” and “winter” suggest choosing a darker range (copper-red, dark copper, copper-red), and “spring” and “autumn” light shades are recommended: copper blond or golden and light brown copper.

If you haven't determined your color type yet, our test will help you with this.

Take the test13

What kind of skin do you have?

  • Warm tone, closer to peach
  • Cool tone, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Warm tone with golden undertones, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Cold, "porcelain" tone, great contrast between skin and hair color
2 / 3

What color is your hair?

  • Lighter, closer to golden hue
  • Light blonde to chestnut, cool undertones with ashy undertones
  • Brown to black. Golden or red undertone
  • Dark chestnut to black with ashy undertones
3 / 3

What eyes do you have?

  • Blue, green, light brown
  • Blue, gray-blue, gray-brown
  • Hazel, dark brown, olive or warm green
  • Medium brown to black, blue-grey, cool green

Copper hair color

When planning to do coloring, you need to clearly present the final result and understand whether it is possible to get it yourself at home.

  • For light brown, brown or red hair, the home procedure is not difficult.

  • Natural blondes should be very careful when choosing a shade and, if possible, first test the color on one, for example, strand, make sure that the shade turns out exactly the way you want.

  • Brunettes will need pre-lightening.

  • Be sure to assess the condition of your curls. Damaged, brittle and dry strands are best restored, “healed”, and then enjoy the color palette.

  • When studying coloring compositions, pay special attention to the image of the palette on the package. These are illustrative examples of how a particular shade will fall on the original hair color. The more options to compare, the better.
  • If in doubt about the choice between two colors, it is better to choose a shade lighter.

  • Life hack from colorists: before coloring your entire hair, do a test drive on one strand (from the bottom layer of hair). So you can objectively evaluate the final color and the reaction of the hair to the dye.


Copper hair color palette

If you are ready to move on to the practice of copper staining, then it's time to talk about the most interesting paints for home use from our point of view.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Permanent Color Cream

Copper range of shades is quite widely represented in the Excellence series of paints from L'Oréal Paris. Cream paint provides triple care: protects, cares and nourishes. Thus, the result of the beauty procedure will be well-groomed hair in a new beautiful shade. In addition to the cream paint itself, enriched with pro-keratin, the set contains a delicate shampoo for gentle cleansing, as well as a nourishing mask with ceramide for hair care.

Shade No. 7.43 "Copper Blonde" will give shine to your hair.

Shades No. 6.41 Elegant Copper and No. 4.54 Rich Copper give your curls both natural and rich color.

“Golden Dark Blonde” No. 6.32 will sparkle on the strands with sun glare.

For a light copper look, try 7.3 Golden Blonde.

Wheaten notes of copper blond will help you get shade 8.13 Light Blond Beige.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Permanent Color

Beautiful dark variations of copper colors with ashy notes and a pearly sheen can be found in the Préférence line. For example, Mahogany in shade 5.25 Antigua or 5.23 Deep Rose Gold.

Intense, deep copper hair color will give shades No. 74 "Mango" and No. 7.43 "Shangrila" .

Colour formula developed in the L'Oréal Paris laboratories provides color versatility and protects hair from dullness. Paints are designed to effectively cover gray hair.

L'Oréal Paris Prodigy Ammonia Free Hair Color

Fire and chocolate tones can be found in the Prodigy range of copper colors. The innovation of the paint lies in the fact that the micro-oils contained in it, penetrating into the hair structure, serve as conductors for a persistent dye. Thus, the depth and purity of the color is achieved without the use of ammonia, while the oils care for the hair. Beautiful copper staining will be obtained with shades No. 5.35 Chocolate and No. 7.40 Fire Agate.

Casting Crème Gloss by L'Oréal Paris

Is it possible to color the hair without harm? It's easy with L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss ammonia-free cream paint. The composition applied to the curls smoothes them and makes them silky. The choice of shades in the copper range is quite wide: from dark options (No. 525 "Chocolate Fondant" , No. 426 "Ice Sangria" ) to fiery red ones (No. 534 "Maple Syrup" , No. 724 "Caramel" ).

Copper-chestnut strands with a reddish undertone can be obtained with paint No. 635 Chocolate Praline and No. 680 Chocolate Mocha.

Garnier Color Naturals

Listing paints that also care for hair, you can not ignore Garnier Color Naturals. The complex of three oils (avocado, shea, olive) intensely nourishes the hair, and the balm protects them from the negative effects of external factors. The most fiery ideas will come true with shades 7.4 Golden Copper and 7.40 Captivating Copper, and No. 5.62 Royal Garnet will give a noble red color.

Garnier Olia Delicate Paint

The oils in the composition have a beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the scalp. The proportion of flower oils in Garnier Olia cream paint is 60%, which makes the dyeing procedure as gentle as possible without losing color intensity. With "Sparkling Copper" shade number 7.40 the result will be luxurious flaming strands.

Caring for hair after dyeing copper color

Dyed hair needs more intensive care than natural hair, so it is important to choose products that can perform several functions at once:

  • protect the color from washing out and prolong its durability;

  • restore hair, nourish and moisturize it;

  • prevent tip breakage.


The colors of the copper palette are considered to be quite resistant, since the red and red pigments contained in them are well fixed on the hair. But over time, the shades still inevitably fade, and unwanted yellowness may appear. Frequent dyeing is best avoided so as not to injure the hair once again.There is an option to update the color with highly concentrated products from professional lines, but for them you have to go to the salon, where the master will prepare a special mix and explain how to use it later at home.

A simpler option is tint products. To tint overgrown roots on copper hair will help (if, of course, the color suits) Magic Retouch spray in Mahogany from L’Oréal Paris.

And you can experiment with a copper color and evaluate the effect using the Colorisrta Hair Makeup coloring jelly from L’Oréal Paris, exactly this shade is offered - “Copper Hair”. The best effect will be on dark hair. But anyone can try it online and decide. In principle, jelly is an experiment for one day, before the first wash, but the lighter the hair, the longer this shade can last.

Colored hair care

Garnier Botanic Therapy Shampoo and Balm with Argan Oil and Cranberry keeps copper hair luminous and radiant. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these products strengthen and nourish hair.

Tame naughty porous hair with L'Oréal Paris Elseve Express Color Expert Conditioner. The leave-in serum will make your curls smooth and shiny, as well as make them easier to comb.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Argan Oil & Camellia Extract Smoothness & Shine Oil, in addition to the promised smoothness, softness and shine of the hair, also provides thermal protection. And there is no need to talk about the nutritional properties of argan oil. Pleasant light aroma as a bonus - for a good mood.