Hair color is brown (from the French chatain, "chestnut" ), perhaps one of the most common and at the same time interesting and controversial. What is this color and how to choose the right brown shade for brown hair?

Brown - what hair color do you mean?

If they say about a person that he is brown-haired or brown-haired, it means a kind of brown hair color with a caramel or red undertone - the same chestnut color. Perhaps, only professionals - stylists and colorists, can give a more accurate definition of the shade of brown hair, there are so many nuances in it.

It is curious, but natural brown-haired women, owners of dark chestnut hair color (and it can be very deep, almost black), often call themselves brunettes. However, in the rays of the sun, even the darkest true color of the brown-haired woman will begin to cast red. In general, brown hair is a complex, rich and very popular color. For this reason, paints in this range have always been in demand. However, if earlier it was not so easy to repeat the natural shade of brown, then by 2023 we will have the richest selection of high-quality paints in suitable tones.

The trend, of course, was set by stars of different times. Among them are many top models, including Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bündchen. Today, color change is quite accessible to everyone at home.

The growing popularity of the brown palette is explained by the fact that, on the one hand, it is a fashionable and sexy tone, and on the other, it is universal.

The mix of brown and red is suitable for many, regardless of age, skin color and eyes. The range of brown hair has a few more specific advantages.

  • This is a noble color. A girl with well-groomed brown hair looks dignified and attractive, without a hint of frivolity. It is no coincidence that the English rose also has brown hair.

  • Due to the red undertone, it is easy for brown-haired women to achieve shine on their hair. By the way, you can enhance the effect with the help of indelible means. Suitable, for example, is the glitter vinegar from the Botanicals Geranium line, which can be applied to both wet and dry strands.

  • The tone of hair in brown-haired women will not lose its attractiveness even after sunbathing. Burnt-out strands, on the contrary, will become even brighter, adding versatility to the image.

Brown hair and brunette - what's the difference?

How to distinguish a brown-haired woman from a brunette? The color of brown hair can be both dark brown and light brown. The main condition is the noticeable presence of a red tint.

And the brunette palette ranges from pure black to chocolate. A brown-haired woman is most likely to be called a girl who cannot be unequivocally called either a brunette, or a redhead, or a blonde. If you are determined to choose a shade of the brown-haired palette for yourself, it is most convenient to do this from a photo. Below are the fashionable options in 2023.

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Who is the brown-haired palette suitable for?

Coloring in the range of brown hair is considered not the easiest, the palette is very diverse, from conditionally light brown to chocolate color.

The main parameters that are important to consider when choosing a paint are skin tone and eye color.

Whatever the initial combination, the breadth of the spectrum of brown hair allows you to get a spectacular hair color that will successfully emphasize your appearance.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisI do not recommend drastically moving away from the natural shade.Permissible spread - ± 2 tones. That is, if your natural color is very light, I do not recommend going too dark. Use tinting products, for example, if you do not have gray hair, Casting Crème Gloss without ammonia.

Brown eyes

When choosing such a palette, it is difficult to suspect brown-eyed people of staining (unless the strands were originally gray). This is a common natural combination, which means it looks organic. Choose a dark or light chestnut shade for brown eyes - decide to your taste, but the "temperature" of the color should lean towards warm.

By the way, below we will tell and show what eye makeup can be done for owners of brown eyes and brown hair color:

Green eyes

Brown-haired women with green eyes are all beauties! From stellar examples, Angelina Jolie, Sara Sampaio, Katie Holmes immediately come to mind.For green eyes, you can vary the transformation options: dye your hair in one tone or take several shades to work, for example, dark blond and chestnut. Of the staining techniques in the latter case, we advise you to choose air touch, shatush or balayage.

Blue or gray eyes

Many blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls believe that being brown-haired is not their destiny. They fear that brown will not make friends with blue, and gray will fade against the background of dark curls. What can I say .. At least Miranda Kerr proves that this is prejudice! Blue eyes and brown-haired strands make the look soft and sexy at the same time. And for owners of gray eyes, colorists recommend dark brown colors.

Light and dark shades of the brown palette

Cold brown hair

This color looks the most advantageous on long wavy strands. In second place are trendy multi-level haircuts, such as an elongated oblique bob.

Ash Brown

Girls with perfectly smooth hair are invited to hunt for paints of this shade. If you prefer to start your morning with a perm, we recommend that you think about ashy staining using the balayage technique. Shades should not be contrasting, and it is better if there are no more than three of them.

Golden brown

If seaside vacations are still in the distant plans, why not bring them closer, at least by sensations, with the help of staining, reminiscent of the effect obtained after sunbathing? By the way, the hair of brown-haired women with golden tints on the strands is compared with milk chocolate, poured with caramel. Worth a try!

Copper Brown

This shade is on the verge of red colors, but if you look closely, it also has brown notes. Brown-haired women can get a copper tint on their hair with the help of tinting agents.

Dark chestnut

The color is close to black, but in bright sunlight, chestnut and red overflows appear. Colorists are sure that this color is especially good if the hair is naturally strong and he althy, and they advise using strand shine products to enhance the effect.

Ash brown

The most natural option of all. It looks very nice with fashionable, slightly careless styling. There are much fewer colors in this shade on the beauty market, but we found several options.

Hair dyes in the brown palette

In our selection you will find a variety of color options that will help you achieve the status of a brown-haired woman in one coloring.

Dark brown

Deep dark shade is what you need for those who dream of black hair color, but want it to be slightly enlivened by brown overflows. By the way, Garnier experts suggest getting this result with Olia paint without ammonia. Moreover, this product contains flower oils that care for hair.

Ash Brown

Cold ash brown can be obtained using light brown paint from the same Olia Garnier line. The result, as a rule, looks so natural that it is easy to pass off the color as its natural shade.

Copper Brown

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Copper Hair Color Cream does the job perfectly. L'Oréal Paris experts confirm that the product completely paints over gray hair and at the same time protects, strengthens and thickens hair.

Light Brown

The creators of the Olia Garnier paint have thought over the formula of the product in such a way that the coloring is combined with the subsequent hair care. If you want to become a light brown-haired woman, then you can check all the declared pluses for compliance with reality using this paint in the shade “Shining Chestnut Bronze”.

Natural brown: step by step instructions for coloring at home

And now we'll tell you how to achieve a beautiful shade of brown hair without asking for help from specialists.

  1. Prepare your hair for the procedure. It is better to wash your hair the day before dyeing and do not apply styling products to the strands after that.

  2. Test the paint on a small area of skin to rule out the risk of an allergic reaction. How best to do this should be indicated on the product packaging.

  3. If you want to get a lasting color, approach the choice of paint carefully and responsibly. It will be a plus if the product contains caring components.

  4. When you start coloring, divide your hair into four parts for convenience.

  5. Travel each zone separately. First, with a brush, spread the paint in the root zone, and then along the entire length.

  6. To make sure each hair is covered, lightly massage the strands or comb through the hair several times with a wide-toothed plastic comb.

  7. After waiting the time required according to the instructions, rinse off the product without shampoo (unless otherwise indicated in the instructions) and use the balm that is usually attached to the paint.

Post Color Care

Caring for colored hair has its own characteristics, and it is better not to neglect them.

Additional care is needed to prolong the durability of the color and keep the curls he althy and strong. Let's dwell on the key points.

  • It is recommended to use only cleansers for colored hair, it is better to avoid shampoos for intensive cleansing: they can accelerate the washing out of the pigment.

  • Always use a balm, conditioner or mask for color-treated hair after washing. If the paint opens the scales of the hair cuticle, then these three products, on the contrary, “solder” them, which will help keep the pigment in the hair, not to mention the fact that the curls will be easier to comb and style.

  • When using irons, flat irons and other hot styling arsenal, be sure to apply thermal protection first. Colored hair needs it especially.

  • Protect your hair from the negative effects of the environment with leave-in products. Today, such products are often multifunctional, providing strands not only with protection, but also with shine. For example, oil-elixir "Transformation" , Garnier Fructis.

Products for colored hair

Let's talk about the top 3, in our opinion, lines for colored hair.

  1. The Elseve "Color Expert" collection by L'Oréal Paris includes as many as five products: shampoo, care balm, nourishing mask, Double Elixir express leave-in conditioner and a kind of delicate cleanser Low Shampoo, which recently the collection has been replenished. It does not contain sulfates, does not foam and at the same time perfectly cleanses, acting at the same time as a balm that facilitates combing. Of course, as a "color expert" , contributes to its protection.

  2. Botanic Therapy, Garnier contains coconut milk and macadamia nut oil. Together they intensely nourish the hair.

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