When choosing a shade of hair, it is important to rely not only on trends and taste, but also on appearance. Today let's talk about what hair color suits brown eyes

Hair color rules for girls with brown eyes

Choosing what color to dye your hair? With brown eyes, it is easy to feel like a hostage to the image of a brunette or brown-haired woman, but this is not so - light hair color with brown eyes is not at all contraindicated. Believe me - and discover a whole world of new shades!

When choosing a beautiful hair color for brown eyes, it is also important to take into account the color type, skin tone, age, the presence or absence of gray hair. The composition of the paint also matters. Natural brunettes should be especially careful when choosing a paint: lightening can show a red pigment, which is not suitable for every color type.

So what hair color goes with brown eyes? Our selection will help you navigate and find shades of hair that will emphasize your eyes and make you irresistible.

We have collected examples of the most successful combinations, but if you did not find the right one among them, follow these simple tips.

  1. Combine contrasts: light eyes shine against the background of dark hair, and dark eyes hypnotize framed by light ones.

  2. Always consider your skin tone - it is the basis for building harmony of colors in makeup and coloring.

  3. If you want to try on trendy pastels, stick to warm shades like rose gold.

  4. To dye your hair in a color that does not quite match the color type, but really like it, try ombre dyeing or highlight some strands with this color - this will preserve the harmony of the image and add cherished shades.

  5. When you radically change your hair color, don't forget about your eyebrows: choosing a blond will require you to lighten them a little, and if you decide on dark hair, then light eyebrows will simply need to be painted so as not to look like a schoolgirl who stole a tube of mom's paint.

  6. Avoid black or unnaturally cold hair colors combined with warm eye undertones, otherwise they will "argue" with each other, as a result of which even the most chic hair can look like not the best wig.

We select the hair color according to the shade of the eyes

Shades of brown eyes are no less than natural shades of paint, so there can be a great variety of combinations, but in each case an individual approach is needed: copper hair color will favorably shade brown-green eyes, but will not suit owners of dark brown eyes, but caramel hair color suits almost any brown-eyed beauty.

Green-brown eyes

The optimal hair color for hazel-green eyes is blond (in the range from medium to dark) and, of course, copper. Perhaps this is the most successful option for those who want to combine red hair with brown eyes.

Green-brown, hazel eyes will also suit chestnut shades and colder ash blonde.

However, it is better not to consider completely blond hair with such initial data: the result will not add expressiveness to either the eyes or the hair. Platinum notes are best left for individual strands, if you really want to somehow use this color.

Dark brown eyes

Wheat hair color, light blond or even radical platinum blond will make dark eyes brighter, highlight them on the face as much as possible. And the owners of the darkest eyes, unlike girls with light brown eyes, will go with any cold shades, from platinum blond to gray and purple. It may seem counterintuitive, but black-eyed beauties can safely experiment with blonde hair. The result will be very effective.

When choosing darker colors for dark eyes, on the contrary, you should be careful: such an “oriental” combination should look harmonious.

Try on a new color and see if the result is as expected.

Light brown eyes

A winning choice for owners of light brown, amber eyes will be warm shades of hair from almost chocolate to delicate caramel blond.Girls with lighter eyes can also safely afford strawberry blond and all variations of coloring using ombre, balayage and highlighting techniques, combining light brown, chestnut and wheat shades.

It is important to be careful with cold shades: in contrast with warm eye color, even a natural ash blonde can look greenish.

We select hair color according to skin tone

It remains to ensure that not only your brown eyes, but also your skin tone are in harmony with the new hair color - after all, the wrong combination can destroy the whole image. For example, chocolate hair color and brown eyes guarantee a successful look in combination with very pale skin or, conversely, with very dark skin. In the middle range, it is unlikely to get an expressive result. Do you know what color type you are? Take our quiz:

Take the test13

What kind of skin do you have?

  • Warm tone, closer to peach
  • Cool tone, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Warm tone with golden undertones, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Cold, "porcelain" tone, great contrast between skin and hair color
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What color is your hair?

  • Lighter, closer to golden hue
  • Light blonde to chestnut, cool undertones with ashy undertones
  • Brown to black. Golden or red undertone
  • Dark chestnut to black with ashy undertones
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What eyes do you have?

  • Blue, green, light brown
  • Blue, gray-blue, gray-brown
  • Hazel, dark brown, olive or warm green
  • Medium brown to black, blue-grey, cool green

For fair skin

It is not so easy to choose the right hair color for owners of brown eyes and fair skin: the contrasting combination dictates its own rules, and in this case it is better to start from the peculiarities of eye color.

Hazel eyes + fair skin

It is fair-skinned girls with brown-green eyes that face red shades that look natural on few people. Choose from rich copper to bright red, with aristocratic pale skin tone and greenish eyes on your side!

But be careful when working with a cold blonde: together with green eyes, it can emphasize the green undertone of the skin.

Dark eyes + fair skin

Continue the theme of contrast and accentuate the depth of black eyes with the lightest shades, or try on an English rose look with restrained dark chestnut curls.

Dying your hair in a fashionable pastel color is also not forbidden - all these experiments are allowed with your color type.

The lightest-skinned owners of brown eyes can afford black coloring, but blue-black shades are best avoided. Instead of the image of a mysterious black-eyed Asian princess, this choice may result in a goth teenager.

Amber eyes + fair skin

The whole range of light brown and chestnut colors is available to you. Choose any natural shades and combine them in ombre and balayage techniques to give your hair not only more expression, but also an effect of extra volume.

Save cold shades for hair ends and small selective strands; the main thing is to avoid them in the area of \u200b\u200bframing the face, they will not “make friends” with such a warm undertone of the eyes.

For dark skin

Girls who choose hair color for dark skin and brown eyes have a little more room for imagination when choosing interesting combinations. The answer to the question of what hair color suits dark skin and brown eyes depends more on skin tone than eyes.

Tanned skin + brown eyes

Try adding summery notes to your look by letting yourself play with lighter shades. A tan really expands the range of choice: a sunny look will look natural with any shade of brown eyes, as it creates the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Save dark, cold or pastel shades for when the tan fades.

Dark skin + brown eyes

A favorite technique for southern girls is hair coloring almost to match or slightly lighter than the face. This combination makes the whole look seem like caramel and always looks fresh, especially when paired with lighter brown eyes.

At the same time, dark hair will go only to owners of darker eyes - that's who really succeeds in images of oriental beauties.

Very dark and black skin + brown eyes

Perhaps this is the only combination in which completely black hair and brown eyes will look natural and organic together.

However, this does not mean that lighter shades of hair are contraindicated. Depending on the skin tone, you can safely experiment with any shades, from dark blond to blond. In this case, you can dye your hair entirely or strands (for a softer effect).

The only spectrum that the darkest girls are advised to avoid when choosing paint is reddish shades of chestnut. Create a bright image, contrary to expectations, will not work.

Taking into account warm and cold skin undertones

Even with the same skin tone level, with olive and, for example, peach skin undertones, the same shade of hair will look different.

Warm skin tone

Such initial data opens up a fairly large range for choosing paint. And yet, there are nuances here: for example, girls with bronze or caramel skin color are better off sticking to warm shades of hair that are close in tone - they will favorably emphasize the beauty of the complexion.

And light peach skin allows experimentation with both warm and cold shades of hair.

Cool skin tone

With a cold skin tone, it is important to be more careful in choosing a color: an unsuccessful combination of hair color and skin tone can give the result the opposite of what you want.For example, owners of olive skin should avoid gray and platinum shades, which can turn the complexion from noble to earthy green, and girls with a pink undertone should avoid any shades of red, from red to purple. Rich dark shades and wheaten blonde will make you irresistible.