Surprisingly, many fashionistas are hunting for the simplest, it would seem, and popular hair color today. Let's try to figure out why brown hair has become such a phenomenon and how to use it in the best way

How to choose brown hair color so that it suits your face?

The palette of brown shades is perhaps the most extensive. Chestnut, gold, chocolate - trendy colorists are ready to go on and on the list.

Finding your brown is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. But trust me, your efforts will be rewarded. If earlier style icons chose blonde (thanks to Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve), then by the third decade of the 21st century, the situation has changed.

Kate Middleton, Monica Bellucci and Penelope Cruz are unlikely to ever give up their hair color. Today the ball is ruled by chocolate coloring with different concentrations of the actual “cocoa”.

We will not sin against the truth if we say that brown hair favorably emphasizes the appearance and suits any woman - if, of course, you find the best color option.

Choose the ideal "companion" for coloring based on your type, color type, eye color and skin tone.

Let's start matching the brown hair color to the eye color, illustrating successful combinations with the help of a photo. By the way, if you want to create a monochrome look, catch the brown makeup tutorial:

For brown eyes

It's easy to guess that the girl with brown eyes is the model that suits most shades of brown. Let's dwell on the key and most winning options.

J.Lo and Natalie Portman clearly know this. The latter, however, tends to emphasize her natural shade, unlike the Latin American, but you can’t argue with the fact that both look amazing.

You can even decide on complex coloring with brown shades at home.It makes sense to start with the ombre technique, which allows you to make smooth transitions from one color to another. Leave a natural tone at the roots, and add a light brown or ashy shade closer to the middle of the length.

For blue eyes

Blue eyes need to be especially careful when choosing brown hair dye. Yes, the new image can make the eye color brighter and more expressive, but it can also drown it out with its brightness. Forget everything we told brown eyed girls - you need to go the other way.

The best choice is light brown hair dye without redness. She should have a cool undertone and a uniform color.

For green eyes

Colorists love this, if you please, royal combination. Brown shades of hair and green eyes seem to be made for each other. Here you need paint interspersed with red. You can use one color or arm yourself with several harmonizing shades and stain using the balayage or shatush technique.

Luxury looks dark brown hair color in alliance with emerald eyes. If you take different shades of brown for dyeing, it is better to lay your hair in waves after the procedure.

Hairstyles with curls gathered in a ponytail will also look spectacular. Dark brown hair caught in a tight ponytail, diluted with a shade of dark blond or light ash, looks especially modern and stylish.

For gray eyes

Light brown hair color will suit the owners of gray eyes. Try to stick to the classics, achieving a shade that is as close as possible to the natural light brown color.

And if you want a change, take an ash-gold paint and apply selectively on some strands to get the effect of sun-bleached curls.

Popular brown shades: examples with photos

Brown hair color as soon as among stylists is not called. There are more than 50 variations, but we propose to approach the issue systematically and start our “lesson” with the simplest classification: we divide the brown shades of hair dyes into dark and light ones.

The darker ones are more suitable for girls who have dark skin and bright eyes. However, you can also find a dark shade for owners of fair skin - especially if you choose a cold ashy spectrum. Let's talk about a competent approach to choosing hair colors in more detail.

Light shades of brown hair color

Light brown hair, or rather the shades of paint that can be used to achieve this result, often have "edible" names. Let's see what brunettes have for dessert.

  • Honey hair color softens facial features and makes the image more pretty. We are sure that if you have green eyes and you have ever talked with a colorist, he suggested that you try this shade. There is no need to complicate it with other colors - it is beautiful in its self-sufficiency.

  • The caramel shade is similar to honey but tends to look a little darker on the hair. For this reason, the image with caramel hair is a little more strict.

  • Walnut refers to the light brown hair color, and the paint of this shade is a real gift for lovers of experimenting with hair. Try balayage, air touch, and other techniques to blend hazelnuts with platinum blonde or light pink, for example.

  • Ash brown is a shade that has every chance of becoming famous in 2023. Yes, you will have to tinker with coloring - the air touch technique gives a particularly beautiful result. But you will achieve a color of rare beauty.

Dark brown hair color

  • Chocolate. In 2023, it is better to take a shade of dark chocolate. It looks especially good if you style your hair using the brushing technique with large curls.

  • Dark bronze. What are we doing? You will need a dark brown hair dye and a little copper-gold. We apply the first agent along the entire length, and with the second we paint over individual strands using the shatush technique. And now the image of the oriental princess is almost ready.

  • Chestnut. The most popular shade that can be found in any line of hair dyes. High-quality coloring will lead to the cherished goal: you will get the very “rich” hair color.

  • Espresso. Black-brown hair color in a professional environment is known under the coffee pseudonym. And for good reason - he is able to cheer up the image in earnest!

Cool shades

If your color type is “autumn” or “winter” and you decide to choose a brown hair dye, order a cold shade. It will be easier to choose it by referring to our photo examples below.

Warm colors

If you have defined your color type as "spring" or "summer" , pay attention to warm light shades. They seem to radiate warmth, creating a feeling of inner glow, while cool shades tend to create a feeling of a shiny surface.

Brown hair coloring based on their length

Whatever the length of your hair, there are no special contraindications to brown shades. But there are recommendations. Very short haircuts "under the boy" will make a stylish pair with a brown-ash tint.

The long bob is perfect for the deep hazel color.

But on the hair below the shoulders, the hands itch to experiment with several shades at the same time - for example, chestnut and copper.

Overview of the best brown colors: a palette with names

We offer the three most expressive, according to the editors of, shades of brown hair dye: dark, light and with a little red.

  1. This shade is very popular. Noble and rich, it is very reminiscent of the shade of the hair of the Duchess of Cambridge.

  2. Love everything natural? We've found the perfect natural shade that won't let you suspect you've dyed it.

  3. Seductive shade of hot chocolate can be afforded even by those who are on a diet. We especially recommend it to girls with green eyes.

Care after dyeing hair with brown tone paint

The main task of those who did the staining is to make sure that the color does not “run away” ahead of time. To do this, follow the rules that we give below. Diligent girls will be rewarded: recoloring can be done less frequently.

Products for colored hair

  1. First of all, you need competent care for curls. Complete your regular beauty routine with a color-maintaining mask or balm. Suitable products from the Fructis SuperFood line with acai berries.

  2. Shine is a factor that indicates that the hair is he althy and well-groomed. You can achieve the desired effect without long salon procedures. Try a geranium flower essential oil spray. By the way, for convenience, the product can be applied to both dry and wet strands.

  3. Remember: no split ends! Brown color betrays stale haircuts, but there is a way out - before drying, apply a leave-in CICA cream to the ends, which seals the hairs and gives them a neat look.