The case when you can enjoy its soft, appetizing shades and try them in various combinations without any restrictions - all that remains is to choose the right hair dye for the shade of milk chocolate

Who would like milk chocolate hair color?

Milk chocolate hair color is a delicate and luxurious shade in a palette of dark colors, it looks natural and emphasizes the beauty of the face. Before you dye your hair in a milky chocolate color, you need to figure out who it can suit.Let's look at some of the most common color types.

Light skin + dark eyes

In this variation, a rich chestnut tone of milk chocolate can be an ideal solution: in combination with a dark shade of the eyes, it will emphasize fair skin, but will not make it painfully pale.

Light skin + light eyes

Blondes or girls with light blond hair and blue or green eyes should try to dye their hair in milk chocolate with caramel. However, this hair color with a cool undertone, such as ashy, can brighten the face even more, so be careful.

Dark skin + dark eyes

Milk chocolate with a warm undertone will suit girls with brown eyes and dark skin: it looks elegant in combination with olive, warm pink and yellow skin tones.

Dark skin + bright eyes

This combination is the brightest: for girls with green and gray eyes, the color of milk chocolate with an ashy undertone is ideal, and blue eyes will emphasize the hair color of milk chocolate blond.

Palette of chocolate shades of hair with names and photos

Milky-chocolate shades of hair have a rich palette: from ashy to chestnut undertones. None of them lose their relevance - chocolate shades always remain in trend. Let's see which of them are worth paying attention to.

Milk chocolate with caramel

Caramel milk chocolate hair color is a popular light shade for those with tanned skin and light brown or green eyes. Caramel shimmer will emphasize golden skin and give radiance to the eyes. Golden reflections on the hair especially clearly appear in bright light.This effect can be achieved using the technique of shatush or bronding. This color "softens" the appearance and even hides flaws.

Chocolate Blonde

The color of light milk chocolate is a winning option against skin with a cool undertone and brown, gray or blue eyes. This shade is better to use solo: so the hair will look thicker.

Ash milk chocolate

Classic, but at the same time incredibly beautiful color with a cold ash undertone. However, with all its beauty, this color can visually emphasize wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Chestnut shade of milk chocolate

The darkest shade with a nice brown sheen is perfect for brown-eyed girls. Looks great in coloring, gives hair visual volume and density.

Milk chocolate color paint - which one to choose?

The choice of hair dye, if you are planning home dyeing in shades of milk chocolate, should be approached very carefully. For thin and / or damaged hair, you should pay attention to ammonia-free cream paints, which will contain oils or nourishing extracts. To give a shade to your own color (if your natural is dark blond, for example), use a tonic or tint balm - this is a real testing ground for experiments.

If your natural color is darker or your hair is dyed a darker shade, then it is obvious that you will have to resort to bleaching.

Please note: if your own hair pigment is warm, then after dyeing it in cold shades of milk chocolate, it must be maintained with shampoos that neutralize the red pigment.

Hair dyes in actual shades of milk chocolate

Editors of have collected the most beautiful shades of chocolate-colored hair dyes

Casting Crème Gloss, L'Oréal Paris

Ammonia-free hair dye with very "tasty" names - for those who want to refresh the shade. The color comes with a caring honey-based balm for silky and shiny hair.

Color Naturals, Garnier

Cream paint is easy to use and contains a complex of oils for effective coloring and caring effect.

Ideas: how to dye your hair milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate coloring can be tricky - let's take a look at some fashion techniques.


The balayage technique allows you to lighten the strands vertically: choose several tones of light milk chocolate. By the way, if your color is milk chocolate blond, then you can make a smooth transition to ashy (the main thing is that the shade is cold). If you are the owner of chestnut milk chocolate hair color, bet on lightening in copper or caramel.


Another trendy coloring technique is ombre or sombre. Unlike balayazh, in ombre, the emphasis is mainly on the tips. This technique will look good on both short and long hair. The most important thing is to choose the right colors by tone.There should not be a sharp transition from cold roots to warm tips. This technique looks beautiful on both long and short hair.


With the help of highlighting, you can introduce ashy strands into a beautiful chocolate blond - it will look very Californian in a cold winter.


For those who do not like bright and sharp transitions and want to achieve a natural color, we advise you to take a closer look at bronding - a multi-color hair coloring technique. Based on the natural shade, the chocolate color is selected in several tones (it can be, for example, chestnut, one tone lighter and caramel), but approximately in the same color range.Due to this coloring, a natural overflow is obtained, as if milk chocolate-colored hair itself shines under the sun.