Perfect coloring is the dream of many, because the right shade and depth of look will emphasize, and facial features will be presented in a favorable light. We tell you what hair color suits blue eyes

What do blue-eyed girls need to consider when choosing a hair color?

The sea is blue and the sky is high - what only poetic metaphors were not honored with blue eyes. However, despite the romanticism of the image, blue-eyed girls also want to transform from time to time, changing, for example, hair color.

In order for a change of image to be exceptionally advantageous, it is important to take into account several factors at once.

First of all, this is the shade of the eyes. The right hair color for gray-blue eyes will be different from the optimal choice for bright turquoise.

Secondly, the color type and skin tone play an important role in finding the right coloring agent.

Other aspects also influence the choice of the product formula, for example, the presence of gray hair: the dye in this case should be more resistant (they usually write on the packaging of such products: “Paints over gray hair”). So, for starters, let's find the perfect combinations for blue eyes based on their shade.

Grey-blue eyes

Cold palette - that's what you should pay attention to the owners of such eyes in the first place. Why not consider different shades of blonde - platinum or ash gray?

The color should in no case give off yellowness. To prevent unwanted effects, we recommend using care products with purple pigment: this is the fastest and easiest way to keep light hair color in the original cold spectrum.

Grey-blue eyes can try complex coloring techniques. For example, make a beautiful balayage by mixing shades such as cold chocolate and light blond. It is important that both colors have a cold undertone - as in the photo below.

And for those who have already decided on their hair color, here is a video tutorial of everyday makeup for grey-blue eyes:

Turquoise eyes

With a bright shade of tropical waves, you can experiment with warm hair colors.

But don't flirt. Flashy shades will not work, unless, of course, you want to hide your eyes, but, on the contrary, emphasize their beauty. Choose deep colors. For example, chestnut, which, by the way, is often used by the Duchess of Cambridge, or a more modest red.

True, colorists warn that red hair with blue eyes is not an easy combination. Give preference to paints that contain caramel or ash pigment.

Blue eyes

Many mistakenly believe that the classic shade of blue eyes is best suited for wheat hair color with warm undertones.

The image of a beautiful girl from Russian fairy tales immediately appears in my head. But choosing this hair color for blue eyes, you risk looking out of date.

You can make your appearance relevant with the help of the shatush technique. At the same time, paint should not be applied to the hair roots. It is better to add "cold" strands along the length, at different levels.

Ideally, it is good to use two related shades in your work. For example, pearl blond and light blond.

Blue eyes

Dark blue eyes are a rare gift of nature that requires appropriate framing. To choose the right paint color, it is important to remember that experts do not recommend visually weighing down such an unusual appearance. Therefore, it is better to do one-color staining. You can choose a dark chestnut shade.

But it is better to avoid black and red spectra: they will compete with blue, trying to suppress it.

We select hair color according to skin tone

The second most important item to consider when preparing for coloring is the undertone and skin tone. If you choose your foundation correctly, you know the exact characteristics of your skin. If not, then it is important to first determine the color type of appearance. How to do this, we described here. Or take the test:

Take the test13

What kind of skin do you have?

  • Warm tone, closer to peach
  • Cool tone, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Warm tone with golden undertones, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Cold, "porcelain" tone, great contrast between skin and hair color
2 / 3

What color is your hair?

  • Lighter, closer to golden hue
  • Light blonde to chestnut, cool undertones with ashy undertones
  • Brown to black. Golden or red undertone
  • Dark chestnut to black with ashy undertones
3 / 3

What eyes do you have?

  • Blue, green, light brown
  • Blue, gray-blue, gray-brown
  • Hazel, dark brown, olive or warm green
  • Medium brown to black, blue-grey, cool green

In the meantime, consider the winning shades of hair for blue-eyed girls, depending on whether the skin is fair or dark.

Fair skin and blue eyes

Beautiful hair color for blue eyes and fair skin is not necessarily a classic blonde. Fortunately, the choice of blue-eyed fair-skinned girls is not limited to one shade. Three shades were placed on the pedestal with almost the same scores: ash-blond, cold chestnut and cold wheaten blond.

Dark skin and blue eyes

It's easier to emphasize a dark skin tone in combination with blue eyes. Such an alliance allows you to take a chance and try the red hair color, controversial for many blue-eyed girls. What can be shades for blue eyes in this case?

Colorists advise "rhyming" chestnut-red paint with warm blond color using the simple ombre technique.

And with dark skin and blue eyes, light brown shades look beautiful, which are as similar as possible to natural hair colors.

For warm or cool skin tones

Remembering the approach to color matching and skin tone in the case of blue eyes is easy.

Warm undertones harmonize with warm shades of colors, with cold undertones - cold ones. No contradictions! You can see suitable options in the photo.

For warm undertones:

For cool undertones:

Examples of the most popular hair color combinations with blue eyes

Hair color for blue eyes can be anything, but not everyone will like the shade. We will talk about this at the end of the article in order to consolidate the material covered.

Combination of red hair and blue eyes

Red is taken as intelligent and modest as possible. It should have a brown or ashy sheen.

This shade looks beautiful with brushed hair.

To make the color shimmer beautifully even a couple of weeks after dyeing, regularly apply a mask to the curls that gives shine to the hair. And do not neglect reading the instructions: it is important to keep restorative and moisturizing products on the hair for the time indicated on the package (otherwise you are unlikely to get the desired result).

Black hair and blue eyes

Black hair rarely matches blue eyes. But if you have long dreamed of such a contrast, it is important to figure out which of the shades will not spoil the impression of the image. Even a slight hint of a brown-red tone should be avoided. By itself, this shade looks great in a duet with blue eyes, but as part of black, this nuance may suggest that the staining was done poorly or too long ago. Therefore, black should be first of all "pure" . The second point to avoid is a warm black shade with notes of brown (for example, grape black). You can make an exception for girls with very dark skin or those who returned from vacation with a bronze tan. But cold black color in any case will receive higher marks from stylists. And in order for it to retain its “coldness” longer, use products that neutralize yellowness.

Blonde hair and blue eyes

"Friendship" of blond hair and blue eyes is rightfully considered a classic of harmonious combinations. We consider Blake Lively to be the benchmark among celebrities with the right shade of hair, who skillfully uses complex coloring techniques a la balayage or shatoush, getting a very natural result.

At the same time, our colorists do not recommend taking the example of Christina Aguilera with a light platinum blonde in 2023, insisting that the main guideline when choosing a hair color today is proximity to a natural shade, even if such an effect is necessary to achieve with the help of two or three colors.

In the generous palettes of home colors, every blue-eyed beauty will surely find the very "own" color.