In the new year, of course, I want a new one. Change color is perhaps the most striking and radical change available. Let's browse the net and look at the most popular types of hair coloring

Fashion techniques and trends in coloring

Even if you think you've already found your perfect color, pay attention to the hair color options - by 2023 they have changed a little.

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Maybe you want to try out the updated technique. And for those who have long dreamed of figuring out what types of hair coloring are, in principle, photos with names will come in handy.

Air Touch

You can admire the successful result of coloring using the air touch technique endlessly. And the photos before and after the procedure cause a desire to dye even those who “vote” for natural beauty. The essence of this method: the scalp and hair roots remain intact, coloring begins with an indent of a few centimeters and uses several harmoniously combined shades, ensuring a smooth transition from one to another.

As a rule, colorists apply darker colors closer to the roots, and choose a light spectrum (for example, blond) for the tips.

Air touch is ideal for brunettes who are in the shower they feel like blondes, but they don’t dare for full coloring.

Specialists believe that this is not the easiest hair coloring technique, since it is necessary to separate part of the strands with a hair dryer. On the other hand, it makes sense to sweat a little, since this method allows you to significantly postpone re-coloring, because as the hair grows, the color at the roots will not change. Many girls wear this coloring for up to 2 months without visual loss to the image (with proper care, of course). What will change in air touch technology this year? Colorists advise moving away from unnatural platinum shades, preferring more natural and calm ones.


All types of hair coloring are similar in one way or another. For example, the ombre technique is considered a simpler and more flexible version of the air touch method: the same smooth transition of shades, the same natural roots.

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The main difference of this scheme is that you do not need to use a hair dryer to separate the strands. In addition, ombre can be tried on both dark hair and light brown hair. In the photo you see that the ombre allows the use of bright colors too.This trend will continue into 2023. Moreover, you can create such an image in just a couple of days, if you use temporary dyes. How it works, we told here.

Cons of ombre staining also exist. True, only one of the essential ones: if a cardinal change of color is planned, the strands will have to be pre-lightened. This means that especially careful and competent care will be required to make the curls look quite he althy, despite the stress.

By the way, the ombre technique is also used today for coloring eyebrows. Our expert Lena Sevelenium believes that “the main thing in natural eyebrow makeup is a smooth transition of colors.”


" Your hair is so beautiful! You did something with them, but I don’t understand what ”- this is how friends react to staining shatush.

This hair coloring technique is suitable for blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

What are her benefits? Firstly, you get as if your own hair color, only better: with high-quality dyeing, it seems that some strands are just burned out in the sun. If you wish, you can, of course, make a shatush based on a different color, but then at least two shades will take part in the coloring.


What can be called the fundamental difference between hair coloring techniques - 2023? Firstly, they are no longer regulated by clear rules that cannot be violated, and secondly, they tend to play on possible natural combinations by adding bright strokes.

Fashion coloring should look natural and as if slightly careless. Balayage technique in this sense promises to cope with the task one hundred percent.

When coloring, it is important to observe smooth transitions between colors. In this case, the beginning and end of these transitions should not coincide from strand to strand. In one coloring, you can combine three shades from different scales. For example, chestnut, copper and ash.

What types of coloring suit brunettes?

Due to the rapid development of the beauty industry, the types of hair coloring for brunettes today are not much inferior in terms of capabilities to those available to owners of blond hair.

Take at least the effect of visual volume. In 2023, it is proposed to achieve it not through complex haircuts, but through special coloring. To do this, a copper shade (not darker than the original color) can be applied using the balayage technique on a chestnut or dark blond base. That's it!

The result will look natural due to the natural color in the base. At the same time, in places the curls will seem to be illuminated with a brighter shade, and this play of light and shadow will create the desired volume effect.

Let's talk about another technique that will suit both blondes and brunettes. The name of this method is unusual.

If you hear the word "booking" in the salon, don't be surprised. This is a combination of dark and light shades, in which there is no dominant spectrum - friendship wins.

It will be difficult for girls who choose this type of coloring to determine who they are - blondes or brunettes.

Almost every year there are new types of hair coloring. In the near future, “smoky gold” promises to gain particular popularity. This technique can also be used by natural blondes, but the result will be more advantageous on brown and light brown hair.

The method is similar to bronding, but with a small caveat: the color that is applied over a dark shade can be no more than three shades lighter. The shade to create highlights should be cast in gold. Hence the name of coloring - smoky gold.

Trendy coloring for blondes

In 2023, the following types of hair coloring will be fashionable for blondes: bright blond in the style of the stars of the 1980s, light honey strands and gray blond (an option for the most daring). Modern dyeing techniques allow you to achieve a fashionable effect in at least three ways.

If you vote for the first trend and dream of winning hearts with attractive ash-gold strands, make a shatush. This hair coloring technique will emphasize their beauty regardless of the haircut, whether it is a bob or a classic fox tail.

And don't hesitate to choose, even if you have dark hair. Actresses Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer, though not born blonde, were remembered at the beginning of their careers for their roles in which they played bright blondes.

The second trend is honey coloring, and a real expansion of this color is expected in the beginning of the year. In 2023, the trend towards cozy looks has gone beyond the philosophy of relaxing at home or in the country. Many people are ditching movement-restricting office clothes in favor of practical and comfortable ones, setting up home offices and thinking more about convenience. Such sentiments also affect the beauty views of consumers. Therefore, "sweet" honey coloring, which softens facial features and looks very natural, will definitely gain popularity.

Blonde with honey highlights or a solid honey-ash shade - that's what will help you relax in a relaxed way when restrictions are lifted.

And finally, the third trend is gray blond. Such a radical coloring may scare someone, but it actually looks ultra-modern.

We love how these shades look on balayage hair. On short fashionable haircuts, this coloring is projected in the best possible way.

Types of coloring for redheads

Modern techniques for dyeing red hair do not differ in contrast. Yes, colors can be bright, even very bright, but it is better for red-haired girls to refuse to combine shades from different scales in 2023.

The leaders, in our opinion, are now copper shades, as well as a color reminiscent of cinnamon on lush buns. Already by associations you can guess about our favorite. By a shade that evokes such an appetizing image, we mean a dark red color with brown tints.

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Recall that hair coloring techniques in 2023 do not involve the use of a large number of shades, so you should limit yourself to two harmonizing colors.

But coloring can be supplemented with harmonious makeup. For example, focusing on the eyes. Attached video instruction:

Hair care before and after coloring

It is unlikely that we will surprise you if we remind you that after dyeing your hair needs special care. It doesn’t matter what types of coloring you practice, products marked “for colored hair” are simply a must-have in the bathroom if you value the quality and beauty of your strands.But more on that later. But about the care before the color change, we are sure you have not thought about it.

Some colorists advise prepping for a coloring session for two reasons. Firstly, hair will more easily tolerate changes. Secondly, the color will fall on well-groomed hair more evenly. What is required of you? Let's not languish.

If coloring is planned in a month, it will be useful to conduct a scalp massage with strengthening agents for hair roots.

After dyeing, it is better to postpone such procedures for a while, since the composition of the products used can wash out the coloring pigments from the hair. In addition, it is worth going through a two-week course of hair healing with the help of nourishing and moisturizing masks.

It is recommended to wash your hair a day or two before dyeing, and on the day of the procedure it is not recommended to apply styling products to your hair.

It is important to understand that any kind of hair coloring affects their condition. How to keep them he althy? We have developed a universal step-by-step instruction for everyone who from time to time carries out the staining procedure. The usual pair of shampoo + balm should be supplemented with a mask and hair serum.

  1. Cleanse your scalp only with specialized products designed specifically for colored hair. It is believed that the oils in skin care products wash out pigments, but this is an erroneous opinion. In contrast, Garnier's Cranberry & Argan Oil Strengthening Shampoo adds shine and color to strands.

  2. Another proof that oils are friendly with dyed hair is Kiehl's mask to preserve the color of dyed hair. Hair care oils of apricot kernels and sunflower seeds in the composition.Use once a week as a mask or after every wash instead of a conditioner.

  3. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of serums in healing hair. L'Oréal Paris Coriander in this class strengthens hair no matter how many color treatments you have per year. It is recommended to use the tool on a regular basis.