The answer to this question lies on the surface - just look at the photos of those who chose this sunny and cheerful color. Honey shades of hair seem to highlight the faces of their owners. How to choose the perfect paint number

Who would suit honey hair color?

Surprising, but true: almost everyone can find the very radiant shade for hair - the same rules work here as when choosing red lipstick. By the way, how to find the most desirable lip color, we told here.

Of course, you can randomly select “your” shade for dyeing, applying paint packaging to your hair in the store or deciding on a more radical method - trying one or another color.But why waste time and nerves when we have a simple instruction? So, memorize, write down or "screen" .

Let's start with skin color. For owners of peach or pink skin, choosing a honey hair color even from a photo is a pleasure! They suit the golden-honey shades that Blake Lively so often demonstrates. Those who are darker should not pass by shades a la Jennifer Lopez: the singer simply loves dark honey hair color, sometimes diluting it with dye for blondes. Finally, for those with fair skin tones, choose a natural honey color that fades slightly into a warm caramel shade.

By the way, the honey shade of the hair softens the appearance not only in the photo, but also in life.

Those who want to visually correct large or sharp facial features should definitely choose a beautiful honey color for dyeing.

The whole palette of shades inspired by natural sweetness softens both the image as a whole and individual parts of the face. There will be a red, golden or caramel tone - it does not matter. These colors will make the appearance more delicate. By the way, how to do this with makeup, we tell on the video:

If such a task is not worth it and you, on the contrary, strive to emphasize the cheekbones or, for example, lips, this is also no reason to refuse honey staining. Just take the advice of our sculpting expert:

Maria Polkanova Make-up artist, stylist and hairdresser, graduate of Mosmake school, participant of Russian Fashion Week-2017Apply dark-colored sculpting products to areas that you want to visually reduce or hide. And with light emphasize the areas that need to be optically enlarged or made a little more convex.

And now let's move on to the second part of our instructions. Let's choose the right paint, starting from the color of the eyes!

Honey hair color for green-eyed girls

Let's start with green eyes, because it is their owners who are most often advised to try coloring in golden-orange shades. Honey hair color for green eyes is the perfect match, and we show it in the photo.

And as additional proof, red-colored paint, of which honey shades are often considered varieties, is especially popular with green-eyed beauties. Can't decide on a number? Choose among dark honey ones: they will emphasize the depth of emerald eyes. It will be interesting to try on the color using the Try On service on the Garnier website or the L’Oréal Paris virtual fitting.

Honey hair color for brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes can start to create a bright look with hair color.

Colorists recommend caramel coloring that fades to blonde at the ends. This technique has been used by Jessica Alba for years and, I must say, looks very fresh. The honey hair color that can be seen in the photo is perfect for brown eyes.

For girls with blue eyes

The main thing here is to remember: honey hair color for blue eyes can serve both well, focusing on the eyes, and dubious, hiding their natural beauty (this can be especially noticeable in the photo). A well-chosen shade will allow you to avoid mistakes. For example, honey blonde is a great hair color for blue eyes.

For grey-eyed

Honey hair color can help girls with gray eyes get compliments more often. The recipe is simple: you need to mix two shades - honey and chocolate, although today it is easy to find ready-made paint of this color.

Honey hair color palette with photo

It is not enough to decide on honey staining. You need to determine what kind of "sweet" shade you will wear in the near future. Let's talk about the most beautiful and popular.

Honey Blonde

Who suits this particular shade is of interest to almost everyone who has ever thought about choosing honey coloring. And it seems that we have solved the riddle: honey blonde is increasingly appearing in the photos of fashionable girls in New York and Los Angeles.

Dark honey

Sweetness with a slight bitterness - this is how we characterize this eye-catching color. It can suit both peach-skinned girls and dark-skinned women. The main thing is that red tones do not prevail in the shade.


Despite the name, this color can be afforded even on a diet. For several years, girls have been knocking on the thresholds of salons, trying caramel of various color varieties, but today you can make fashionable coloring without leaving your home.


When red dominates in a honey color, colorists often call this shade of hair copper. This color is loved by many public figures, from Julianne Moore to Scarlett Johansson. For what? Yes, for the fact that it is impossible not to pay attention to him!

Beige Wheat

In the honey palette, this shade looks as natural as possible. It is believed that it makes the image natural and gentle. Added bonus: this color gives hair a he althy look while hiding imperfections.

Coloring features and paint selection

The beauty of honey coloring is that there are at least three categories of means to bring it to life. The choice depends on the original color and condition of the hair.


For those who, albeit with a stretch, can say that their hair color is similar to honey, we advise you to try light tint products. For example, coloring jelly Colorista Hair Make Up from L'Oréal Paris (tint "Copper Hair" ). This remedy will intensify the color of your honey hair for a day or two, before the first wash.

Permanent and permanent colors

If you need a longer lasting result, we offer several beautiful shades to choose from. Choose!

  1. We focus on two indicators: on the one hand, "honey" feels floral, and on the other hand, with a slight bitterness.

  1. This is a pure representative of honey paint without any impurities. This is exactly the color that seems to put a filter on the face, softening the appearance.

  1. We don't know about you, but we have an appetite at the sight of this shade. It is possible that its name played some role in this. It seems to be love at first sight - especially for girls with bright eyes.

From dark to honey: expert tips for gentle lightening

If you are a brunette, this does not mean that honey coloring is contraindicated for you. It’s just that colorists will recommend doing it in two stages. To begin with, lighten the hair, for example, using the Colorista Effects Colorista Effects “Lightening along the entire length” cream paint without ammonia. And then use your favorite honey-colored paint.

Partial staining techniques

You have no idea how popular honey coloring is in this context. Most often it is found in complex techniques, when a honey shade is superimposed on other colors. Consider the most popular techniques.

Highlights. This technique should be chosen by brunettes who want to give their hair more volume. To achieve the best result, you just need to separate a certain number of strands and dye them in a dark honey color.

Ombre. In this technique it is easy to combine two or even three shades from the honey palette. The goal is to achieve a smooth transition between them. We remind you that closer to the roots, the darkest shade should be used.

Balayage. Relevant for those who, for obvious reasons, missed their vacation at sea, but are not going to put up with the lack of beautifully burnt strands. Here, the honey color acts as a base, which is randomly diluted with strands of light shades.

How to care for dyed hair?

Let's say you can already boast of the desired honey hair color. Do you want the shade to remain unchanged for as long as possible? Then follow our advice.

For colored hair, use only specialized products marked color.
  • For example, Fructis Goji shampoo. Lasting Color by Garnier. It is gentle on the hair and contains components that inhibit pigment leaching.

  • Add leave-in hair products to your beauty routine. We love the Botanicals Geranium Care Spray. It is designed specifically to brighten and add shine to color-treated hair.

  • Don't forget about nutrition and hydration - especially if you bleached your strands before dyeing. To do this, every other day, apply Elseve oil from L’Oréal Paris to the ends of your hair. Please note that there are several types of this product, and one of them is designed specifically for colored hair.