Coloring that looks truly luxurious is balayage on light brown hair. How to achieve this effect at home?

What is balayage?

Balayage was invented in France, thanks to which the staining received the French name. The method is almost half a century old, but the real boom came in the last 10-15 years.

It can be assumed that the popularity of balayage is growing largely due to the rapid development of the cosmetic industry and the emergence of easy-to-use and effective colors and hair care products.Well, hardly anyone will argue that the strands that seem to have faded in the sun look very beautiful.

Balayage technique is ardently loved by many stars - for example, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba and Jay Lo. But instead of a thousand words, it’s better to see once what a balayazh looks like on light brown hair, at least in a photo.

Features of the original technique

Smooth transition from one shade to another can be done using different techniques - we talked about them in detail here.

Most often, balayage is confused with ombre and shatush methods. But the pros know there is a difference.

Firstly, balayage means capturing all the strands, unlike the shatush technique.Secondly, color transitions with balayazh occur horizontally, and with ombre - mostly vertically. And thirdly, balayazh, according to colorists, is easier to perform, so this option can be taken as a basis for coloring at home.

Pros and cons of the balayage technique for light brown hair

Before trying on balayazh on light brown hair, let's get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. However, there are much more first ones.

So, pluses.
Coloring does not affect the hair roots, which means that the procedure is gentle.

Balayage will look fresh not a couple of weeks, but about 2 months.

Again, because the color at the roots does not change.Dark blond hair color becomes many times more expressive when it is “highlighted” with lighter shades.

Now to the cons.In order for balayazh on light brown hair to look as impressive as possible, you need appropriate styling, which means that additional efforts will be required. It can be voluminous curls or at least slightly twisted tips. By the way, such coloring disciplines some: those who have done balayage experiment more often with styling.

Of course, you can also try balayage on light brown straight hair, but the execution technique must be on top.Colouring will require a lot of time and effort. There will be more than one shade in the work, which means that you will have to do jewelry work in order to achieve a natural smooth transition of colors.

Fashion examples of balayage coloring

It's not enough to decide on balayage. You still need to accurately determine the tone (light or dark), as well as understand what effect the result will be.

Gold caramel

If the natural blond shade is closer to red, then it makes sense to consider such a solution as golden caramel - balayage on dark blond hair. This is a modern version of coloring, after which the hair seems to glow from the inside.

Ash blonde

Another trendy option for dark blonde hair. Keep in mind that when stained in ash blond, the contrast between the roots and tips will be stronger, which means that you need to approach the borders of the color transition more scrupulously.

Ice Blonde

Looking at the photo of this coloring, you can involuntarily catch yourself thinking that this is a “surfer girl” hairstyle. Length and tone play a decisive role in the birth of such associations. It is desirable that the hair be below the collarbone and cold shades alternate with warm ones.

Honey Blonde

Sometimes the colors seem to be made for each other. It is this kind of "love" that is born between a warm blond shade and copper-honey. Colorists recommend adding a little white “honey” to the tips, that is, shades that give the effect of that same honey blond.

Bronze and Gold

This is an intricate coloring style often chosen by Jennifer Aniston. By the way, if you look closely at different photos of the actress, you can see that she is constantly experimenting with different coloring techniques. For the bronze and gold variant, her master alternately paints one strand golden over the base of blond hair, the other bronze. This approach makes the image multifaceted and solid at the same time, and the style is refined.


Rich and rich amber color should be chosen by girls with dark blond roots and swarthy skin. By the way, brunettes can also take note of this color - the result will not disappoint.

Trendy eggplant

With this color, two scenarios are possible. In the first case, a natural light brown shade is left in the root zone, and below, the hair is dyed along the entire length in chestnut-eggplant. The second scenario is a development of the first: the ends of the hair are additionally dyed blond. This adds visual volume to the hair, and the image as a whole - liveliness.


Earlier, girls were more often interested in colorists how strawberry balayazh would fall on light blond hair. But today, non-standard staining can be done independently. Fortunately for this, there are both resistant paints for home coloring and temporary ones on sale.

And we recommend lip makeup to complement fresh coloring. How to make up girls with blond hair, we tell on the video:

What are balayage techniques

There are different ways to apply a second shade to the strands. Of course, you can sign up for a salon, show the photo to the master and relax, but if you plan to do the coloring yourself, let's go a little deeper into the technique - it largely depends on the effects that you want to get at the end.

Sunshine. A classic option in which it is important to achieve a natural effect of burnt hair, so light shades are placed in a chaotic manner on the top layer of hair.

Large strokes. In this case, the paint is applied vertically with a wide brush, capturing strands 4–5 centimeters wide. This coloring option looks best after styling with strands made using the brushing technique.

Striped. A rare way in which strands on the outer layer of the hair are dyed in one light shade, and on the inner - in two contrasting ones, for example light brown and dark chestnut.

How to choose balayage paint

The most responsible thing is the choice of colors suitable for balayage. Let's run through the list with recommendations for each shade of blonde hair.

  • For dark blond variations with tones of coffee and chocolate, classic shades of blond, such as smoky, are suitable.

  • Two colors will successfully play on the classic light brown shade: golden and ashy.

  • And girls with light blond hair can easily decide on the most unusual experiments with flowers. Above we talked about strawberry balayage. On a light blond base, it looks very appetizing.

Balayage ideas for light blonde hair

Of course, if you're not ready for pink highlights in your hair or the office code doesn't allow for that kind of liberties (don't forget that you can do temporary coloring for the weekend!), there are many more shades that can refresh light blonde color. .

Colorists recommend applying two shades alternately: classic blond and light gold - this union will make the hair visually more magnificent, and the light blond shade will be more expressive and brighter.

Photo examples of balayage on dark blond hair

On dark blond hair, balayage masters have room to turn around. You can, for example, choose a contrasting combination of your natural shade with light ash. Or opt for a more discreet solution. In the second case, we recommend adding two shades to the tips - dark blond and golden copper. Whichever path you choose, the main goal of coloring will be achieved - to advantageously emphasize facial features.

Balayage based on hair length: step by step instructions

Now that we have decided on the choice of shades of paint and technique, let's move on from theory to practice. Depending on the length of the hair, coloring is performed in different ways. Balayazh on light brown hair of medium length, of course, colorists see it differently than balayage on short hair. Therefore, we will analyze each case separately.

Long hair

This event should be allocated no less than 2-3 hours. For balayazh on long hair, in addition to paint, you will need a brush and a sponge. It is more convenient for the latter to distribute the composition through the hair, achieving a long smooth transition between colors.

  1. Balayage is done on clean, dry strands. We recommend putting a photo in front of you with the result you want to achieve. Comb your hair and divide it into four equal sections (by mentally dividing your scalp into four "squares" ).

  2. Secure the parts with latches.

  3. Start coloring from the back of the head, retreating from the roots about ¼ of the length. Touch the paint only on the outer layers of the hair, and process the border area between the colors with a sponge with patting movements.

  4. Do the same with the near zones.

  5. When you're done with the last section, loosen all your hair and lightly massage the strands to enhance the chaotic coloring effect.

  6. Carefully wash off the paint. Some colorists recommend rinsing off 10-15 minutes earlier than the recommended time in the instructions for a softer effect.

Medium length hair

Dyeing medium length blonde hair does not differ much in technique from the balayage procedure for long hair. But recently, a tool has appeared that can facilitate and speed up the process. This is a hair coloring kit Colorista Ombré, L’Oréal Paris.

Included with the paint is a special comb-brush, which is convenient to distribute the product over the strands.

  1. Divide your hair into three sections. The front covers the area from the parting, drawn from ear to ear, to the forehead. Just divide the rest of the lower part of the hair in half.

  2. First, paint the front area, trying to capture strands only from the top layer of hair.

  3. Then do the same manipulations with the strands of the second and third zones.

  4. In the case of medium length hair, you do not need to additionally knead the hair with your hands - wait until the paint sets (following the instructions) and wash it off.

Short hair

Balayage on short blond hair is a task with an asterisk. Yes, short hair is easier to style, but you will have to tinker with coloring. But compared to the options listed above, it is easier to do it yourself.

  1. Divide your hair into 8-9 equal sections randomly.

  2. Start coloring with strands that are closer to the face. Spread the paint of the lightest tone on the tips with light sweeping movements, without touching the hair roots. It is better to apply the composition from the bottom up, focusing on the lowest point.

  3. Then, apply an intermediate shade to the middle of the length - for a smoother transition from the color of the tips to your natural tone.

  4. Wash off the paint a little before the exposure time in the instructions.

Balayage hair care

Often, after dyeing, people intuitively begin to take better care of their hair. So, some care tips.

How often can I wash my hair after balayage? Stylists answer: as needed. The fact is that the type of scalp and hair type is individual for everyone and, as you know, there is no “average temperature in the hospital.”

But definitely avoid deep cleansing products and replace them with delicate products for colored hair.

If you notice that the hair at the ends has begun to turn yellow, and it is too early to re-color, add shampoo with purple pigment to your care. It helps to neutralize unwanted yellowness.

Short hair can be more difficult to apply conditioner or mask. In this case, opt for a leave-in conditioner spray that moisturizes the strands and helps to keep the color longer.